Question of the Week

What can I find at the Bakery store?

The Bakery store at Truax offers a selection of fresh-baked breads, breakfast pizza, cakes, bars, cookies and chocolates. Their new location is Room C1416, located around the corner from the Atrium Café.

Team Matters spoke with Suzanne Daly, Baking and Decorative Arts program director, about some of the many treats available. They toured the new space and watched Baking and Decorative Arts students in action.

Students in this program receive practical and theoretical training on producing bakery products from scratch (like pastries, tortes and hearth breads) cake decorating, sugar and chocolate work, and plated dessert presentations. They learn real-world merchandising and sales training by working in the Bakery store. 

Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. through the first week of May.

Question of the Week • Bakery store • March 20, 2017

Published March 20, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.