Health and Wellness

Madison College offers Yoga for Warriors

Madison College in collaboration with the Veterans Affairs is proud to announce the new Yoga for Warriors class for free.

The class will be offered on Wednesdays starting Feb. 4 at 12:30 p.m. in the Health Sciences Building Room 131.

This class is open to Veterans and active military for both students and employees. 

Contact Kelly Knueve at (608) 616-3498.

Published January 28, 2015. Updated June 30, 2015.

Yoga classes begin with another six-week session on Feb. 3.

Try out a free class before the start of a new session on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

All classes will be held in the Health Education Building at the Truax campus in Room 131.

  • Member rate is $60 per six-week session
  • Non-Member rate is $75 per six-week session

For more information or to register visit the Madison College Group Fitness Classes website.


Published January 16, 2015. Updated January 28, 2015.

Flu Shot Clinic at DTEC on Thursday, Dec. 11

Madison College will offer an additional walk-in flu shot clinic at the Downtown Campus during the holiday reception. This is open to employees, students and anyone else who would like to participate. 

Home Health United will be administering the flu shots. 

There is no charge if the flu shot is billed to any of the following insurance plans:

  • GHC
  • Dean
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid (BadgerCare, ForwardHealth, United Healthcare)
  • Physicians Plus
  • Unity
  • WPS

The cost is $31 if it is not billed to insurance. Please bring your insurance card. 

Flu Shot Clinic at DTEC: 

Date: Thursday, Dec. 11
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Room 240, Downtown Campus 

If you have any students who would like to get a flu shot, please encourage them to go to the GHC Clinic at Traux where they can get a flu shot for only $13.  

Contact Lisa Lanting.

Published December 5, 2014. Updated December 8, 2014.

Give the gift of life at the Truax Blood Drive Dec. 9

Madison College is hosting a blood drive at Truax on Dec. 9 from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Your gift can make a difference and save lives — one donation has the potential to save up to three lives according to the American Red Cross 

Madison College Health Educator Anna Marie Hoffman, RN, shared a heartfelt message about the importance of giving blood. 

To sign up, go to the American Red Cross site or contact Anna Marie Hoffman

Published December 3, 2014.

Win a fruit and veggie basket on Nov. 10 in the Student Lounge

To promote healthy eating and wellness, the Madison College Horticulture Club will have a table at the employee flu shot clinic on Monday, Nov. 10, in the Truax Student Lounge from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please stop by to see photos of this year's veggie garden at Truax and share your ideas for next year's garden. 

The club will give away a beautiful fruit and veggie basket to show their appreciation for Madison College's support of sustainable gardening. 

If you can't make it on Monday, but would still like to help out with the school garden, please email Lisa Lanting or join the Horticulture Club Facebook Group.

Contact Lisa Lanting.


Published November 6, 2014. Updated November 7, 2014.

Simple ways to protect your health

Colder weather has arrived and we are entering into a long winter stretch of colds, flu and other viral illnesses that are lurking on doorknobs, public bathrooms and desktops. When temperatures drop and windows and doors stay shut, viruses can thrive indoors. If your immune system isn't up to the task, you're likely to catch the latest bug to hit town.

Here are some tips on how to stay well and keep germs away:

  • Wash your hands — a lot!
    Simple hand washing with soap and water is an easy and effective way to stay healthy year-round. It is especially important to wash hands before you eat or prepare food, after using a bathroom and after you cough or sneeze. When soap and water aren’t available, use hand sanitizer as a temporary alternative. 
  • Make sleep a priority.
    Getting enough sleep is the most important thing to do this season, because any other precautions you take against cold or flu — the right food, supplements, even vaccinations—won't offer the same protection if your body is too tired to use them properly. 
  • Practice prevention.
    Try to avoid close contact with sick people. If you are sick, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone, except to get medical care or for other necessities. While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infecting them. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs.
  • Get a flu shot.
    An influenza vaccination offers 70 to 90 percent protection against infection and can decrease the severity and side effects if you do get sick. So roll up your sleeve—flu shots are recommended for anyone six months of age or older. If you haven’t already gotten a flu shot, get one at the employee flu shot clinic on Monday, Nov. 10.
    Please encourage students to get a flu shot at the GHC Clinic at Truax for $13.

