Provost will hold open office hours

Provost Turina Bakken will hold open office hours on Friday, Nov. 9 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to discuss matters of concern, share success stories or propose new ideas.

Published October 31, 2018. Updated November 9, 2018.

Interim Director of Human Resources appointed

The search process for a Chief Human Resources Officer is continuing. In the interim, Dr. Daniels has appointed Rose Buschhaus as Interim Director of Human Resources. Buschhaus will assume the management of the day-to-day HR operations. She will continue to report directly to Vice President Mark Thomas until Nov. 1, at which time she will report directly to Dr. Daniels.

If any questions arise, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Daniels.


Published October 19, 2018. Updated October 24, 2018.

Seats are limited for Faculty Best Practice Summit Nov. 2

An Inaugural Faculty Best Practice Summit will be held Friday, Nov. 2, from 8:30-11:30 a.m. in D1630 on the Truax Campus.

The event is designed to share best practices, uncover issues, raise questions, uncover insights and build a community of practice around aspects of the Professional Workload Model.

All faculty are invited. Teams/departments are encouraged to attend together. Moderated panels will cover Adding Value through Non-Teaching Service, Overcoming Team Obstacles and Challenges and Best Practice Models. Time will be available for conversation at tables related to the panel content.  

Stay tuned for more details. 

For questions, please contact Jennifer Zarrinnam at jzarrinnam@madisoncollege.edu.

Faculty can now register through Eventbrite. Seats are limited. 

To learn more about faculty workload, watch this brief video

Published October 19, 2018.

Assembly discusses faculty compensation, syllabus policy

The College Assembly met on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Minutes of the previous meeting were thumbed without changes.

Student Senate Update

Student Senate President Steven Ansorge reported that there will be a Food Insecurity Resource Fair on Oct. 16 at the Truax Campus featuring local organizations fighting hunger. He will serve on the CARES Title III Steering Committee.

The Senate will hold a town hall meeting Oct. 29 on the Textbook Rental referendum. A joint meeting of the Senate and the College Cabinet is coming up this fall.

Educational Spotlights 

Budget Loop-out

Mark Thomas, vice president of Administrative Services/CFO, and Ben Monty, senior budget and policy analyst, presented an overview/loop out of the projected 2019-2020 college budget. Thomas noted an expected reduction in property tax revenues and increase in state aids. Fewer students are enrolling from out of state reducing revenue from student fees.

The projected budget reflects increases related to the new Goodman South Campus.

Monty explained the assumptions that influenced the budget projections. The college expects a 6 percent increase in net new construction that will influence the tax levy. Budget projections assume 8,500 full time equivalent students and a possible 1 percent tuition increase.

Expenditure assumptions include increases in salaries and wages, health insurance spending and dental insurance rates.

Thomas said managers are currently assembling their budget requests. He will give another update in December or January.

Full-Time Faculty Compensation Loop-out

Mike Lussenden representing a study team formed by Dr. Daniels, reported on work done to “revitalize” the pay system for full-time faculty. Faculty interests were collected at the Fall Convocation. The team is working to process 250 individual comments.

Jonathan Cole, PSRP representative, asked if the same process will be followed for Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel. Mark Thomas, Assembly co-chair, said the president has not called for that at this time.

The team expects to have a plan implemented by fall 2019.

Action Items

The Professional Development Council presented a new proposed charge for a first reading. Assembly members suggested a few further changes including putting back language previously removed language on hiring methodology and including the words “all employee types.” The Council will take these under advisement and present a document for second reading at the next Assembly meeting.

Representatives of the Academic Council presented a Syllabus Policy for first reading.

Presenter Chris Page pointed out the Focus on Focus initiative suggested a syllabus is central to student success.

The proposed criteria include requiring a concise and user-friendly syllabus for every student at the start of class. The draft policy includes 15 course-specific elements. It gives faculty the opportunity to add elements based on the course specifics and needs of students. It also included links to Student Support Services, College Policies and College Resources.

Matthew Sargent, Diversity and Community Relations Council representative, requested standard statements about diversity in the classroom environment. An English Language Learning instructor suggested the linked material should be presented in other languages for better accessibility.

The Academic Council will consider information gathered in this loop-out and return with another draft for second reading at the next Assembly meeting.

Discussion Items

Each of the eight councils presented the issue statements or categories they will work on during this academic year.

President Daniels appointed a Consultative Group on Employee Relations that will identify, prioritize and address employee relations matters at Madison College. Current members of the group are: Mike Lussenden, AFT Faculty Union president, Jonathan Cole, AFT PSRP vice president, Mike Kent, president of the Part-time Faculty Association, Provost Turina Bakken and Dr. Daniels. A representative from the Administrators’ Employee Group can be invited to join the group at a later date, if they decide to establish a representative group.

The next meeting of the College Assembly will be held Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 2 p.m. in Room D1630, at the Truax Campus.



