College earns Fast Forward Dual Enrollment grant

Madison College received a $98,242 Wisconsin Fast Forward Dual Enrollment Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

The grant will help train up to 60 high school and middle college students for careers in culinary arts, information technology and industrial maintenance in their "Expanding Certifications for High School Students in the Madison College District"project.

Through collaboration with nine school districts and Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin, successful students will gain certifications in ProStart (Culinary Arts), CompTIA A+ Computer Essentials (IT) or the Basic Industrial Power Embedded Technical Diploma (IM).


Published December 7, 2018.

Make a difference in the community by today

TO:              All Faculty and Staffz
FROM:        Jack E. Daniels, III, President
DATE:         November 29, 2018
RE:             Charitable Campaign

Dear colleagues, 

December is a time of reflection for many of us. As one year ends and opens the door to another, you may wonder what more you can do to make a difference in our world, our community and within our college.

The Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign offers some easy answers to those questions. With a click here, a checkmark there or by making a simple purchase, you can contribute to organizations that provide resources to our neighbors in need. Some of those neighbors are our own students or fellow employees. 

I realize you probably receive donation requests from all directions at this time of year. But I hope you will give extra consideration to our own college campaign. Here are some of the ways you can have a real impact, right here at Madison College:

  • Complete the paper pledge form that was sent to your employee mailbox, and donate to the charity or charities of your choice, or pledge online at epledge.UWDC.org/madisoncollege. The deadline to submit the pledge form is Wednesday, Dec. 19, by the end of the business day.
  • Bid on items such as paintings, premium parking spots, books, apparel, gift cards and more through our online auction, which will run from noon on Dec. 10 through noon on Dec. 18. This year’s auction will also include a unique opportunity to lease Bucky Bot or Bucky Grow for one year! Look for announcements in Matters.
  • Add a small donation to CCC when purchasing items at the cafeteria, campus Starbucks or the bookstore.

The year 2019 will usher in an exciting new day for Madison College and the residents of Madison’s south side, as we prepare to open the Madison College-Goodman South Campus. Donations are not only welcome, but are still being matched! 

I hope you take the opportunity to double your financial impact for our south side neighbors who have been underserved for far too long by donating to the South Campus Match (#500 on your pledge forms).  

 Join me in showing our community that Madison College truly cares.

Warm holiday wishes, 

Jack E. Daniels, III

Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign

Published November 30, 2018. Updated December 19, 2018.

Dr. Daniels plans open office hours Dec. 4

President Jack Daniels will hold open office hours from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Faculty and staff are welcome to stop by his office to discuss any topics related to Madison College. 

Dr. Daniels holds open office hours the first Tuesday of most months. In January, his office hours will be scheduled for the second Tuesday (Jan. 9), due to the New Year’s holiday falling on the first Tuesday.

Published November 26, 2018.

Mark Thomas to hold open office hours Dec. 12

CFO/Vice President of Administrative Services Mark Thomas will have open office hours in AB148H Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 9:30 to 11 a.m.

Thomas oversees the Budget Office, Auxilary Services, Facility Services, Financial Services and Public Safety Services. He is also the co-chair of the College Assembly.

Faculty and staff can discuss matters of concern, share success stories or propose new ideas.

Published November 26, 2018. Updated November 28, 2018.

Keyimani Alford to head Scholars of Promise program

TO:              All Staff
FROM:        Jack Daniels, III, Ph.D.
DATE:         November 19, 2018
RE:             Change in Management Leadership

The management leadership for the Scholars of Promise program has been changed to Keyimani Alford, Director of Student Financial Support Services. Shanai Kaashagen, Director of the Scholars for Promise program, will be reporting directly to Keyimani.  If you have concerns and suggestions for the program, please don’t hesitate to contact Keyimani or Shanai. 


Published November 20, 2018. Updated November 28, 2018.

College Assembly hears results of PACE employee survey

The College Assembly gathered on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Student Senate update

The Student Senate has been busy with several initiatives and celebration of a major success.

Senate rep Cat Larsen reminded Assembly members to check out the student production of The Empty Table, a piece of devised theatre created by students and faculty that highlights real stories of student hunger and homelessness.

Other Senate activities include co-sponsoring active shooter training for students, hosting a Sleep Out America event at Watertown Campus in which students sleep outside for a taste of life as a homeless person, and running an October food and resource fair that helped more than 150 students.

The Senate is also celebrating an overwhelming student voter turnout for the Textbook Referendum, which passed. The passing of the referendum means degree credit students will pay one book fee each semester based on course load. This will help students save significant amounts of money on textbooks and supplies.  

Educational spotlight: 2018 PACE Survey

Special guest Tom Heaney from Institutional Research and Effectiveness presented the results of the most recent PACE survey, taken by Madison College faculty and staff in April.

The PACE survey has been issued at the college every three or four years since 1996. PACE is an environmental survey that measures employee satisfaction and productivity and promotes open and honest communication.

Highlights of the 2018 survey include:

  • A higher response rate than the 2014 survey
  • Employees have an unfounded fear of disclosing their racial identity
  • Satisfaction levels improved across all aspects of workplace climate
  • Madison College ranks slightly below the national norm in three out of four factors, except student focus where we perform well

Kristin Polywacz from the college’s organizational development team shared that PACE results help guide the college’s approach to managing people, architecture, routines and culture.

The entire report can be viewed on SharePoint.

Educational spotlight: Skills USA

Tom Wozniak and Tim Meyer spoke about the benefits of SkillsUSA to our students and graduates. SkillsUSA is a national organization that promotes leadership among students seeking careers in hands-on trades.

