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Assembly Recap, March 8, 2017

As recently announced in Matters, we’ve changed the format of our College Assembly meeting recaps. Going forward, these twice-monthly updates will be similar in format to President Daniels’ monthly Board summary.

All employees can find more detailed information on council and Assembly activity via the Shared Governance SharePoint site.

Recap of Assembly Meeting-March 8, 2017

The College Assembly convened on Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Staff from the Grant Development and Implementation Office presented an educational spotlight on grant funding at Madison College. Their overview included some interesting facts:

  • An average of $19 to $20 million per year from roughly 40 active grants are in effect at any given time.
  • Grant revenue has recently increased by $2.5 million per year.
  • Grants have become increasingly more competitive.
  • Any employee seeking a grant must go through the college’s grant application process.

The Assembly heard an update on the Student Senate election. Tina Marshalek was elected Senate president. Marshalek reported that voter turnout was low, and the election took place earlier in the year than it typically does.

The Academic Council presented a slightly revised Faculty Emeritus Policy. The policy had been thumbed in September, but Dr. Daniels had concerns about the original version. He wanted the policy to be specific to faculty and felt the application process should be more rigorous. The revised Faculty Emeritus Policy was thumbed and will be shared with Dr. Daniels.

Several members of the Finance Council were present as Mark Thomas presented the latest budget update and led a discussion concerning further reducing the current budget deficit (the deficit currently is $1.5 million). The council boiled cost reductions down to three areas: personnel, non-personnel and services.

Due to a goal established by the District Board, the council and Budget Office team are making every effort to avoid tapping into the entire contingency fund. Contingency dollars exist to:

  1. Cushion revenue shortfalls
  2. Serve as support for particular volatile expenses, on a one-time basis
  3. Support one-time initiatives

The council’s recommendations on personnel and non-personnel savings were estimated to save the College $1,105,000. These savings would result from establishing new or updated policies related to catering, cell phone stipends, professional dues/memberships/subscriptions and travel, and health insurance costs.

The College is still working on reducing personnel costs without layoffs, along with expenses for services. Another of the Board’s goals is to reduce personnel spending to less than 80 percent of the total general fund spending in 2017-18.

The Council plans to walk the District Board through the recommendations via a workshop on Wednesday, March 15. A complete view of budget recommendations and goals are available via SharePoint.

Topics likely to be covered at the March 22 Assembly meeting are spotlights on:

  • Recruiting/Enrollment
  • Faculty Position Allocations

Discussion items will include:

  1. Finance Council – Budget presentation (2nd reading)
  2. Academic Council – Workload presentation (1st reading)
  3. IT Council – (1st reading)
  4. ERPD Council – Professional Development (loop out)

The meeting is scheduled from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in Truax D1630B. Please remember that all approved meeting minutes, agendas, policies and memberships can be found in SharePoint.

Published March 21, 2017.