Published October 17, 2018. Updated October 22, 2018.

Training protects college from cyber attacks

TO:                 All Employees
FROM:            Jack E. Daniels, III, President

DATE:             October 3, 2018
RE:                  Madison College Annual Security Awareness Training

Madison College needs your help to protect our college, our work and our data from cyber-attacks.

We continue to see successful phishing attacks, compromised machines and other security events. Generally, these events start with a user giving away their credentials (your username/password), clicking a “bad” link or downloading malware. The consequences of users having their credentials comprised include malware, ransomware, access to personal health, financial, or social security information. Madison College sees targeted attacks at employee direct deposit, other personally identifiable information and email.

Effectively protecting Madison College against today’s cyber threats requires ALL employees to participate in security awareness training. I am fully supportive of this initiative and encourage you to complete the training. The training is available on Blackboard under the course titled “Information Security Awareness (Other)." A link to Blackboard is available on the Madison College website. Navigate to the Faculty/Staff page link near the upper-right hand corner of our public website and click on the Blackboard link under the All Employee Systems heading.

Security Awareness Program

You are our shield against today’s cyber-attacks. Over the next months, staff are ask to watch twelve cyber-security training modules. All of the awareness modules are ADA compliant. The required modules can be completed at one time (45min) or individually as your schedule allows. We would like all employees to complete the training before January 1, 2019. Our security awareness training includes several other modules that maybe helpful for individuals to improve their cyber hygiene. Please feel free to review any or all recommended training modules at any time.

Rice Krispy Treat, Cookie, or Healthy Alternative!

To support this initiative, all staff who complete the security awareness training on or before November 30, 2018 are eligible to receive a Rice Krispy treat, a large cookie, or a piece of fruit! Just present a copy of your completion certificate to Truax cafeteria staff (available under “My Achievements” section of the course). Other campus locations will be notified when treats are available at your location.

Please send questions or comments to the Madison College IT Security team at: ITSecurity@madisoncollege.edu.

This message is part of the 2018 Madison College security awareness training program. If you have questions about the program or the validity of this email, please contact the Madison College Help Desk at (608) 246-6666. Madison College is committed to meeting the needs of our students by facilitating innovative, educational and business driven solutions through information and technology leadership, service and support. 



Published October 5, 2018.

Provost will hold open office hours Friday, Oct. 12

Provost Turina Bakken will hold open office hours on Friday, Oct. 12 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to discuss matters of concern, share success stories or propose new ideas.


Published October 2, 2018. Updated October 3, 2018.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report now available

Date:               September 28, 2018
To:                 All Madison College Faculty, Staff and Students
From:            Mark Thomas, CFO/Vice President of Administrative Services

Madison College’s Public Safety team is committed to assisting all members of the Madison College community with the information they need for a safe, secure workplace that is conducive to teaching and learning. This information includes the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report which is now available (http://communitydocs.madisoncollege.edu/annual_security_report_2017.pdf).

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, listed below are locations where you can pick one up:

Truax Campus: Main building – Public Safety office; B1240/Human Resources office; AB121/Student Life; B1260

Commercial Avenue Campus: Room 120/Main Office

Downtown Campus: Rooms D116/Main Office or D105/Student Life

South Campus: Room 103/Main Office

Fort Atkinson: Room 117/Main Office

Portage: Room 100/Main Office

Reedsburg: Room 102/Main Office

Watertown Campus: Room 135/Main Office

If you prefer, you may email your request to publicsafety@madisoncollege.edu or dial ext. 6932. 

The report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention, fire safety, Public Safety, crime reporting policies, policies related to and programs to prevent sexual assault and other crimes, disciplinary procedures and other matters of importance related to security and safety on campus. The report also contains information about crime statistics for the 2015 and 2016 calendar years including reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Madison College, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

This information is required by law and is provided by Madison College Public Safety. Thanks for doing your part to keep students, colleagues and visitors safe.


Published October 1, 2018. Updated October 3, 2018.

Provost announces first class of emeritus title holders

Madison College is proud to announce our first class of emeritus faculty and administrators. The emeritus title is a testament to their talent and carries forth the Madison College brand. Congratulations to:

Patrick Barlow
Jeganathan Sriskandarajah
Mark Finger
Punky Egan
Mae Laatsch
Barbara Borders
James Wilson
Jeanette Mowery Heffernan
Terry O'Laughlin
Lisa Seidman
Fred Arnold (posthumously)
Holly Walter Kerby
Mary Schranz
Charles Brown
Jack Thielke
Terry Webb
John Alt

We salute them and encourage other retirees to apply for emeritus status at madisoncollege.edu/emeritus




Published September 12, 2018. Updated September 24, 2018.

College Assembly hears reports on referendum, innovation funds

The College Assembly met on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Student Senate update

The Student Senate reported they are training new officers for the 2018-19 academic year. The Senate is working on WolfPack Connect, a new student life app that would replace The Link.