SkillsUSA allows students to showcase their skills at local, regional and national competitions. It also claims to be the largest U.S. recipient of corporate donations of time and money combined.

Wozniak and Meyer shared that the “skills gap is real.” Nationally, six out of 10 skills-based jobs go unfilled. And seven out of 10 jobs require an associate degree or other community college based degree.

Thumbs up!

Chris Page presented the second read of the Academic Council’s Syllabus Policy. After its initial read, the council reviewed and edited based on Assembly feedback. Among other changes, they added a bullet point related to equity and inclusion.

The revised Syllabus Policy was thumbed and moves on now for approval by President Daniels.

The Professional Development Council presented their revised charge, which the Assembly thumbed.

Council news

Each council shared which issues they intend to tackle through 2018-2019.

To learn more about the issues at hand, log onto SharePoint and follow the Shared Governance link. You will find news about the Assembly and each council.

Final thoughts

A recent employee survey of Shared Governance members indicates that many faculty and staff members would like better communication about shared governance at the college. The SG employee representatives serving in Shared Governance are meeting soon to discuss ways to improve this communication.

Next meeting

The Assembly will meet again on Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 2-4 p.m. in Truax Rm. D1630B.





Published November 19, 2018.

Insurance billing process is changing

DATE:           Nov. 16, 2018

TO:               Full-time Employees and Administrators, Part-time PSRP Employees

FROM:         Mark Thomas,
                     Vice President of Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer

SUBJECT:    Change to When Insurance Premiums are Collected

No Insurance Premium Deductions in December

Madison College is changing how it bills for most insurance plans. Currently you pay for coverage one month in advance. For example, in April you paid the premium for May coverage. Effective on Jan. 1, 2019, Madison College will instead collect premium in the month of coverage for health, dental, vision and life insurance. For example, in April 2019 employees will pay the premium due for April coverage.

What Does This Mean to You?

To bring premium collections in line with the new billing process, most employees will not have the employee premium shares deducted in December for January coverage. (There may be premium deductions in December if adjustments are needed for prior pay periods.) Consider it a one-month premium holiday!

Employee premium share deductions will resume in January 2019 for January coverage.

Those who enrolled for 2019 Madison College health insurance will see the new monthly employee premium share of $34.20 ($17.10 per payslip) for single coverage and $96.49 ($48.25 per payslip) for family coverage. 

This change does not affect your contributions, if any, to the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or deferrals to your Tax-Sheltered Annuities 403(b) and 457 plans.

If your employment ends with Madison College, your benefit(s) will end at the end of the month in which employment ends instead of providing one additional month of coverage.

Please contact HR Benefits at benefits@madisoncollege.edu with questions.

Thank you, and have a great weekend and Thanksgiving break! 



Published November 19, 2018.

President's holiday celebration announced

The President’s Holiday Celebration is Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., Truax Campus, Room D1630. Live acoustic music will be performed by Cary Heyer, Robert Dinndorf, Thomas Heaney, Tanya Gavinski, and Robert Fumuso. Refreshments and cake will be offered.

Published November 16, 2018. Updated December 18, 2018.

Important Workday reminder

This is an important reminder regarding time entries in Workday for the Thanksgiving shutdown, Thursday, Nov. 22 through Sunday, Nov. 25It is critical for employees to enter and submit their time by the lockout period deadlines

PSRP Full-Time Hourly Employees:

For each day worked over the shutdown period:

  • Choose the Time Entry Code of “Holiday Pay
  • Enter the quantity of hours you would have worked (maximum of 8 hours)
  •  If you work more than 8 hours in a day you have the following options:
    • Work with your supervisor to adjust your schedule for the week to work the additional hours, OR
    • Use other paid leave for time in excess of 8 hours

If required to work during the shutdown to provide critical services*, enter those hours as “Hours Worked.”  Workday will calculate your pay at the holiday rate.


PSRP Part-Time Employees:

  • Per the approved college policy, Part-Time PSRP can choose to use Paid Time Off (PTO) time, and record the PTO hours in order to be paid over the Thanksgiving Shutdown.
  • Work with your supervisor to adjust your hours for the week and work more hours on the days that are not part of the shutdown period. 
  • If required to work during the shutdown because you provide critical services*, enter those hours as “Hours Worked.”  Workday will calculate your pay at the holiday rate. 

Part-Time Faculty, Casual, Student Help, and Work Study Employees:

Not eligible for payment for time not worked over the shutdown, however, if required to work over the shutdown, enter the hours as “Hours Worked.” Workday will calculate your pay at time and a half.

Administrative, PSRP Band C Salaried, and Full-time Faculty (Exempt) Employees

No time entries required during the shutdown.


If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at (608) 246-6650.

* Examples of critical services include veterinary technology, public safety and designated positions in technology services and facilities.



Published November 16, 2018. Updated November 19, 2018.

Truax events support Combined Charitable Campaign

Students, staff and faculty at the Truax Campus will have opportunities to support the Combined Charitable Campaign Thursday, Nov. 15, in the Atrium from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tickets will be on sale for a 50/50 raffle, volunteers will serve rootbeer floats and Nutman products will be on sale all to benefit the campaign and help those in our community who need it most.

Employees can also give to the Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign through payroll deduction. No contribution is too small as stated in our tagline, “Give a little, help a lot!” The Campaign supports various nonprofit organizations throughout the college district.





Published November 14, 2018.