Question of the Week

How can I start practicing mindfulness?

The Matters team spoke to Dean Mark Lausch, Devon Hase and Lisa Cappelli about the health benefits of practicing mindfulness.

"The mindfulness program at Madison College is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to carve out thirty minutes of their day to center themselves and prepare for the rest of the week," says Dean Lausch.

Mindfulness can help improve your mood and health, especially during shorter periods of sunlight in the winter. Cappelli explains: "It's a great way to quiet your mind, so that you can really touch in with that mind-body connection."

Practicing mindfulness can be as valuable as sleeping, eating well and getting regular exercise.

"Mindfulness has many benefits," says Hase. "It's been shown that the mind can perform cognitive tasks more efficiently ... but I think it's much bigger than just that. For me, it's really about becoming happier as a person."

"The sessions are attended by all types of folks," says Dean Lausch. "Tall and short; big and little; students, faculty and staff. It's an opportunity to come in, relax and enjoy your day."

For more information on mindfulness practice groups at Madison College, visit their website.

Question of the Week: Mindfulness

Published January 13, 2016.