Special announcement from President Daniels

Dear Colleagues:

Every day, you demonstrate that student success isn’t measured simply by test scores, but also by a whole lot of other factors that have little to do with knowledge and skill development. You know that wraparound services and support systems are key to their integration into our neighborhoods and communities. Perhaps more importantly, you understand that placing the needs of others before your own is what makes our communities stronger.

It is for these reasons that I make a personal appeal to you to contribute what you can to this year’s Combined Charitable Campaign. We are aiming for a third-consecutive year of record giving by setting a goal of $80,000. If each of us embraces the campaign’s theme of “Give a little, help a lot,” we can not only meet this goal, but exceed it!

Recent media reports share that the unemployment rate is down, economic growth is on the rise and the price of food and fuel remains stable. That’s good news if you earn enough money to put food on the table, fill up your gas tank and pay your bills.

But think for a moment about the thousands of individuals among us who’ve fallen into the gap – whose basic needs of food, shelter and clothing aren’t being met. Think about our precious natural resources of clean water, wetlands and wildlife habitat that are being threatened by corporations who place their motivation to earn a profit above their desire to protect these resources for future generations. And think about those whose sensibilities are compromised by chemical dependency, mental illness or the constant threat of domestic violence.

At their face, these challenges are tremendous and it’s difficult to comprehend the complexities associated with changing these circumstances. But with a single gift to this year’s Combined Charitable Campaign, you can extend a helpful hand to one – and influence positive change for all. We all win when a child has a quality education that leads to a family-supporting job, when individuals who are isolated receive the support and services they need to become engaged members of our community and when we all enjoy good health.

One gift – your gift – to the Combined Charitable Campaign is vitally important. Consider these examples:

  • $5 per month supports an educational class visit and tour of the historic Aldo Leopold Shack and Leopold Center, where students learn the value of ecological restoration.
  • $10 a month provides 40 books for young children so they can read at home at an early age, better preparing them for kindergarten and a lifetime of academic success.
  • $20 a month provides 10 preparation classes for 15 adults who will take the GED, placing them on the path to stable employment – or pursuing higher education
  • $50 a month helps fund an advocate to ensure that a person with a disability has the supports and services they need to live independently.

Learn more about the difference your contribution can make, view testimonials or access pledge resources by visiting our campaign webpage. You may give a one-time gift, or enroll in convenient, automatic payroll deduction. Here are the pledge amounts per biweekly paycheck based on 19 or 24 paychecks per year:

  • $1.32/$1.04 = $25
  • $2.63/$2.09 = $50
  • $5.26/$4.17 = $100
  • $10.53/$8.33 = $200
  • $15.79/$12.50 = $300
  • $21.05/$16.66 = $400
  • $26.32/$20.83 = $500

Need an extra incentive? Pledge $25 or more by Nov. 10 and receive a Combined Charitable Campaign  t-shirt that reads, “When we show LOVE, it’s reflected in our COMMUNITY.” (If you have already submitted your pledge, you will be receiving your t-shirt in a few weeks.) There are two convenient ways in which you can donate – simply fill out the paper pledge form or go to the online pledge site. For the online site, your user login will be your full email address (including @madisoncollege.edu) and your password will be your employee ID number.

Watch for details about additional opportunities to contribute to this year’s campaign, including $1-button-giving at the Truax Cafeteria and Gateway Café cash registers, a raffle, online auction and Give Thanks event scheduled for Nov. 10.


The Combined Charitable Campaign brings our campus community together to provide a safety net for those who are vulnerable, to create pathways for families to achieve stability, to help our kids succeed in school and to take care of our neighbors, young and old. Some of the individuals who are most vulnerable are our students; others are the colleagues with whom you engage every day. Organizations beneath the umbrella of this comprehensive campaign transform individual lives and create long-lasting, positive change by developing children and youth to reach their full potential, strengthening families and neighborhoods, protecting our natural resources, sustaining senior independence and supporting those who are rebuilding their lives.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I ask that you count the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and contribute what you can to this year’s Combined Charitable Campaign. If we all give a little, we can help a lot!


Jack E. Daniels, III



Published October 31, 2016. Updated November 4, 2016.

Construction Update: Drywall and rough-ins near completion

What’s New?

Terrazzo floor installation has moved from the diagonal hallway into the large open area in front of the Feature Wall. Drywall is near completion in Phase 2, and crews have started mudding and taping walls to prepare for painting. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are also near completion. The Feature Wall wood slats will be delivered to the site and installed in the weeks ahead. Ceramic wall tile has been installed in the Bakery, Culinary and Food Service Outlets. The large Madison College shield sign has been installed on the face of the new addition.

