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Final alignment yoga class on Dec.14

Employees and students are welcome to participate in a new gentle yoga class offered at the Truax campus. All are welcome — this class is open to all ages, shapes, sizes, genders, colors and abilities. Participants do not need to be flexible or have yoga clothes; just come as you are. For those who don’t have a yoga mat, one will be provided for you. Participants don’t have to commit to coming to the class every week; they can just come when it works into their schedule.

Class Details:

  • Tuesdays from 4:45-5:45 p.m. (60-minute class)
  • Fridays from 12:15-12:45 p.m. (30-minute class)
  • Location: Health Education Building, Room 131, Truax
  • Cost: $0
  • Registration: No registration required. We have space for 25 people, so please arrive early to guarantee your spot. 
  • Required liability release: All participants must sign this liability release and bring it to their first class. If you have questions about this release, please contact Joshua Cotillier
  • Clothing: please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to breathe and move (no tight waists).

What is alignment yoga? 

Alignment yoga focuses on mindfulness, joint stability, safe range of motion and gentle movements designed for optimal regulation of the nervous system. This is not a “flow” class or the athletic style of yoga that has been popularized in the West. Our intention is for participants to leave this class feeling calm, strong and rejuvenated. Learn more about alignment yoga

In every class, we will practice the hallmarks of alignment yoga: 

  1. Three fundamentals (grounding, relaxing, and awareness)
  2. Pre-yoga (to develop strength and stability)
  3. Action and resistance (to protect the joints)
  4. Win-win alignment (for safe and optimal movement)
  5. The Recipe (sequence for optimal regulation of the nervous system)

This class will be led by student teachers of the 2018 Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program who have completed nine months of training with Scott Anderson and are offering this class to gain experience teaching in order to graduate in December.

Questions? Contact Lisa Lanting.

Published August 27, 2018. Updated December 3, 2018.