Senate officers met with representatives from A Greater Madison Vision to discuss survey results regarding a “big picture” look at how to foster a stronger presence in the community to meet anticipated needs far into the future.

The Senate’s drive to educate the campus community about student hunger and homelessness continues. They will have input on a November stage production that will depict students who struggle with these issues.

Textbook Referendum

Student Tina Marshalek shared an educational spotlight on the upcoming Textbook Referendum campaign. The goal is to replace the existing textbook adoption policy with a full textbook rental program.

Students will vote “yes” or “no” via email Nov. 1-6 on a supplemental fee, based on credit load that would support a textbook rental program. This move follows years of work by the Student Senate and Student Affairs Council on textbook cost reduction.

The Student Affairs Council plans to conduct extensive outreach across student groups to address questions about the referendum and intended textbook rental program.

The projected cost for textbooks (does not include other material fees) per student each semester ranges from $42 (six credits) to $126 (18 credits). Students exempt from paying support fees would be required to buy their books as they will not pay the fee.

Innovation funding

Center for Entrepreneurship Director Bryan Woodhouse and Budget Manager Sylvia Ramirez presented an educational spotlight on innovation funding at Madison College.

They reported that of the $500,000 allotted for the fund’s inaugural year, 2017-18, the Innovation Team awarded $492,000 to faculty, staff and student service related projects. Most of the projects receiving funds were academic-focused.

Woodhouse and Ramirez reminded the Assembly that all employees are eligible to apply for innovation funding. President Daniels has approved another $500,000 in funds for the 2018-19 academic year.

Innovation funding comes out of the college’s operational budget.

The Innovation Team wants the individuals who would be operationalizing the projects to submit proposals.

Budget Update

Members of the budget team, Sylvia Ramirez, Ben Monty and Cody White, shared an update on the Madison College budget.

Revenue for the 2017-18 fiscal year was higher than expected. The estimated revenue was projected as $150,810,000 and actual revenue (as of Aug. 8, 2018) was $152,407,207.

Projected expenditures were lower for 2017-18. Originally estimated at $152,810,000, final expenditures (as of Aug. 8) totaled $149,518,075.

The approved 2018-19 budget totals $156,434,000, which incorporates savings in health insurance and priorities including student service upgrades and campus construction.

Next meeting date

The College Assembly will meet on Wednesday, Sept. 12, from 2-4 p.m. in room A2021 at Truax Campus.

Published September 10, 2018. Updated September 12, 2018.

Employees reminded to review FERPA policies

It is important to understand the rights and responsibilities employees of the college have to ensure the privacy and safety of students and their academic records. Please take a moment to review the information below. Any questions or concerns regarding compliance with FERPA may be directed to the Enrollment Services.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  is a federal law designed to protect the confidentiality of students’ educational records.

Information that must be handled in a secure and confidential way includes:

  • Student information displayed on a computer screen.
  • The students’ schedules.
  • The class rosters.
  • The class assignments.
  • The grades, grade rosters and transcripts of students.  
  • The performance of degree audits.
  • Any printed material with the student’s identification or other personally identifiable information.

It is our policy at Madison College that staff do not release grades and or test scores over the phone, because the caller’s identity cannot be verified. Discussions about specific students in public areas by college personnel should not occur.

The college may release directory information. Madison College has identified the following as directory information:

• The student’s name.
• The student’s major field of study.  
• The degrees and awards received.
• Student participation in officially recognized activities and sports.
• The weight and height for members of athletic teams.
• The dates of attendance such as term start and end dates, but not specific dates
• The student’s enrollment status, full or part time.
• The student’s Madison College email address.

If you receive a request to disclose student information, please contact the Enrollment Services.

All students have the ability to enact or revoke a FERPA hold on their account via their myMadisonCollege Student Center on the full site only. Once the student logs into their Student Center the navigation is as follows:

  • Personal Information>Privacy Settings>Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions

If students prefer, they still have the option of enacting or revoking a FERPA hold by appearing in person with photo ID and the Request to Withhold Student Information form. For additional information regarding FERPA, visit the FERPA web page. 

If a student has made this request, they will be identified with a FERPA indicator on:

  • Class rosters via Faculty Center.
  • Student Center via Advisor Center and Student Services Center.
  • In Blackboard, the student will be listed as a Buckley Student.

All Madison College employees requesting access to student records and or to the Student Administration System must undergo training prior to accessing student information. Along with the rights to access comes the responsibility to maintain the privacy rights of students. If you have not completed your online FERPA training, it is important that you do so by signing on to Blackboard, going to FERPA Training, and completing the tutorial and quiz. This process will take about 15 minutes.

Thank you for your attention to and cooperation with this important policy protecting the confidentiality of student information.

Any questions about FERPA can be directed to Lori Sebranek, Registrar, at:


Published September 4, 2018. Updated September 5, 2018.