Question of the Week

What is the status of the new West Campus?

After interviewing Gwen Jones and Carly Brady about the new West campus, the Matters team decided they needed to see the new space, located at 8017 Excelsior Drive, for themselves. They drove across town to visit the new campus.

The space was under construction, being renovated to fit the needs of the classes it will soon hold. Workers were beginning to install cabinets and furniture.

As the Matters team toured the new space, stepping around Shop Vacs and ladders, they imagined how different the space will look when the credit and non-credit professional and continuing education classes begin in January of 2017.

The new West Campus will provide easy access for students interested in program classes for business, liberal arts transfer and pre-health programs, as well as non-credit professional and continuing education classes. The new campus is composed of six classrooms, two computer labs, a biology lab, a kitchen lab and student computer and support areas.

Madison Metro bus service (Route 15) and the campus free shuttle make it easy for students to travel between Truax and the West Campus. For those who drive themselves, free parking is offered in a spacious lot.

Question of the Week: What is the status of the West Campus?

Published December 12, 2016.