Question of the Week

What is the asphalt replacement project?

The Matters team met with Fred Brechlin, manager of Architect and Professional Services, in the middle of a crumbling parking lot to discuss the Truax Campus Asphalt Replacement Project that will occur this summer.

Beginning Monday, May 22, the service drive that leads to the East Court, and the parking areas and dog walk beyond that point, will be closed for resurfacing. Temporary ADA parking will be available in the Administrative Building Parking Lot on Anderson Street.

Resurfacing these areas is the best and most cost-effective, long-term option to minimize the need for future maintenance.

In addition to resurfacing the lots, there will be some landscaping work, including new trees and two retention basins. These ponds will filter contaminants out of the water that runs off the parking lots before it enters the storm ditch that runs along the north side of the main property. The area where the old Group Health trailer was located will be converted to expand the dog walk area that is currently on the east end of the building.

This work will continue through Aug. 1, which will lessen the inconvenience for faculty, staff and students, including prospective students and their families who will be visiting our campus during the summer.

What is the asphalt replacement project?

Published May 15, 2017. Updated May 19, 2017.