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Madison College Minute: Student Success

Valese Adams helps students with their careers, while continuing to pursue her own.

The recent Madison College graduate works at the school’s Career and Employment Center. Valese will soon transfer to a 4-year university to pursue a career in human resources management.

She started her education at Madison College because it was affordable and allowed for more interaction with instructors.

Looking to save money like Valese while pursuing the career of your dreams? Madison College can help.

Just visit our homepage at or give us a call at 800-322-6282 to learn how to get started.

Student Success

Published September 9, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Rock Enroll

The longer you wait, the harder it is for you to get into your favorite classes. Visit our homepage to apply and enroll for classes, or give us a call at 800-322-6282.

Classes begin August 31.

Rock Enroll

Published July 30, 2015. Updated August 17, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Booming Biotech

Our high-tech biotechnology program is preparing students for high-paying careers.

Cell Culture


Published May 20, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Graduation Message

President Daniels has a special message for Madison College graduates.

Nearly 2,000 Madison College students are graduating this spring, including 20 veterans.

President Daniels says the lessons and skills our graduates have learned will benefit them for a lifetime.

Want to earn your own degree? Check out the college’s more than 140 programs at

Graduation Message

Published May 15, 2015. Updated July 20, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Study Buddy

Therapy dogs are helping Madison College students relieve pre-test stress. 

The dogs recently stopped by the college's Truax library. Students say petting the dogs helps them relax and gives them a much-needed study break. 

Study Buddy

Published April 29, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Summer School

Reduce your course load. Register for a summer class. Madison College has more than 30 programs available this summer. Some are online.

Summer School

Published April 20, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Tour Madison College

Tag along with some area high school students as they tour the Truax campus. Madison College offers free tours at all nine of its campuses. You can even take a virtual tour.

Tour Madison College

Published April 15, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Renewable Energy

Help solve the world’s energy problems with a career in renewable energy.

Madison College offers several renewable energy certificates and even has a 120-foot turbine for students wanting to get hands-on experience in wind energy.

Renewable Energy

Published April 6, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Patty Hawkins

Meet Patty Hawkins,the first student representative on the District Board.

Student Rep

Published April 1, 2015.

Madison College Minute: Land Surveying

Set your sights on a high-demand career in Civil Engineering Technology.

Madison College’s program trains technicians to assist civil engineers in planning, scheduling, designing, estimating, surveying and inspecting the construction of highways, bridges, buildings and other structures. There’s also an option for a career in land surveying.

Land Surveying

Published March 23, 2015.


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