Projects completed in the past weeks:

  • Terrazzo was installed in front of the Feature Wall.
  • Drywall installation began in the Career and Employment Center.
  • Ceiling grid and lighting was installed in the Bakery Decorating Lab.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

  • Feature wall panels, casework and lockers will be delivered and installed.
  • Overhead doors will be installed in November.
  • Quarry tile will be installed on the floors of the Food Service areas.

Published October 31, 2016. Updated November 11, 2016.

Dr. Daniels announces Pay Equity Plan

Madison College Faculty and Staff,

As part of the College’s commitment to maintaining base pay compensation among all employee groups articulated in our strategic plan, we have conducted reviews of PSRP and administrative employees and are conducting reviews of full- and part-time faculty. All reviews are based on the unique factors of each employee group. The ability of the College to address the results of these reviews is dependent upon the College’s fiscal situation.

This work began in 2011 with a classification and market compensation study for administrators and continued in 2014 with a classification and market compensation study for PSRP employees.  An examination of compensation practices is underway for part-time faculty, and we will begin the review of full-time faculty compensation this month. We will share additional details regarding these faculty plans as they become available.

My goal, and that of the members of the President’s Cabinet, is to ensure pay among employees is based on education, experience and/or length of service to Madison College, and to ensure no inequities related to protected classes exist.

This past year we worked with the Administrative Working Conditions Interest Team to address internal equity among that employee group, which included a review to determine any equity base gap. As part of the 2014 PSRP Classification and Compensation study, Fox Lawson & Associates identified equity base pay gaps for PSRP employees. We have the financial resources in place to begin equity adjustments for both groups effective November 1, 2016.

This plan affects 40 PRSP employees and 60 administrative employees. If fully implemented, the estimated cost of this plan is about $1,148,000.

Closing the compensation gaps among PSRP employees will be completed this fiscal year. Closing the compensation gaps among Administrative employees will be completed over three fiscal years, beginning this fiscal year. In FY2016-17, 48 administrators are eligible for a pay adjustment because their gap was 2.5% or greater. In FY2017-18 and FY2018-19, 12 additional administrators with gaps greater than zero and less than 2.5% are eligible to have their gaps addressed in conjunction with the other 48 administrators.


Impacted Employees

Total Gap Value

FY2016-17 Value (11/1/2016-6/30/2017)

FY2017-18 Cost Est.











*48 Administrators are eligible for an adjustment in FY2016-17. 12 additional administrators are eligible for adjustments in FY2017-18 and FY2018-19.

It should be noted that funding the second and third year (FY2017-18 and FY2018-19) of the plan for Administrative employees is contingent on meeting revenue projections, which are largely based on FTE enrollment targets and associated tuition.

Regardless of the outcome of these equity reviews, no Madison College employee will receive a reduction in base pay. Meetings with employees affected by the PSRP and administrative equity analyses will be scheduled by the appropriate vice president over the next few weeks.

Ongoing efforts to ensure equitable compensation practices for all employee groups is not only the right thing to do, but it is an acknowledgement that your commitment to the success of Madison College’s students is vital to the advancement of our mission to provide open access to quality higher education that fosters lifelong learning and success in our communities. I thank each of you for your excellent work. It is not taken for granted.

Jack E. Daniels, Ph.D.


Published October 19, 2016.

President Daniels summarizes District Board meeting

Madison College Faculty and Staff,

The following business was conducted during the October 12, 2016, meeting of the Madison College District Board. Visit this link to access the complete meeting agenda and supporting documents.

Athletics Update
The Madison College Men’s Soccer team entered the Top 10 for NJCAA Division 3 and will participate in the playoffs.

Staff Awards
Metro Campuses’ Dean Valentina Ahedo received the Believe and Succeed Award at the 6th Annual Heritage Hispana luncheon. The award recognizes her outstanding work and her commitment to the Latino community.

Equity and Inclusion Plan
The Board received an update on Madison College’s Equity and Inclusion plan. The four goals outlined in the plan are:

  • Every student and employee experiences a welcoming and inclusive Madison College
  • Madison College strives to have its employee demographics minimally reflect the student body and the communities we serve
  • Every student persists and succeeds at Madison College
  • Madison College engages the community in meaningful and authentic ways

New Program Approval
The IT – Cloud Support Associate 2-year associate degree program was approved by the Board. 

Diverse Business Utilization Policy
The Board adopted the Diverse Business Utilization Policy as a revision to Board Policy #100. The policy revision states, “Madison College will utilize diverse suppliers in acquiring goods and services of the greatest value.” Diverse businesses include businesses owned by minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

FY 2016-2017 Tax Levy
The Board authorized a tax levy of $72,728,318 for FY 2016-2017.

Capital Projects Borrowing
The Board adopted a resolution totaling $4,235,000 authorizing the College to begin the borrow process. These funds will be used for building remodeling and improvement ($1.5 million) and acquisition of moveable equipment and technology ($2.735 million). A resolution will be presented at the November 2, 2016, Board meeting to award the sale of the bonds to the winning bidder.

