Question of the Week

What are your plans for the winter break?

Team Matters asked some of Madison College's international students how they would be spending their time over the holiday break.

International Students Holiday Break Plans

Published December 17, 2018.

What is the Combined Charitable Campaign?

What is the Combined Charitable Campaign? And why should you give? Team Matters talked to Senior Marketing and Operations Lead Chelsey Bowers to learn more about the campaign.

Combined Charitable Campaign

Published December 10, 2018.

Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship

What is the Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship? And who is Big Dog? Team Matters talked to Food Services Manager Jason Walker and Gary "Big Dog" Breneman to find out.

Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship


Published December 3, 2018. Updated December 5, 2018.

Jobs at Madison College

Madison College Matters now has a tab at the top that opens a "Jobs at Madison College" page. Team Matters talked to Talent Acquisition Specialist Lou Ann Lunda to find out why the page was added to Matters and how employees can help spread the word about hard-to-fill positions.

Jobs at Madison College

Published November 16, 2018. Updated November 21, 2018.

What is the Communication Assesment?

How well does Madison College communicate information to its employees? Team Matters talked to Kristin Polywacz, Manager of Organizational Development and Center for Operational Excellence, to find out more about a survey that will ask people for their opinions and recommendations.

Communication Survey

Published November 5, 2018. Updated November 8, 2018.

What is the play "Student Body" about?

What is the play "Student Body" about and how does it relate to college students and our current "Me Too" era? Team Matters talked to director Miranda Hawk to find out.

Student Body


Published October 22, 2018. Updated October 26, 2018.

What is food insecurity?

What is food insecurity and what is being done to help students who are affected by it? Team Matters talked to Student Senate President Steven Ansorge and Abigan Sann of the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship to find out.


Food Insecurity

Published October 15, 2018.

What's new with the Chef Series?

What's new with the Chef Series this year? Team Matters talked with Bryan Woodhouse, associate vice president of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, and Culinary Arts Program Director Paul Short to find out.

Chef Series

Published September 26, 2018. Updated September 28, 2018.

What are your first impressions of Madison College?

What are students' first impressions of Madison College? And what are they looking forward to in the year ahead? Team Matters interviewed students during the first week of the new semester to find out.

First Impressions

Published September 14, 2018.

What countries are represented by Madison College's international students?

Students from more than 60 different countries will be attending classes at Madison College on student visas this fall. Stephanie Belmas, senior international student specialist, talks about where those students are from and what faculty and staff can do to make them feel welcome.


Published September 4, 2018. Updated September 5, 2018.