Question of the Week

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Laurie Popp, benefits specialist, talks about the service for all Madison College employees and their families. Popp shared the range of services offered, cost, response time for in-person appointments and more information about the EAP.

Contact information for the EAP service provider is listed below:

  • Greg Chism, EAP Program director at Family Service Madison, via email or at 608.316.1171
  • Receptionist, 608.252.1320
  • On-call 24/7 number, 1.866.968.7327
  • Family Service Madison's website. Use MATC as the username.



What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Published July 15, 2019. Updated July 17, 2019.

Safety at Madison College

The Matters Team talked safety with Joshua Cotillier, Manager of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety. Cotillier shares the most common injuries that occur at Madison College, how employees can prevent them and what actions should be taken after a workplace injury.



Safety and Madison College

Published July 1, 2019. Updated July 2, 2019.

What is the Virtual Storefront?


Chelsey Bowers from the Communications and Strategic Marketing Department at Madison College explains what the Virtual Storefront is and how the staff and faculty of the college can utilize it for their branded essentials.

If you would like to order some items for your department, please contact Chelsey Bowers.

What is the Virtual Storefront?

Published June 28, 2019.

What are your summer plans?

The Matters team asked faculty, staff and students what they have planned for the summer. 



What are your summer plans?



Published June 17, 2019.

What is the textbook rental program?

What is the textbook rental program and how will it affect students and faculty? Team Matters talked to rental program analyst Holly Deering to find out more about the new program that takes effect at Madison College this summer.

Textbook Rental

Published June 12, 2019. Updated June 14, 2019.

What is the Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship?

What is the Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship? And who is Big Dog? Team Matters talked to Food Services Manager Jason Walker and Gary "Big Dog" Breneman to find out.

Big Dog F.I.S.H. Scholarship


Published June 3, 2019.

How is the job application process changing?

Director of talent acquisition Lou Ann Lunda explains what the new process is and how it will affect internal and external applicants.

New Job Application Process

New Job Application ProcessNew Job Application ProcessNew Job Application ProcessNew Job Application ProcessNew Job Application ProcessNew Job Application Process

Published May 29, 2019.

What's happening at West Campus?

Bryan Woodhouse, associate vice president of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, explains the changes coming to Madison College's West Campus.

West Campus

Published May 15, 2019.

Jobs at Madison College

Madison College Matters now has a tab at the top that opens a "Jobs at Madison College" page. Team Matters talked to Talent Acquisition Specialist Lou Ann Lunda to find out why the page was added to Matters and how employees can help spread the word about hard-to-fill positions.

Jobs at Madison College

Published April 29, 2019.

What is the Pow Wow?

Team Matters talked to Student Program Advisor Katie Ackley about the 2019 Pow Wow.

Pow Wow 2019


Published April 22, 2019.