Website application URLs updated

The Madison College website functionality relies on a number of applications. Some of these applications include the forms database, calendars, an event request form, hardware/software requisition and the salary report. These applications have recently moved to an upgraded server which offers better security, a cleaner interface and faster page load times.

Moving to a new server means the applications will have new URLs. Instead of intranet.madisoncollege.edu/, the new URL will be apps.madisoncollege.edu/. All links to the applications need to be updated with the new URL. A redirect for the old URLs is in place for six months.

Web page content owners whose pages contain links to any of the above applications should work with their web author to ensure that the correct updated URL is used. If you need assistance identifying your web author for madisoncollege.edu, please contact the Web Strategy Group.

Questions or concerns can be logged with the Help Desk

Published March 22, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Dr. Daniels to present at Shared Governance Forum

There will be a Forum on Shared Governance at Madison College moderated by Dr. Daniels Thursday, March 23, from 1-3 p.m. in Room D1630B at the Truax campus. All members of the college community are invited to attend.

Dr. Daniels will provide his observations regarding the maturation of our shared governance practice. Attendees will engage in discussion and activities to assess shared governance practice at the college. The forum will conclude with Dr. Daniels overviewing a process for how the college will continue to advance the practice of shared governance. 

Published March 20, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Provost informs faculty of textbook adoption

Greetings faculty,

As the spring semester marches quickly to Graduation, I hope you are all doing well. As you likely know, this is the time of the semester that the textbook adoption notice is sent out from the Provost’s office. As I did in the fall, instead of simply sending what went out in the past, I wanted to connect the meaningful work being done by the Student Affairs Council (SAC) and the Bookstore team in developing and leading strategies to lower the cost of textbooks for our students. The information below was collaboratively prepared by the SAC and the Bookstore team. That good work is continuing, but this adoption reminder is a perfect time to generate some actions around the ideas generated so far. 

As faculty, you play a critical role in impacting our higher education access mission by helping lower the burden of textbook costs in whatever way is most meaningful to your course, program or department. I appreciate your consideration of these ideas, the importance of uniform and timely adoption as you think about what materials are the most relevant and valuable for your department/program team, course team and ultimately for students.

Special thanks to the Student Affairs Council, led by co-chairs Kevin Foley and Nadia Rahman. Also, special thanks to the Bookstore team, led by Mike Panten and Scott Heiman. As always, if you have ideas, interests, concerns or questions, please let the SAC team or Bookstore team know. This is another spotlight example of how we are all working together to advance our mission and make our student’s lives better.


Dr. Turina Bakken

Published March 20, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Recap of Assembly meeting—March 8, 2017

As recently announced in Matters, the format has been changed for the College Assembly meeting recaps. Going forward, these twice-monthly updates will be similar in format to President Daniels’ monthly District Board summaries.

All employees can find more detailed information on Council and Assembly activity via the Shared Governance SharePoint site.

The College Assembly convened Wednesday, March 8, 2017.

Staff from the Grant Development and Implementation Office presented an educational spotlight on grant funding at Madison College. Their overview included some interesting facts:

  • An average of $19 to $20 million per year from roughly 40 active grants are in effect at any given time.
  • Grant revenue has recently increased by $2.5 million per year.
  • Grants have become increasingly more competitive.
  • Any employee seeking a grant must go through the college’s grant application process.

The Assembly heard an update on the Student Senate election. Tina Marshalek was elected Senate president. Marshalek reported that voter turnout was low, and the election took place earlier in the year than it typically does.

The Academic Council presented a slightly revised Faculty Emeritus Policy. The policy had been thumbed in September, but Dr. Daniels had concerns about the original version. He wanted the policy to be specific to faculty and felt the application process should be more rigorous. The revised Faculty Emeritus Policy was thumbed and will be shared with Dr. Daniels.

Several members of the Finance Council were present as Mark Thomas presented the latest budget update and led a discussion concerning further reducing the current budget deficit (the deficit currently is $1.5 million). The council boiled cost reductions down to three areas: personnel, non-personnel and services.