In the news: Ebola

Ebola is in the news right now, but our risk is very low, and the college is working with key community partners to update response plans and follow recommendations from state and national public health agencies. Remember that Ebola is not spread through casual contact — it is only spread through direct contact with blood or other body fluids of a sick person. Aside from a few individual travelers, the disease remains contained at this time within three countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia).

If you have questions about Ebola or think you have been exposed, you can call the Wisconsin Ebola helpline at (844) 684-1064.

This helpline is confidential and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a precaution, if you have traveled to any of the affected countries, public health departments would like you to call this helpline.

Learn More:

Please contact Anna Marie Hoffmann, RN, health education or Lisa Lanting, employee health and wellness

Published November 5, 2014.

December is open enrollment for same-sex marriages

On Oct. 6, 2014, same-sex marriages became legal in the state of Wisconsin. As a result, Madison College is pleased to offer the same benefits to all married employees.

In December, we will hold a special enrollment period for same-sex couples who are married. Coverage will begin on Jan. 1, 2015.

The College’s domestic partner policy has not changed.

Full-time employees who would like to add a same-sex spouse to their benefit plans should submit the appropriate forms to Payroll by Dec. 23:

*Note: it is not possible to switch between health insurance plans - this can only be done in June.

All future marriages will be considered qualifying events for changing benefit plans within 30 days of the event.

You may change your tax withholding at any time by submitting a W-4 form to Payroll.

Please contact Kristin Gebhardt.

Published October 30, 2014. Updated October 31, 2014.

Insurance deductions for health and dental are changing to twice per month

Starting in January of 2015, payroll deductions for health and dental insurance will be split into two deductions per month. Half will come out of the first check, and half will come out of the second check.

This change only affects the employees who are enrolled in health and dental insurance through Madison College.

Vision and life insurance premiums will continue to be deducted once per month.

Please contact the Payroll Office or at call (608)246-6900.

Published October 30, 2014. Updated October 31, 2014.

November is open enrollment for flex spending accounts and vision insurance

Now is the time to enroll in vision insurance and flexible spending accounts for 2015. Eligible employees may use pre-tax dollars to pay for dependent care, medical expenses, eyeglasses or contacts. Enrollment packets were mailed to home addresses the last week of October. The deadline to enroll is Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014.

Enroll by Nov. 17 to enter the early-bird prize drawing!

Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2015

  • Open to all full-time employees
  • Annual maximum is $2,550 per calendar year, January - December 2015 (New: The IRS increased the maximum by $50 after we sent out the mailing)
  • Covers uninsured medical expenses such as deductibles or co-pays related to health insurance, prescription drugs, dental expenses, eyeglasses, etc.
  • Over-the-counter drugs must have a prescription to be reimbursed

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2015

  • Open to all full-time employees and part-time PSRP
  • Annual maximum is $5,000 per calendar year (January - December 2015)
  • Covers dependent care during your work hours including day care, au pairs, nannies, day camps, preschools and babysitters
  • Does not cover food, clothing, field trips, education, child care while on vacation or overnight camps
  • Funds must be in your account before these expenses can be reimbursed

To enroll in a flexible spending account, use the “Internet Enrollment Instructions” information that was mailed to your home address - these instructions are printed on the back side of the cover sheet.

Voluntary Vision Insurance for 2015

  • Open to all full-time employees and part-time PSRP
  • Covers $150 to $175 per year for eyeglasses or contacts every 12 months
  • Includes 5% to 15% discount on laser vision correction at an in-network provider
  • Includes $200 allowance for laser vision correction
  • An eye exam is only included in the Full Service Plan
    (If you have GHC or WPS health insurance, your plan already includes a free eye exam. Fitting fees for contact lenses are separate.)

Use your flexible spending account and the Madison College Optical Dispensary to maximize savings.

Please contact Lisa Lanting.

Published October 30, 2014. Updated October 31, 2014.

Free Yoga classes this week

Try out a class before the session starts.

Yoga Classes schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday, Oct.28, at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, Oct. 30, at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

All classes will be held in the Health Education Building in Room 131. 

For more information or to register for the next session visit the Fitness, Health and Recreation website. Next session starts Nov. 4.  

Published October 27, 2014.