New Achievements tab highlights accomplishments

Have you recently spoken at a conference, or been named to a state or national office? Has your work been published, or have you been recognized for a professional achievement? If so, we want to share it with our faculty and staff.

A new “Achievements” tab has been established to the Madison College Matters site. This tab will highlight the  accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students. If you or someone you know has received recognition, or know students who have achieved note-worthy accomplishments, please share the details with us by completing a submission form.

Please note that all submissions must meet our standard guidelines and be directed to Madison College Matters. 

Published January 23, 2017.

Construction Update: WolfPack Den, Atrium Café now open

What’s new?

Students, faculty and staff are back and have found much more space to study, learn, teach and relax in. The new Food Service Servery, Barber Cosmetology space and WolfPack Den are now open. There is also a new coffee bar where Starbucks is served, and judging by the long lines, it’s well liked. Phase 3 of construction is well underway as crews finish installing glass and hanging the ceiling grid. These spaces will continue to take shape as paint and wall finishes progress.

Projects completed in the last two weeks:

• Phase 2 was completed and opened for the return of students, faculty and staff.

• Hallways B1200 and B13 ceiling and lights were installed.

• Barber Cosmetology equipment was delivered and installed.

• The glass railing around the second floor opening was installed and opened.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

• Display cases will be installed outside of the Barber/Cosmetology space and Student Life.

• Ceiling tile will be installed in the Student and Career Development Center.

• Carpet and base installation will begin in the remaining spaces.

Published January 23, 2017.

Meissen announced as new consultant

As was mentioned at Convocation, Dr. Daniels shared that the college has brought on board a consultant, Dr. Mike Meissen, to lead the process of creating a strategic plan that identifies the key K-12 priority areas for consideration by the college. Madison College has a long history of working with our K-12 partners in offering dual credit, boot camp and other learning opportunities, as well as fostering a community of educators within our district.  The college believes that defining and articulating a clear agenda/strategic plan for our work with our K-12 partners will further advance our partnership mission to maximize student success.

Dr. Meissen, a native of Madison, is a second-generation educator who has served in public education for 34 years as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, coach, athletic director, middle school principal, high school principal, college level adjunct professor and school superintendent. He most recently served as the superintendent of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. In addition, he was principal of Madison La Follette High School from 1992-2006. 

He was named the MetLife National Association of Secondary School Principals State of Wisconsin Principal of the Year in 2003-04, has a demonstrated record of success and accomplishment in elevating the academic performance for students and leading school and district improvement.

Dr. Meissen earned a doctorate degree in educational administration and a master’s degree in counseling and guidance, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He earned a bachelor’s degree in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. 

Keith Cornille
Executive Vice President/CSSO

Published January 13, 2017.

Keith Cornille introduces Student Financial Support Manager

Madison College faculty and staff,

It is a pleasure to announce that Keyimani Alford has joined the college as manager of Student Financial Support services. He will be responsible for the oversight of the college’s Student Financial Support services, which includes Financial Aid.

Keyimani has been in the higher education industry for 17 years assisting in the delivery, interpretation, training and administration of Title IV aid by working at a large, public research institution and in the federal student loan servicing industry. As a first-generation student, he experienced the challenges that students face while entering into the post-secondary academic climate which fueled his desire to be a pillar of change for all students.

As a native of Milwaukee, he has served in multiple capacities in social, professional and religious organizations. However, one of his passions is developing the potential of individuals by providing guidance, educational training, and insight through professional development opportunities. Through his involvement in state, regional and national organizations he has done just that. Keyimani holds a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Masters of Business Management from the University of Phoenix and is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Education (Leadership in Higher Education). One of his favorite quotes is, "Never let someone's opinion become your reality," for he believes everyone with hard work and dedication can accomplish anything he or she desires.

Keyimani's previous experiences include most recently a tenure with Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation where he was a financial support/aid trainer with a focus on financial wellness (literacy) and default management.  Prior to joining Great Lakes, Keyimani spent 11 years with UW-Milwaukee in the Financial Aid Office and six years as assistant director. Please join me in welcoming Keyimani.

Keith Cornille, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President/CSSO

Published January 6, 2017.

Construction Update: Phase 2 takes shape

What’s new?

Phase 2 of construction is beginning to take shape. Final paint touch-ups and frames are being completed in the Barber/Cosmetology area. Installation of the metal panel column covers has begun. Terrazzo floor installation is near completion as the crew has moved into the final section near the elevators and bookstore. Tile backsplashes are almost complete, and acoustical ceiling is being dropped throughout the Phase 2 area.

Projects completed in the past weeks:

• Interior stone continued to be installed at the Barber/Cosmetology area, Information Desk and UW Credit Union areas.

• The Feature Wall was completed around the front of the Servery.

• Coffee Bar floor and wall tile has been finished and casework is starting to be installed.

• Equipment continues to be installed in the Food Service Kitchen and Dishwashing areas.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

• Barber Cosmetology equipment will be delivered and installed.

• The last of the flooring will be installed in offices and seating areas.

Published January 4, 2017. Updated January 20, 2017.