Consent Agenda – All Items Approved

  • Three-year facilities plan
  • Code of Ethics
  • General fund financial report as of August 31, 2016
  • Request for proposals/request for bids/sole sources
  • Supplier payments greater than or equal to $2,500, and schedule of checks issued for the period August 16, 2016, through September 15, 2016.
  • Employment of personnel
  • Resignations and Separations
  • Retirements

 Jack E. Daniels, Ph.D.


Published October 19, 2016.

Textbook adoption and affordability reminder

Greetings faculty,

As the fall semester speeds by, I hope you are all doing well. This is the time of year that the textbook adoption notice is sent out from the Provost's office. This year, instead of simply sending what went out in the past, I wanted to connect the meaningful work being done by the Student Affairs Council (SAC) and the bookstore team in developing and leading strategies to lower the cost of textbooks for our students.

The information provided in this link was collaboratively prepared by the SAC and the bookstore team. That good work is continuing, but this adoption reminder is a perfect time to generate some actions around the ideas generated so far. As faculty, you play a critical role in impacting our higher education access mission by helping lower the burden of textbook costs in whatever way is most meaningful to your course, program or department. I appreciate your consideration of these ideas and the importance of timely adoption as you think about what materials are the most valuable for students.

Special thanks to the Student Affairs Council, led by co-chairs Kevin Foley and Nadia Rahman. Also, special thanks to the bookstore team, led by Mike Panten and Scott Heiman. As always, if you have ideas or questions, let the SAC team or bookstore team know. This is another spotlight example of how we are all working together to make our student’s lives better. 


Turina R. Bakken, Ph.D.


Published October 19, 2016.

Construction Update: Installation of metal and radiant panels for Phase 1

What’s new?

Drywall, taping and finishing of walls and soffits are progressing throughout Phase 2. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are also well underway. The finished pieces of the feature wall will be delivered shortly for installation. Terrazzo flooring is almost complete in the diagonal hallway near Barber Cosmetology as crews continue preparation for terrazzo on the north side of the temporary wall separating Phase 1 and 2. Exterior signage in the administration parking lot was set this week. The finishing touches are being placed on Phase 1, including installation of metal panels, completion AV work and closing out punch list items.

Projects completed in the past weeks:

  • Terrazzo was installed in the diagonal hallway near Barber Cosmetology.
  • Drywall, taping and finishing has progressed throughout Phase 2.
  • Exterior signage in the administration parking lot was installed.
  • Metal panels were installed throughout Phase 1.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

  • AV Work in Phase 1 of the Meeting Spaces and Lounge will be completed.
  • The custom wood panels for the Feature Wall will be installed.
  • Ceramic wall and quarry floor tile installation will begin in Phase 2.
  • The exterior shield sign will be installed at the front of the Culinary addition.

Published October 17, 2016. Updated October 31, 2016.

Appropriate conduct at work during political times

Greetings to all Faculty, Staff and College Employees,

As we enter into the final weeks of an intense election season, we extend this message to you to address issues related to campaign activities.

Here is our guidance:
What you do on your own time is largely your business. The College is only concerned with what you do in your capacity as employees of the College and then especially during your instructional or work time.

Our Code of Ethics Policy (No. 406) addresses this issue as follows:
Individual College employees may engage in lawful political activities. However, such activity, like any other personal, non-official undertaking, must be done on the employee’s own time, must not interfere with College duties, and must not involve the use of district resources for partisan political activities.

This policy provision is designed to protect, in fact and in appearance, the College’s non-partisan independent tax-exempt status. In addition, the policy reserves College resources for College business and protects against conflicts of interest that may infringe on the ability of College personnel to perform their official duties and responsibilities with our customary effectiveness and objectivity.

You have the right, as a citizen, to engage in political activity so long as such activity does not occur while you are performing your instructional- or work-related responsibilities. You may wear political buttons of reasonable size and number as an expression of your personal political views provided the message does not cause disruption of the educational program or otherwise interfere with your job duties.

Classrooms and classroom time should not be used as a platform for advocacy of a political candidate or point of view. Of course, election information and discussions of related issues may be integrated, where appropriate, into relevant classroom curriculum. Instructional materials and discussions should provide a balanced review of many perspectives on an issue.

Faculty members have a special professional relationship with their students. It is a relationship grounded in trust and respect. It is important that we do no harm to this professional relationship while advocating for specific candidates or issues. It is important to encourage our students to vote and to make their own informed choices.

College property, supplies, equipment and systems may not be used in connection with any type of political campaigning. This includes our phones, computers, photocopiers, fax machines and other school equipment.

