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Shared Governance

Information Technology Council

Co-chairs: Mir Qader and Brant Kraemer

Information Technology Council email

For membership, meeting schedules, approved policies, agendas, handouts and meeting notes visit the Information Technology Council Sharepoint page.

Past reports:

Feb. 28, 2017

The IT Council met on Feb. 28 and did further review and editing of the Technology Investment Policy. The Council thumbed the Policy on Feb. 14 and they plan to present it to the Assembly this spring.  


Feb. 14, 2017

The IT Council had an all-day meeting on Feb. 2 to fine-tune language in the Technology Investment Policy. The Policy was thumbed on Feb.14, 2017.

After some final edits, the Policy is expected to be presented to the Assembly this spring. 

Jan. 19, 2017

The IT Council met twice in January with much of the time devoted to wordsmithing the Technology Investment Policy. They’ve also discussed the importance of creating and implementing a pre-investment process and clarifying which projects require use of said process.

On Jan. 19, they discussed how laptops are assigned and reassigned in Tech Services. The Council also talked about a suggested combination of the Capital Request form and the Technology Investment Checklist.


Dec. 20, 2016

The IT Council met on Dec. 20 and was visited by President Daniels who talked about the council’s progress to date, the growth of shared governance and how the college adapts to changing economic climate.

They also worked on their one-minute Convocation presentation and made further edits to the draft Technology Investment Policy.

The Council also met on Dec. 6 and continued editing the draft Technology Investment Policy. They also discussed some of the finer points of the Policy, including how the approval process will vary depending on the size and scope of the investment or project. 

Nov. 22, 2016

The IT Council met on Nov. 22 and reviewed loop-out efforts and feedback related to the developing Technology Investment Policy. They also made edits to language used in the Policy.

Nov. 8, 2016

The Academic Council met on Nov. 8 and received updates from the Program Chair/Director pilot from Business and Applied Arts and from the Academic Integrity Steering Committee.

The Council continues to research and gather information related to the Quality of Instruction/Voice of the Student issue.  


Oct. 18, 2016

The IT Council met on Oct. 18 and discussed further loop-outs to other councils, regionals and program directors. They reviewed the Technology Investment Primer document which diagrams the idea-to-project process they hope to promote upon completion of the Technology Investment Policy.

Oct. 11, 2016

The IT Council met on Oct. 11. After welcoming a new member, the Council revisited the Technology Services Project Management Life Cycle document, as it pertains to eventual implementation of the developing Technology Investment Policy. They reviewed and edited the Policy and discussed looping out to other councils, regional campuses and more members of the College community.

Sept. 27, 2016

On Sep. 27, the IT Council discussed how loop-outs are progressing in regards to the issue/question of, “What is the evaluation and decision-making process for investing in technology initiatives at the College?” They also revisited an Information Technology Principles document and how the Technology Investment Checklist can be used during the idea development stage.

Sept. 13, 2016

On Sep. 13, the IT Council welcomed a new student member and discussed looping-out to College leadership to gather technology-related interests and concerns not addressed yet by the Council’s work. They continue to work toward an IT Investment Policy.


Aug. 22, 2016

The Council met on Aug. 22 and reviewed IT governance and past work to-date. They also discussed Technology Investment and Sustainability Management and how it ties into the College’s Mission, Vision and Values.

August 4, 2016

At the Aug. 4 Council meeting, they added a new Council member, thumbed the charge and continued working on the IT Investment Policy.


July 25, 2016

The Council met on July 25 to review their charge and discuss the selection of a new co-chair along with the IT investment issue.

June 23, 2016

No further update at this time.

May 26, 2016

The Council met on May 26 and reviewed technology strategies, targeted domain capabilities that we need or have to develop further and how technology-based directives affect every aspect of the College’s mission.

On June 9, the Council reviewed the tech services organizational structure.


May 17, 2016

The Council met on May 17. They welcomed new members and did a complete overview of shared governance policies and procedures, plus a review of their work to date.

 April 28, 2016

The IT Council last met on April 28 to continue discussions around the background, interests and data needs pertaining to the Technology Investment Policy.

Their Technology Checklist has now been posted. This document was designed to provide guidance to the Madison College community when considering implementation of a new technology solution. The Checklist will eventually support the Technology Policy.

The Council is also gearing up for orienting new members following spring elections.

March 31, 2016

The IT Council met on March 31 and finalized the Technology Investment Checklist on which they’ve been working. They also reviewed their work on the Technology Investment Policy and refined the issue statement.    

March 17, 2016

The IT Council met on March 17. They are developing an IT investment checklist and have already looped out to key areas of the College and the Cabinet. They will soon finalize a version of the checklist for Assembly review and feedback.     

