Shuttle bus will take staff to South Campus groundbreaking

DATE:      June 4, 2018
TO:          All Employees
FROM:     Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III, President
RE:          Shuttle Service to South Campus Groundbreaking

Monday, June 11, will mark the next milestone in Madison College’s storied history. That is the day we will break ground for the Madison College-Goodman South Campus. This new facility represents, in monumental fashion, the collective commitment of the Madison College community to our mission of providing accessible, quality higher education that fosters lifelong learning and success within our communities.

A news conference and groundbreaking ceremony is slated for 1:30-2:30 p.m., and you’re invited to witness this momentous event. To help facilitate the attendance of Madison College faculty, staff and administrators, we have arranged shuttle service from our Truax, Commercial Avenue and Downtown Campuses. 

Pickup will begin at the Anderson Street entrance of the Truax Campus (known to many as “the horseshoe”) and will stop at the Commercial Avenue and Downtown campuses before proceeding to the site of the new South Campus at the intersection of Badger Road and Park Street. Pickup times are 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The shuttle will make one return trip, departing from the Goodman South Campus at 3 p.m. and stopping at each campus in reverse order.

The capacity of the shuttle, in the form of a big yellow school bus, is 56. First-come, first served. If you plan to take advantage of this convenience, please arrive early to ensure you get a seat. Of course, you may also drive your personal vehicle at your expense. If you do so, I encourage you to carpool, as on-site parking will be at a premium.

This is an occasion in which we all should take great pride. I look forward to seeing you there.

Published June 4, 2018.

Celebrate Dr. Keith Cornille

After 17 years with Madison College, Dr. Keith Cornille has been named the fourth president of Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois.

Help us recognize Keith and his many contributions to Madison College at his farewell celebration: Tuesday, June 5, from 4 to 6 p.m. A program to begin at 4:45 p.m. Madison College Truax Campus Gateway. Light refreshments will be served.

Published May 23, 2018. Updated May 30, 2018.

College Assembly Recap

The College Assembly met Wednesday, May 9.

Student Senate Update

Steven Ansorge, the new Student Senate President, reported on recent activities of the Student Senate. The Senate said goodbye to Advisor Jackie Dahlke who is retiring from Madison College. More than 100 students attended the first Good Luck on Finals Event held at the Truax Campus. The Senate will meet every other Thursday during the summer.

 Educational Spotlights

Members of the Facilities Planning and Investment Council presented a video report on the progress made toward completion of the Facilities Master Plan. The report included goals of the FMP and described how the Council gathered input from College stakeholders including more than 550 project ideas. During the last three months, the council developed a system for prioritizing facilities projects and established guiding principles to represent the needs of all College stakeholders.

The Facilities Master Plan recognizes that physical environment and facilities affect learning and student achievement and prioritizes direct student needs. It identifies trends and provides for future needs. The Plan will also protect taxpayers’ investments, accounting for maintenance, repairs and renovations to extend the life of all College Facilities.

The Council identified the following themes:  flexible rooms, reuse existing spaces, collaboration and technology and innovation. The presentation concluded with the next steps in the process including shifting some programs from the Downtown Education Center, expanding the Bookstore to accommodate expanded textbook rental. The final FMP will be presented in the fall of 2018. 

Representatives of the Institutional Effectiveness Council reported on recommendations for Course Success Performance Target Rates. President Daniels charged the Council to develop a recommendation for Course Success Rate Growth Targets for gateway and non-gateway courses for the period of the next three years.

The report analyzed overall success rates for credit students and found them better than average but having room for improvement. This rate represents the percent of students enrolled who received a passing grade.

Gatekeeper success rates are 10 percent lower than non-gatekeeper courses. The Council proposed a success ratio of 3 percent for gatekeeper courses and 1 percent for non-gatekeeper courses that should increase student course success by the fall 2020 semester.

While the report showed numbers for students who withdraw from courses all together, speakers pointed out that it is hard to determine what causes students to withdraw so those data points aren’t always valid.

Co-chairs’ Report

Co-chair Laura Osinski commended the Assembly for “an amazing amount of work” accomplished in the past two years. She said it was a privilege to serve.

Co-chair Keith Cornille quoted past Co-chair Terry Webb in reminding those present “we are all in this together.” He also reminded them of their accomplishments and praised them for respectful disagreement “no matter what our differences are.”

