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Portage campus to offer 'Gateway to College'

Students in the Portage area who dropped out of high school or are falling behind now have another option to earn a diploma and gain college credit at the same time. Officials from Madison College and Portage High School agreed to establish a "Gateway to College" program this fall.

Gateway to College offers a learning community and personal support to help students adjust to college. The students spend the first term attending classes together. After that, they move on to independent college-level classes.

Although the program has been offered at the Truax campus for five years, Portage is the first regional campus to offer this option. At the Truax campus, 80 percent of Gateway students continue with their college education.

The Portage Daily Register recently published an article describing the program including comments from Juanita Comeau, director of College and Career Transitions.





Published August 6, 2018.