Question of the Week

What have you learned as vice president of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement?

Lucía Nuñez, vice president of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement, has been with the college for over a year now. The Matters team spoke with her about what she has learned during this time. 

She told the Matters team about a listening session she attended at the Watertown Campus, where she met with people from the Latino community to understand some of the barriers they face in Watertown.

“Listening and feeling the determination that they have and the strength of these families and what they can contribute was really eye-opening to me,” she says.

Working with various student clubs, such as the WomenLEAD (Leaders for Equity and Diversity) Club and presenting to the Student Senate also stand out as highlights to Nuñez. Talking with students about bias, explicit and implicit, and how we can find common ground are important conversations to have.

“By being aware and recognizing all the different voices that we have can contribute to making this a more inclusive and welcoming campus.”

Published February 24, 2017. Updated March 1, 2017.