The next full meeting will be held June 13. The new College Assembly will decide its new co-chair at a special meeting May 30, from 2:30 – 4 p.m. in room 309 in the Health building.

Published May 21, 2018.

President Jack Daniels to offer open office hours in June

Faculty and staff can meet with President Jack Daniels and discuss any topics related to Madison College business during open office hours each month.

Dr. Daniels' next scheduled open office hours are on Tuesday, June 5 from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Published May 21, 2018. Updated May 23, 2018.

Faculty and staff warned to watch out for email phishing scam

Chief Information Officer Mir Qader reminds all employees of Madison College to be wary of phishing – the attempt to fraudulently obtain confidential information such as passwords, user names and credit card numbers by posing as a legitimate organization. Recently, some faculty and staff received messages titled "IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL MADISON COLLEGE EMPLOYEES ON POLICIES AND COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES” that originated from an outside email address (e.g.lbschools.net) rather than from madisoncollege.edu. Staff in IT were able to intercept many of these issues from going too far.

Please be advised that the college might be receiving the same type of phishing messages in the near future and over the summer break. The people behind the campaign want employees' passwords, access to financial/payroll records, etc.

The message looked like it came from President Jack E. Daniels III, but the President did not send the message.

Hints that the message was not legitimate:

  • Sender’s email address is not from Madison College.
  • Attached document name is non-descriptive and generic.
  • Message does not follow normal all-staff email format.
  • Several grammar issues in the write-up E.g., “This Polices and Practices…” and “…information  is attached in this email, It is…”
  • The email ends with a generic, non-standard signature line.
  • The email asks you to go to an attachment and take some action.
  • Hovering over the link would show you the source link, which is not from Madison College.

Some people may have clicked on the link by mistake since this is a well-crafted message. The passwords of people who clicked on this message were changed.

Note: If staff and faculty are forwarding messages to their personal accounts at Gmail or Hotmail, etc., the college has no way of providing many of safeguards that it has on @madisoncollege.edu accounts.

The college's security awareness training covers this kind of issue. Anyone who has not taken the security awareness training, is asked to do so (see below).

If you see a message that appears suspicious, do not click on any links and remove the message from your inbox.

Please do not hesitate to immediately contact the TS Help Desk at Helpdesk@madisoncollege.edu or (608) 246-6666 anytime you feel you have a potential IT security issue or concern.

Also, please make sure to complete the security awareness training as soon as possible; it is available at the following SharePoint site: http://facstaff.madisoncollege.edu/awareness

Published May 16, 2018. Updated May 21, 2018.

Summer construction projects underway at Truax Campus

Madison College is continually investing in its facilities in order to better serve the college’s mission, vision and values. Projects range from small updates to existing spaces to large‐scale maintenance to new construction.

2018 projects include:

  • Project Name: D18014, Truax – Southwest Plaza Restoration
    Overview: This project includes removing the deteriorated brick privacy wall at the pool, replacing the adjacent site stair and handrail, new concrete sidewalks, new site lighting, regrading for drainage, new limestone retaining walls, new landscaping, waterproofing below grade at pool equipment room, sandblasting all exposed foundation and retaining walls, and new limestone wall and metal gates at childcare outdoor playground.
    Timeline: Construction has started and wll be complete in July.

  • Project Name: D18014, Truax – Childcare Outdoor Playground Wall Replacement
    Overview: This project includes removing the deteriorated metal gates and brick privacy wall around the outdoor childcare playground. The gates will be replaced with new galvanized metal, and the wall will be replaced with limestone to match the new café/meeting room addition.
    Timeline: Construction has started and will be complete before the start of the fall 2018 academic year.