Happy Holidays from President Daniels

Madison College Faculty and Staff:

This has been a busy and productive year. I’m very proud of the work the various Councils and the Assembly initiated this past year and accomplished. We have a brand new culinary and baking facility and will open our new food service area for the start of the spring 2017 semester. We closed one campus and will open another site on the west side. We have established an intentional focus on inclusion and equity that spans from students to faculty and staff. We have taken steps to better serve the south Madison communities. We moved forward with establishing the Entrepreneurship Center and creating the framework for a STEM Center. We have continued to learn and increased our maturity in addressing varied issues. Regardless of our changing environments, we can build upon the successes of the one thing that drives us all – our students. All of the progress we have made is in whole part due to your commitment to students, our community, and our college. I am greatly appreciative of the work all of you do each and every day.

My wishes to you for a safe and Happy Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

Jack E. Daniels, III, Ph.D.

Published December 21, 2016.

Dr. Daniels summarizes District Board meeting

The following business was conducted during the December 7, 2016, meeting of the Madison College District Board.  Visit the website to access the complete meeting agenda and supporting documents.

Wisconsin Job Honors Award

A former Middle College student and current Madison College student, Alondra Reyes-Ponce, will receive the Wisconsin Job Honors Award at the Future Wisconsin Economic Summit, hosted by Wisconsin Manufacturer’s and Commerce on December 15, 2016.  The award recognizes individuals who have overcome significant barriers to employment and the employers who hire them.

Board Appointments

The timeline for appointing new Board members was announced:

  • Advance advertisement will be placed January 13, 2017, announcing the vacancies
  • Notice of Intent to fill vacancies will be published January 20, 2017
  • The deadline for applications will be February 3, 2017
  • Applicant information will be mailed to county board chairs on February 10, 2017
  • The list of applicant names will be published February 17, 2017
  • The Appointment Meeting will be March 6, 2017
  • New Board members will be sworn in at the July 2017 Board meeting

The Madison College District Board must include at least three females, at least three males, and one individual representing a minority group.

Madison College Grants Office

The Board received an update on the activities of the Madison College Grants Office, including the types and amounts of grants that have been awarded, the student activities and supports that are funded by those grants, and grant funding opportunities and challenges.

New Program Approval

The Web and Digital Media Design 2-year associate degree program was approved by the Board. 

Budget Items

The Board approved the following budget-related items:

  • Revised Resolution on District Reserves and Designations
  • Fiscal Year 2015-16 Budget Adjustments and Transfers
  • Fiscal Year 2015-16 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Amendment

Consent Agenda – All Items Approved

  • General fund financial report as of October 31, 2016
  • Supplier payments greater than or equal to $2,500,  and schedule of checks issued for the period October 16, 2016, through November 15, 2016.
  • Request for proposals/request for bids/sole sources
  • Employment of personnel
  • Resignations and Separations
  • Retirements

Jack Daniels, Ph.D. 

Published December 19, 2016.

Faculty, staff warned of phishing scam

Chief Information Officer Mir Qader reminds all employees of Madison College to be wary of phishing – the attempt to fraudulently obtain confidential information such as passwords, usernames and credit card numbers by posing as a legitimate organization. Recently, the college has received messages titled “Important Announcement from President Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III” that originate from an outside email address (e.g. k12.in.us) rather than from madisoncollege.edu. Staff in IT have blocked the messages in question and are removing these emails from employees’ Outlook in-boxes.

Should you receive an email that appears to be from President Daniels:

  • Review the email address from which the message originated. If it is not from our proprietary URL, madisoncollege.edu, immediately delete it.
  • Do not open the attachment to this email, click any links or provide your username/password.
  • If you inadvertently share your password, you must change it without delay.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 6666.

Small changes can make a big difference in informational security. Everyone is encouraged to complete the security training videos to ensure that all information is secure and handled accordingly. 

Published December 14, 2016. Updated December 16, 2016.

Mark Thomas reminds employees of December payroll guidelines

Dear Colleagues,

I know all of us are busy at the end of another great semester and preparing for a well-deserved holiday break, so what better time to make sure we all know how to get paid. Please pay close attention to the guidelines (follow the link for the full list). If time is not entered correctly by the deadlines identified, payments will not occur until the following pay cycle.

Due to the Winter Shutdown, payroll processes will begin early. The guidelines will assist you in recording time. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and cooperation with our Payroll staff’s efforts to ensure everyone is paid correctly. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at (608) 246-6900.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday break,

Mark Thomas, vice president of Administrative Services and chief financial officer

Published December 12, 2016. Updated December 16, 2016.

Construction Update: Terrazzo flooring and equipment installation

What’s new?

Terrazzo floor installation is near completion as crews move towards the final section near the elevators and Bookstore. Ceramic wall and floor tile is progressing throughout the food service space as the equipment is being delivered and installed. The Culinary and Bakery Outlets are also close to being finished, as equipment is installed and light fixtures are turned on. Ceiling grid installation is ongoing throughout Phase 2, and the first of the ceiling tile was dropped in the diagonal hallway this week.

Projects completed in the past weeks:

  • The information desk installation was completed.
  • Ceiling tile has been installed in hallways and Student Den.
  • Carpeting and flooring was installed in the Barber/Cosmetology area.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

  • Stone installation will continue.
  • Feature Wall installation will progress.
  • Coffee Bar wall and floor tile will commence.
  • Equipment for the Food Service Kitchen and Servery will continue to be delivered and installed.

Published December 12, 2016. Updated January 4, 2017.