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Madison College's new website

Madison College’s new website is fast and mobile-friendly.

The new website will launch soon. If you have questions, please call (608) 246-6100.

New Website

Published July 20, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Hip Hop Museum

Madison College architectural technology students are hip-hopping in the Big Apple.

To learn more about Madison College’s Architectural Technology program and the Universal Hip Hop Museum project, visit their website.

Hip Hop Museum

Published May 6, 2016.

Madison College Minute Tiny Houses

Madison College students are involved in a first-of-its-kind building project.

To learn more about the tiny houses and other building projects in Madison College’s Construction and Remodeling program, visit  the Madison College website or call (608) 246-6800.

Tiny Houses

Published April 27, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Rethink Robotics

Madison College robotics students are on the cutting edge of a growing industry.

To learn more about the Robotics in Automation program at Madison College, visit their website or call (608) 246-6800.

Rethink Robotics

Published April 13, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Knead Dough?

Madison College’s Baking and Decorative Arts program prepares you for a sweet career.

For more information about a career in Baking and Decorative Arts at Madison College, visit their website or call (608) 246-6003.

Knead Dough?

Published April 6, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Auto Techs

Madison College auto technician student Nikki Custer likes getting her hands dirty.

To learn more about the Automotive Technician program at Madison College, visit their website or call (608) 246-6800.

Auto Techs

Published March 30, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Dental Care

Dental hygienist students brightened smiles and spirits during a trip to Belize.

To learn more about Madison College’s Dental Hygienist program, visit their website or call (608) 246-6065.

Dental Care

Published March 25, 2016. Updated March 30, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Support Services

About 800 student veterans attend Madison College. Many receive support services.

To learn more about all the services available to veterans at Madison College, visit their website or call (608) 246-6076.

Support Services

Published March 20, 2016. Updated March 30, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Student Athletes

How do student athletes balance school and sports? Learn their studying secrets.

Want to boost your GPA – as well as your batting or shooting average? Madison College can help you with both.

Student Athletes

Published March 15, 2016. Updated March 30, 2016.

Madison College Minute: Guaranteed Job

Madison College’s Industrial Maintenance program has a 100 percent job placement rate.

To learn more about a career in industrial maintenance, visit their website or call (608) 246-6800.

Guaranteed Job

Published March 7, 2016.


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