  • Project Name: D19010, Truax – Animation, Rooms D2619, D2623, D2626 and D2628
    Overview: This remodel project will relocate the Animation programming from DTEC to Truax. Three computer labs and storage will be created in four existing general classrooms. This new space is adjacent to other art programs on the second floor and is 3,000 square feet.
    Timeline:Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

  • Project Name: D19007, Truax – Five Classrooms
    Overview: This remodel project will create five classrooms in the vacated third floor electron microscopy lab and adjacent accounting lab. These five classrooms will replace the rooms displaced by the Animation project on the second floor. The new rooms will be built as, two active learning, two computer labs, and one lecture room.
    Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

  • Project Name: D19006, Truax – Business Tech Lab and DMB Accounting Lab, Rooms D3610 and D3613 
    Overview: This remodel project will remove a wall between the existing business tech space and adjacent underutilized computer lab. The larger footprint will allow the DMB accounting lab displaced by the classroom project to be combined with the business tech lab.
    Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

  • Project Name: D19008, Truax – Music, Rooms A1017Q, A1017R and Corridor A19
     This remodel project scope includes a dedicated new drawing lab and existing art labs E2835, E2841, and E2842 A&B. Renovations are needed in order to effectively share space with the College Transfer Art and Graphic Design programs.
    Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

  • Project Name: D19008: Truax – Music, Rooms A1017Q, A1017R and Corridor A19
    Overview: This remodel project will renovate two existing music labs to accommodate the music instruction from the DTEC campus. It includes, new sound wall separation around the perimeter of both rooms, moveable partitions and structure support to better separate the two labs acoustically, an improved ventilation and lighting system, and new acoustic ceiling system. New secure storage rooms will store instruments and sheet music from the current archive room at DTEC.
    Timeline: Construction at Truax has started and will be complete prior to the fall 2018 academic year.

Contact Fred Brechlin at FBrechlin@madisoncollege.edu with any questions regarding construction projects.

Published May 14, 2018. Updated May 23, 2018.

A memo from Mark Thomas

DATE: May 10, 2018
TO: All Employees
FROM: Mark Thomas, CFO/VP of Administrative Services
RE: Federal Tax Changes

With the tax changes for 2018, the IRS has put together a great resource for estimating what your taxes should be at the end of 2018 and to help you decide if you should update your W4. The links below contain both Frequently Asked Questions and a calculator that will walk you through estimating your taxes. As we have now completed the first quarter for 2018, it would be a good idea to review your withholding to ensure you are on track for the year.

Please note that the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) tax deferred retirement plan is at a rate of 6.7% for 2018. 

If you decide you want to update your W4, please see  https://facstaff.madisoncollege.edu/sites/facstaff/files/workday/workday-emp-payroll-manage-payroll-options-ja.pdf for guidance.

IRS Withholding Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

IRS Withholding Calculator

Please note that Payroll cannot offer any tax advice and if you should have additional questions, we recommend you contacting your tax advisor directly.

Thank you!

Published May 11, 2018.

College Assembly Elections

A note from Dr. Keith Cornille: 

As you are aware, we recently held Shared Governance elections to seat the eight Employee and two Regional Representatives onto the College Assembly. I thank everyone who was involved in this process – the nominators, the nominees, and those who voted in the elections. It was a robust election with many qualified, interested individuals willing to serve. I am also very grateful to all those who serve in Shared Governance for their continued dedication.

I’m pleased to announce the following individuals who will serve in the next term:

Shawna Marquardt: North Region
Paul Barribeau: East Region
Rhoda McKinney: PSRP
Lisa Hollman: PSRP
Mike Kent: PTF
Bob Curry: PTF
Laura Osinski: FTF
Carola Pfortner: FTF
Janice Mettauer: Admin
Sylvia Ramirez: Admin

Published May 9, 2018.

FPIC Workplace Survey results announced

The Facility Planning and Investment Council (FPIC) continues to work on the Facilities Master Plan, which is scheduled to be completed in late summer/early fall. Listening to many different voices and gathering the ideas and interests that are brought forward are critical to a robust plan. In addition to information-gathering sessions with various student and faculty/staff groups across the college, FPIC recently engaged employees using two different surveys. Thank you to everyone who participated. Below are some results and insights from those surveys.

A SurveyMonkey survey was launched in December to collect information about working environments, opinions about the importance of work location, the need for face-to-face meetings, issues about personal focus, and the importance of workspace functions. More than 400 college employees participated in this survey.

In January, a Convocation session presented information about trends in work and workspace, and used a Kahoot survey to collect participants’ thoughts on issues important to workplace collaboration, technology-enabled remote meetings, focus/concentration, “agile” work and the importance of staff or department co-location. Nearly 100 PSRP attended and/or took part in the survey. 