Due to a goal established by the District Board, the council and Budget Office team are making every effort to avoid tapping into the entire contingency fund. Contingency dollars exist to:

  • Cushion revenue shortfalls
  • Serve as support for particular volatile expenses, on a one-time basis
  • Support one-time initiatives

The council’s recommendations on personnel and non-personnel savings were estimated to save the college $1,105,000. These savings would result from establishing new or updated policies related to catering, cell phone stipends, professional dues/memberships/subscriptions and travel, and health insurance costs.

The college is still working on reducing personnel costs without layoffs, along with expenses for services. Another of the Board’s goals is to reduce personnel spending to less than 80 percent of the total general fund spending in 2017-18.

The Council plans to walk the District Board through the recommendations via a workshop on Wednesday, March 15. A complete view of budget recommendations and goals are available via SharePoint.

Topics likely to be covered at the March 22 Assembly meeting are spotlights on:

  • Recruiting/Enrollment
  • Faculty Position Allocations

Discussion items will include:

  • Finance Council – Budget presentation (second reading)
  • Academic Council – Workload presentation (first reading)
  • IT Council – (first reading)
  • ERPD Council – Career Opportunities (loop out)

The meeting is scheduled from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at the Truax campus, Room D1630B. Please remember that all approved meeting minutes, agendas, policies and memberships can be found in SharePoint.

Published March 20, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Register now for Tech Academy

Register now for Tech Academy and take advantage of this free professional development opportunity on campus.

Tech Academy will be held during spring break this year, on March 14–16. Check in begins at 8:30 a.m. The event will kick off at 9 a.m. with keynote speaker Scott Amyx, who is one of the foremost thought leaders in the Internet of Things. Breakfast is included with registration.

There will be three tracks of breakout sessions that include topics such as: augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR); SharePoint; must-have apps; Blackboard; MS Office 365; purchasing your own PC; soap making; data solutions; mobile photography; Kahoot and much more.

Other highlights include a health fair, nature walk, lab showcase and scavenger hunt. View a tentative schedule of activities here, and session descriptions here.

Register now on Eventbrite.

Published March 6, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Web authors complete certification

Web authors from across Madison College recently completed the Web Author Certification. Each web author is certified in best practices for web writing, web governance structures and the Drupal workbench.

The group is responsible for creating content for madisoncollege.edu. They work with Web Content Coordinator Stephanie Beirne to publish updates.

In addition to the certification, web authors attend Web User Group meetings twice a month to help maintain their skills, discuss topics related to the web and learn about future updates.

Administrative Services:

  • Caitlyn Horwich
  • Jennie May
  • Joan Millard
  • Joe Steffen
  • Tim Corniels
  • Tameaka Bryant
  • Dave Kasten

Administrative Services, Communications and Strategic Marketing, President’s Office:

  • Joan Millard


  • Ana Valdes de Velazquez
  • Chandra Kleinsmith
  • Jamie Reinart
  • Jana Woodhouse
  • Jennifer Zarrinnam
  • Jessica Dyar
  • Jim Rockman
  • Kelly Ratliff
  • Liz Pachniak
  • Rio Cano
  • Megan Speerschneider
  • Wendy Franczak
  • Anna Vang

Student Development and Success:

  • Brenda Farrell
  • Jason Verhelst
  • Jennifer Kasch
  • Doug Kirchberg
  • Beth Eggemeier
  • Liz Pachniak
  • Heather Hollister
  • Jim Rockman
  • Lori Stier
  • Tina Stockton
  • Ro Encizo
  • Saul Castillo
  • Shana Kuehn
  • SharylLynn Peterson

For assistance in identifying the web author for your content area, please contact the Web Strategy Group for more information. 

