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Shared Governance

Institutional Effectiveness Council

Co-chairs: Tim Casper and Paul Barribeau 

For membership, meeting schedule, approved policies, agendas, handouts and meeting notes visit the Institutional Effectiveness Council Sharepoint page.

Past reports:

Feb. 27, 2017

The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) met on Feb. 27. Members of the Facilities Planning and Investment Council (FPIC) attended the meeting and looped out to the IEC regarding their Issue Analysis Statement on a policy that will guide the writing of a Facilities Master Plan.

Shawna Carter, dean of Human and Protective Services, provided an educational spotlight on writing the new Academic Plan. The Council engaged in an exercise to help solicit ideas for future educational spotlights and possible issue development.

Feb. 13, 2017

The Council met on Feb. 13. The IT Council Co-chairs attended in order to loop out to the new council on their own Technology Investment Policy.

Guest speakers talked about best practices in both IBPS and looping out, along with the difference between policy versus process/procedure. The Council also discussed issues they might like to explore.


Jan. 30, 2017

The Institutional Effectiveness Council met on Jan. 30. They adopted ground rules and reviewed the Issue Statement process along with examples from other councils.

They also reviewed potential issues from the Shared Governance document “Work in Progress and Other Work to Consider,” as well as past priorities from the original Fiscal Management and Organizational Effectiveness Council. Ali Zarrinnam gave the team a “Focus on Focus” presentation. 



Dec. 12, 2016


At the new Council’s first meeting on Dec. 12, the members were introduced and filled in on the guiding principles and values of Shared Governance. Tim Casper talked about the history of the Council and how it came into existence. The group discussed the role and work of the co-chairs and decided upon a co-chair selection process.


Published March 1, 2017. Updated March 9, 2017.