Results showed that most faculty and staff prefer a dedicated workspace rather than shared, hotel space. Almost half of the respondents thought some of their work could be done without being physically on campus and many believe that there will be more “mobile work” in the future. Many feel they would be effective using remote technologies to attend meetings, and some staff are willing to try new modes of work right now. 

Most felt that the workspaces aid in the ability to focus on tasks, although confidentiality is a concern for nearly a quarter of the respondents. In fact, two-thirds of the Convocation session participants reported that control of privacy is the most important issue to allow concentration. Perhaps related to confidentiality issues is staff’s mixed report on use of simple remote collaboration tools such as phone and computer, and nearly a quarter of respondents reported a lack of meeting rooms for four or more people. 

This input is very useful for the design work the college will undertake as part of future projects. FPIC thanks you for participating.

For questions or more information about the Facilities Master Plan, please email Facilities Planning & Investment Council.

Published May 7, 2018. Updated May 9, 2018.

Letter from Dr. Daniels regarding non-renewal concerns

TO: All Employees
FROM: Jack E. Daniels, III, Ph.D.
DATE: May 7, 2018
RE: Non-Renewals

There has been a great deal of discussion during these past two weeks regarding non-renewals. I believe that there is a need to “clear the air” and address concerns that have been identified.

  • Two faculty members were never “fired." In fact, both of them exercised their due process in a non-renewal hearing on May 4 before the Board of Trustees wherein the presentations were well-done and there were indications that the process needed to be strengthened and well-defined. The result of that hearing will be provided to each of them and their advocates.
  • Non-renewals are not solely based on one’s Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).
  • A PIP is a plan of action to help one improve his/her work performance. While an unsuccessful PIP could result in a disciplinary action, a PIP in itself is not a disciplinary action. 
  • Legally, just cause is not required for a termination within the Wisconsin Statutes. However, in the spirit of transparency and fairness we strive for here at Madison College, I believe for any action there must be clear rationale for that action.
  • The college has not entertained nor will it entertain any notion of finding “cheaper” ways to employ individuals. In fact, quite the opposite. We are constantly working to advance and invest in the talent of all of our employees.  We seek to ensure that we add resources to high demand areas to better serve our District. Removing any employee based solely on an employee’s compensation would be directly counter to our Values of Excellence and Respect. 
  • Similarly, the college has not and will not use personal differences between supervisors and employees as a basis for non-renewal.

I think it is important, however, to look at the process of non-renewals, defining PIP, and what is the overall philosophy in improvement.

PIPs are for developmental purposes. A PIP allows an individual to improve their performance with defined expectations, coaching, monitoring and reporting. The college has had several individuals successfully complete the PIP process and they are now moving forward with their Madison College careers.

I do believe it is important, however, (and I hope you agree), that if expectations aren’t met, then further appropriate disciplinary actions need to be taken. I reiterate, such actions happen after the steps of the processes have been followed and documentation provided that deficiencies have not been corrected. Non-renewals should be rare – and hopefully, non-existent. In fact, during my tenure (now in my fifth year) I can only recall the College once moving forward with a non-renewal; this is a testament to our excellent faculty and staff who support our students and serve our community. 

I also believe there is a need to clarify definitions, processes and outcomes. The college will do its due diligence in reviewing the use of PIPs and best practices in its use. Inclusive of this review will be the statutory requirements of non-renewals and how our practice will provide for timely review, due process and appropriate Board action. Based on the review, there will be training for managers and HR personnel. 

As we build a culture of excellence, we owe it to each other to maintain high standards and professionalism. The bigger issue is how we, as members of the Madison College community, do that moving forward. We do not need to be adversarial and think that every disagreement or situation is a win/lose proposition.  It doesn’t serve the college, its students or the community well. We need to be partners in moving the entire college forward – on all levels. To this end, I am requesting that there be a meeting between the leaders of our full-time faculty and senior members of my administration, including myself. The purpose of this meeting is to begin to identify issues of common ground for us to jointly address and in the appropriate venue, provide information relating to the process of reviewing non-renewal, and establish strategies for clear and accurate communication. I anticipate this meeting will happen this week. 

This has been a very successful year and we have a lot to accomplish in the years to come. I am certain we all want to proceed in partnership to better serve students, our community, and ourselves, and I believe this is a pivotal moment in our college’s history that we will one day look back upon and say “we did.”

Published May 7, 2018.