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What is Experience Madison College?

Team Matters spoke with Nichole Augustynowicz, event specialist, and Lera Kovrizhnykh, event assistant, to learn more about Experience Madison College (EMC) events and how faculty can get involved.

The college hosts several EMC events in the fall and spring. These events let perspective students meet instructors and current students, participate in hands-on activities and take a campus tour focused on their specific interests.

Advisors, staff and instructors are available to answer questions about applying to and starting college. All attendees get a free application at the event. They also receive an event code that will allow them to apply to the college for free for up to a year.

Other recruitment events the college holds are the Instant Application Night events, which are for students who are looking for a quick application process and more information on student resources, and Regional Open House events, which are basically EMC events specific for the four regional campuses.

Contact Nichole Augustynowicz if you are interested in participating or have questions.

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Published April 10, 2017. Updated June 12, 2017.