Published March 3, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Monthly recap of College Assembly proceedings to be published in Matters

Dear Colleagues,

It has been two years since Madison College published its first edition of the Shared Governance Bulletin. In the spirit of unobstructed transparency, its purpose was to provide comprehensive information about the proceedings of the bi-weekly College Assembly meetings and the activities of the eight Councils. It also offered an opportunity for all employees of the college to submit issues, interests and options to be channeled to the appropriate Council and escalated to the College Assembly for deliberation and action if necessary.

Over that time, the Communications and Strategic Marketing team, which created this electronic newsletter and managed its content, has monitored readership patterns. As you might suspect, interest was high during the first few months of publication. However, a review of the analytics over the past several months demonstrates that readership has fallen to the point that prompts us to consider alternative ways to deliver this information while preserving the transparency our faculty, staff and administrators expect.

Beginning March 31, we will issue a monthly recap of College Assembly meetings in a format similar to President Daniels’ summary of Board of Trustees meetings. It will be published in Madison College Matters and offer an overview of issues that were discussed by the Assembly and actions taken. The recap will include a link to meeting agendas, minutes and supporting documents should you seek detailed information. It will also enable you to share issues, interests and options as noted above.

We hope you will find this information to be useful and encourage you to stay informed about the important work that is being done by the College Assembly and the Councils.


Laura Osinski and Keith Cornille

College Assembly Co-Chairs

Published March 1, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Chef Dan Fox brings heritage to the table

Executive chef Dan Fox will present “The Heritage Farms Story” in the Truax demonstration kitchen on Thursday, March 23, from 6 to 8 p.m. This presentation is part of the college’s Center for Entrepreneurship Chef Series.

Chef Fox has cooked at some of the most popular restaurants in Chicago, as well as restaurants in Austria and France. Before opening Heritage Tavern in 2013, Fox worked as an executive chef for the members-only Madison Club.

Heritage Tavern has been recognized for its up-scale farm-to-table cuisine and classic atmosphere. Fox’s creations are a twist on familiar dishes that are made with local and sustainable ingredients. Check out the menu here.

As Madison Magazine writes, “Creations range from pub-style sandwiches to elaborate spreads, like the broken-down whole rabbit and lobster dish, served family-style on a rustic wooden board. On it you’ll find both animals fully utilized, each and every edible part creatively cooked to highlight its unique assets. It’s a sight to behold.”

The Chicago native founded Fox Heritage Farms in 2011 to raise heritage breeds of pigs and to provide pigs to other Madison-area kitchens. Fox was named Madison Magazine’s Chef of the Year in 2013 and was a James Beard semi-finalist for the Midwest region in 2015 and 2016. 

Published February 27, 2017. Updated March 24, 2017.

Madison College acknowledged for institutional best practices

Madison College is the first two-year institution to be recognized by the Forum on Education Abroad for our institutional best practices. The Forum on Education Abroad is the standards-setting agency for the field and authors of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. 

Following a year-long self-study and peer review process, the team determined that the college is in conformity with the Forum’s Standards of Best Practice and that it maintains a commitment to excellence in programs, policies and support. 

The QUIP review report noted, “The Madison College Center for International Education, with its emphasis on comprehensive internationalization, creative approaches to study abroad, and commitment to faculty development, is an impressive operation. The CIE is to be commended for articulating six global competencies: cultural awareness, intercultural communication, world languages, international travel, global citizenship and global work skills.  Equally important (and impressive) is the Center’s focus on a ‘holistic’ and integrative approach to internationalization.”

Forum QUIP recognition is a testimony to the standards of excellence of Madison College international programs, but also demonstrates an institutional commitment to quality improvement and willingness to subject its policies and procedures to rigorous external review.

Madison College will now join other colleges and universities listed on the Forum’s website and materials as a QUIP-recognized institution, and has provided a logo/badge for the college demonstrating its QUIP recognition.

Published February 24, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.

Madison College welcomes Officers Gilles and Arthurs

Public Safety has brought on board two new Public Safety Patrol Officers, Officer Amber Gilles and Officer Alfred Arthurs. They have recently joined the department and are currently on their field training.

Please give them a warm WolfPack welcome as you see them out on patrol. 

Published February 10, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.