The upcoming elections are important to all the citizens of this state and nation. We hope this memo helps you make decisions about work and political activities.

If you have any questions as to what may be appropriate, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Turina Bakken, Ph.D.                      Tim Casper, Ed.D.
Provost                                            Vice President, Institutional Learning and Effectiveness

Published October 17, 2016. Updated October 19, 2016.

Dr. Daniels reminds employees of marketing guidelines

Madison College Faculty and Staff,

As we continue to build awareness of the many educational opportunities offered by Madison Area Technical College as part of our strategy to increase enrollments among a variety of prospective student populations, it is essential that our print materials are consistent in how they represent our brand. This strategy extends beyond recruitment, however. It also includes bolstering our image in the eyes of our many stakeholder groups.

As a result of this strategy, all print materials on behalf of Madison College must be approved by our Communications and Strategic Marketing department before they are published. This team bears the responsibility of ensuring that those projects meet our rigid branding standards, including the proper use of logos, color templates, fonts and other design elements.

In addition, under no circumstance are you to purchase advertising without the knowledge and approval of the department. Institutions that are part of the Wisconsin Technical College System are united in their agreement not to advertise in publications beyond the boundaries of their district. As such, purchasing advertising outside our district is strictly prohibited. To do otherwise is a violation of the trust among our colleagues at the other campuses.

If you have a need to produce printed materials, please submit your request using the Marketing Request Form on our website and the Communications and Strategic Marketing team will honor it in a timely manner, provided they receive sufficient advance notice and there is an adequate budget to support it. Projects that directly support Madison College’s efforts to recruit and enroll new students, and to retain those we currently serve, will be assigned priority status.

If you choose to use an outside vendor to create marketing and promotional materials for your program or department, you are expected to submit all materials to the Communications and Strategic Marketing team for approval prior to providing files to the printer. 

On occasion, students are invited to submit ideas for logos to represent their organization. In that case, we encourage you to enlist the help of the Communications and Strategic Marketing team so they can provide guidance while allowing students to exercise their creativity and maintain pride of ownership in the process.

If you have any questions, seek additional information regarding brand compliance or simply wish to discuss an idea, please contact Director of Communications and Strategic Marketing, Cary Heyer, at ext. 6443.

Jack E. Daniels, Ph.D.



Published October 14, 2016.

Construction Update: Drywall, electrical and plumbing work in progress

What’s new?

Drywall work is progressing in the Barber Cosmetology area as Phase 2 is beginning to take shape. Drywall ceiling soffits are installed. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins are moving along quickly.

The plywood for the feature wall is complete and some of the finished pieces will be delivered soon for installation. Four hoods in the Food Service area were installed this week. Meanwhile, preparations for the seven-step process of terrazzo flooring have begun. The finishing touches are being completed in Phase 1 including punch list items and AV work.

Projects completed in the past weeks:

  • Plywood and rough-ins for the Feature Wall are complete.
  • Drywall in the Barber Cosmetology area is near completion.
  • All trades have been working to close out Phase 1 punch list items.
  • All door frames in Phase Two have been installed.

Coming up in the weeks ahead:

  • Terrazzo flooring in the diagonal hallway near Barber Cosmetology will be installed.
  •  AV Work in Phase 1 of the Meeting Spaces and Lounge will be completed.
  • Drywall, taping and finishing will continue throughout Phase 2.
  • Ceramic wall and quarry floor tile installation will begin in Phase 2.


Published October 3, 2016. Updated October 17, 2016.

2015 Annual Security Report available

Madison College Community:

Madison College’s Public Safety team is committed to providing all members of the Madison College community with the information they need to ensure a safe, secure workplace that is conducive to teaching and learning. This information includes the Annual Security Report. The 2015 report will be available beginning Saturday, Oct. 1, on the Public Safety website.

Pick up a hard copy of the Annual Security Report at any of these locations:

Truax Campus
Main building, Room B1240
Public Safety office, Room E1861
Human Resources office, Room A2020
Student Life, Room A1000 
Enrollment Center, Truax Gateway
Commercial Avenue Campus
Main Office, Room 120

Downtown Education Center
Room D116
Main Office, Room D105
Student Life

South Campus
Main Office, Room 103

Fort Atkinson Campus
Main Office, Room 117 

Portage Campus
Main Office, Room 100

Reedsburg Campus
Main Office, Room 102 

Watertown Campus 
Main Office, Room 135

You may email your request, or call ext. 6932.

The website and printed report contain information regarding campus security and personal safety including such topics as crime prevention, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures and other matters related to security and safety on campus. They also contain information about crime statistics for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 calendar years, including reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Madison College, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, our campuses.

This information is required by law and is provided by Madison College Public Safety Services.

Thanks for doing your part to keep our students, colleagues and visitors safe.

Published September 30, 2016.