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Madison College Minute: End of Summer Campus Cookout

Good tunes, good food and good company.

Watch as Madison College students celebrate the end of the summer semester with a hula-hooping campus cookout. 

End of Summer Campus Cookout

Published August 9, 2013.

A Farewell Celebration for Dr. Barhorst

What do you get when you combine Motown music with great food and lots of family and friends?

A special dedication for outgoing Madison College President Bettsey Barhorst that everyone will remember. Dr. Barhorst is retiring after eight years.

A Farewell Celebration for Dr. Barhorst

Published August 2, 2013.

Madison College Minute: New library

With advanced technology, special quiet rooms, stylish furniture and bird's eye views, Madison College's new Truax library makes studying enjoyable. Bill Bessette interviewed Julie Gores, director of the library, and a current student on the impressive new space.

Visit the Madison College Library online here

Room With a View: The Impressive New Library

Published July 24, 2013.

Madison College Minute: Student-built home for sale

It's super energy efficient and has some cool recycled materials.

The featured house was built by students in Madison College's Construction and Remodeling program. Each year students in the program build a new home, which are sold to the public.

Home for Sale - Energy-Efficient, Student-Built Cabin

Published July 12, 2013. Updated August 5, 2013.

Madison College Minute: Refilling stations

They arere quick, convenient and help save the environment.

Madison College's new sensor-activated water bottle bubblers are helping to keep thousands of plastic bottles from winding up in the landfill.

Going Green with Sensor-activated Water Bottle Bubblers

Published June 26, 2013. Updated July 12, 2013.

Madison College Minute: Abuzz with drones

What's in the sky? It's not a bird or a plane, but it is a small drone.

Madison College students are learning how to build these incredible flying robots in the Industrial Maintenance Technician program.

Have you heard the buzz? The drones are here.

Published June 14, 2013. Updated July 12, 2013.


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