Madison College Minute

Heal, Fuel and Feed the World

Biotechnology develops technologies and products that improve our lives and the health of our planet. Madison College offers a variety of biotechnology careers from Laboratory Technician to Research Scientist.

Published March 20, 2017.

Madison College Minute

Madison College court reporting students recently showcased their skills at the Capitol Rotunda. Wait until you see what they had to transcribe.

Be part of the IT crowd

Information technology jobs are in high demand. Tag along with Madison College student Keith Klassy as he talks to employers at the IT Career Fair.

Cut Above the Rest

Have you heard the buzz? Madison College’s new Trustyle Salon at the Truax campus is getting rave reviews. We talked with Cosmetology student Jami Guimond about the new digs.


Top Chefs

Thanks to a new Chef Series, Madison College Culinary Arts students are getting valuable career advice from some of the nation’s top chefs.

Welcome International Students

Bienvenida! Welkom! Irasshaimase! No matter how you say it, Madison College is welcoming more than 200 international students from 60 different countries.

First Day

California native Carla Nankervis isn’t a fan of Wisconsin’s cold weather, but she does enjoy going to school at Madison College. Tag along with Carla during her first day of classes at the Truax campus.

No Cellphones

Could you survive without your cellphone? Instructor Kristin Uttech had her mobile marketing class unplug for 24 hours. Find out how many students were able to complete the challenge.

Free Dental Care

Unfortunately, many area kids have never been to the dentist because their parents can’t afford it. So for the past 15 years, Madison College’s Dental Hygienist program has held a free dental care for kids day.


Never Give Up

Sometimes life gets in the way of your education. That’s what happened to Madison College student Brittany Hintch. It took her 5 years, but she finally has her diploma.


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