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Health and Wellness

New weight loss kick-start program starts May 1

Starting May 1, the Center for Health & Well-being will offer a free 6-week Bright Line Eating kick-start program for those who would like to change their eating habits in order to lose weight. 

Employees from all campus locations are welcome to participate. Health coaching will be offered via Zoom web conferencing, telephone, or in person at Truax.

Register here before April 19 if you are interested.

Bright Line Eating is not a diet or a food plan - it’s a way of living. Automatic habits, wired into the brain over a period of time, quickly transform a challenging and confusing landscape of food choices into a simple, structured system that can result in weight loss, reduced cravings, and increased peace around food.

This program is open to 20 people and will include a Bright Line Eating 14-day challenge which eliminates sugar and addictive foods/beverages and helps people create new healthy habits for life.

Participants in this program will also receive:

  • Ozeri Pronto digital food scale
  • Five-year wellness journal
  • Health coaching

In order to participate, all participants must use a digital bathroom scale that displays at least one decimal point (for example, 179.4).

If more than 20 people sign up to participate, we will use a lottery to select the first 20 and then repeat the program later so that everyone can participate.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Lanting

Published April 4, 2019. Updated June 3, 2019.