Media Watch

Dr. Spearman gets a shoutout in higher ed pub

Dr. Howard Spearman is included in the transitions section of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Spearman was recently named vice president of student affairs and chief student services officer at Madison College.

Published February 8, 2019.

Goodman South Campus highlighted by In Business

The Goodman South Campus is highlighted in the February issue of In Business magazine. President Daniels was interviewed for the story, which takes a closer look at significant development projects throughout Dane County. The article can be found on pages 34-41.

Published February 7, 2019.

Free Dental Care for Kids garners more media attention

The college's Free Dental Care for Kids event will get another dose of media attention when Channel 3 stops by to do a story Friday afternoon.

Dr. Kendricks Hooker did a live interview with Channel 3 about the free dental  care earlier this week. Spectrum TV News, Channel 15 and Channel 27 previously posted stories about the event.

Published February 6, 2019. Updated February 8, 2019.

Channel 3 interviews political science instructor

Political science instructor Dr. Maurice Sheppard offered his analysis of the president's State of the Union address during a live studio interview on the Channel 3 morning show Wednesday.


Published February 6, 2019.

Channel 3 reports on shortage of auto body workers

Channel 3 did a number of live shots Monday morning with instructor Tim Hoege on the nationwide shortage of auto body workers. 

Here are the links to the live reports:

Published February 6, 2019.

Health Education dean interviewed by Channel 3

Health Education Dean Kendricks Hooker did a live studio interview Monday morning with Channel 3 on the college’s Free Dental Care for Kids event.

Channel 15 and Channel 27 also did stories on the free dental care. Spectrum TV News plans to stop by on Wednesday.

Published February 6, 2019.

AMST program directors interviewed for web story

ATI Industrial Automation has a web story about the college’s Automated Manufacturing Systems Training program. Program directors Peter Dettmer and Rick Jacobs are included in the post.

Published February 5, 2019. Updated February 6, 2019.

Marketing instructor talks Super Bowl ads

Marketing instructor Kristin Uttech talked about this year’s best Super Bowl ads with Spectrum TV News. The story was scheduled to air Monday. (Sorry, no link available yet.)

Published February 5, 2019. Updated February 6, 2019.

Nursing faculty member helps save a life

Fort Atkinson Campus Nursing Assistant faculty member Lisa Jensen was part of the Medical Emergency Response Team that saved the life of a Palmyra-Eagle Middle School teacher who suffered a heart attack Dec. 3. Jensen, who is the school nurse, was interviewed about the ordeal by the Daily Jefferson County Union.

Published February 1, 2019. Updated February 13, 2019.

Madison College administrator earns 'Kudos'

Dr. Howard Spearman is included in the “Kudos” section of Community College Daily. Dr. Spearman was recently named vice president of student affairs and chief student services officer at Madison College.

Published January 29, 2019.