March 3, 2016

The IT Council met on March 3. They continue to work on an IT investment checklist to help college staff make better decisions on IT and technology procurements.    

Feb. 18, 2016

The IT Council met on Feb. 18 when they drafted a simple checklist of questions to consider when pursuing an IT project or solution. The checklist, intended to trigger thought and discussion, has been looped out to the other councils and the Cabinet for feedback.  

Feb. 4, 2016

The IT Council met on Feb. 4. They discussed the outsourcing of IT and contracted services.

The Council also continued to work on the issue, Technology Investment Decision-Making Process. They added interests and refined the scope of the issue.  

Feb. 2, 2016

The IT Council met on Jan. 21, when they reviewed how the Technology Investment Policy is likely to fit into the current operational structure. They also discussed how technology investment decisions are made at Madison College.

A new student representative was welcomed and assigned a mentor.

Dec. 10, 2015

The IT Council met on Dec. 19 to begin discussing a “Technology Investment Policy.”  They are trying to understand the problem/issue with background information and solidifying the definition of what “Technology Investment” really means. The council is also working on defining the BATNA.

Dec. 2, 2015

There are no updates at this time. 

Nov. 12, 2015

The IT Council’s Refresh Policy was thumbed by the College Assembly on Nov. 11.

They are now beginning to work on the “IT Investment Policy,” which focuses on turning an idea into an active project.

At their Nov. 12 meeting, they reviewed lessons learned from the Refresh Policy effort.

Oct. 28, 2015

The IT Council presented their Refresh policy to the College Assembly on Oct. 28. The policy will be thumbed at the Nov. 11 Assembly meeting.

The council is now preparing follow-up information to answer questions from the Assembly.

Oct. 1, 2015

At the council’s October 1 meeting, the group thumbed the Refresh policy. They are now getting ready to present the policy to the Assembly.

The team also identified and prioritized the next three issues they will tackle in 2015-16. The issues deal with the decision-making process behind technology initiatives at the college, how software is managed and security needs. 

Sept. 17, 2015

The council thumbed a refresh policy on September 17. They plan to present the policy to the Assembly in late October.

The team will focus their next meeting on choosing a work theme for the year and selecting future projects.

Sept. 3, 2015

The IT Council met on Sept. 3. They finalized a full review of the refresh policy. Some basic reviews will follow at their next meeting.

The team is tentatively planning to present the policy to the Assembly in October.

July 23, 2015

The council is very close to finishing a recommendation to the Assembly regarding the Refresh Policy. They have been working through details regarding policy language and have looped out to other areas of the college for more input.

The team also has submitted three more issues to the Assembly for future work.

July 9, 2015

The council discussed options and ideas regarding a “refresh policy for front-end and back-end IT infrastructure and software.” 

The council is deciding on looping out to other councils and stakeholders. The team has requested sample policies to review from other sources and institutions such as WTCS.

The council is also hard at work on drafting a policy statement.

June 11, 2015

The IT Council has defined interests, options and required objective criteria to identify the best outcome for the refresh issue. They plan to loop out to other councils, have shared key deliverables with the Assembly and are awaiting feedback. They hope to propose a policy to the Assembly in the near future.

The team also has identified three topics to evaluate when refresh is done. The topics are IT investment policy, managing software deployment and security issues. 

April 30, 2015

The council is working on the following policy issues: a refresh program that encompasses both front and back end devices, procurement of IT assets college-wide, software management and information security. The council plans to maintain a tight schedule over the summer to work on issues.

April 16, 2015

The IT council continues to examine a refresh policy affecting software and technologies at the college. Specifically, they are considering data related to the college’s current environment, particularly in terms of backend infrastructure.

At the April 30 meeting, the council hopes to transition toward developing interests around the refresh policy and looping out to appropriate parties.

March 3, 2015

Technology systems affected by the refresh policy include PCs, laptops, monitors, productivity software and backend network infrastructure. The council has also identified college and district wide stakeholders. Next steps involve further evaluation of options.

February 12, 2015

The IT Council is working to define procedural terms to help establish consistency of operational standards.

The council has completed its charge. Members have been working with Carolyn Jarrett to define procedural and administrative terms including consensus, policy and regulation to establish consistency and operational standards. The IT council recently uncovered an operational “refresh” issue on computers around the college. They plan to delve into this issue at their next meeting.

Feb. 6, 2015

The council’s accomplishments so far include: solicitation of college-wide interests; development of a charge; creation of prioritization, evaluation and reporting systems for issues and projects.

The team is setting ground rules for meetings, clarifying procedures and choosing their first policy issue.

Published March 1, 2017. Updated March 9, 2017.