McClellan named Fort Atkinson Campus manager

Former Enrollment Center Coordinator Maria McClellan has been chosen as the new campus manager for Madison College’s Fort Atkinson Campus. 

Prior to joining Madison College in December 2016, McClellan was admissions advisor for Upper Iowa University. She also served as outreach development specialist for National Louis University where she received her bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science and master’s degree in teaching.

“Madison College offers education that meets the evolving needs of our diverse communities and I am very proud to be a part of that mission,” said McClellan.

Published November 1, 2017.

Voting open for Cutest Pet Contest

Get out your dollar bills and be ready to vote for your favorite pet entered into the Combined Charitable Campaigns’ Cutest Pet Contest.

Fifty-three pictures were submitted to raise money and be in the running to be named Cutest Pet of the CCC.

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 1, you can be the judge and help decide who claims this esteemed title.

How to vote:

  • Each vote will cost $1 and you can vote as many times as you like.
  • Send money via internal mail to Chelsey Bowers with your vote. Please, no emails to vote.
  • Voting is available at both the Atrium Café, Starbucks and the Bookstore registers at the Truax Campus.
  • Regional campuses will have designated areas marked with signs.

Voting will be open through end of the day Monday, Nov. 13.

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse has graciously donated prizes for first place winner and second place winner.


First place - $50 gift card to Mounds Pet Food Warehouse
Second place - $25 gift card to Mounds Pet Food Warehouse

Pictures can be viewed better from the Cutest Pet Contest page posted above. this is a sample view of the pets.

Questions? Contact Chelsey Bowers.





Published October 30, 2017. Updated November 13, 2017.

Spring 2018 continuing student registration closes Nov. 13

Faculty and staff who are working with program students should ask them if they have registered for spring classes. 

Registration closes Nov. 13 for continuing program/certificate students.

Please remind students of this important window and encourage them to check their Madison College email for access to program-specific advising resources.

If a student misses their window, they may still register during open registration beginning Wednesday, Nov. 29. However, all messaging will encourage them to register during “their window.” See the Registration Calendar for enrollment dates.

To support students in registering, take a moment to check out the class registration-related resources on the following web pages:


Registration Guides

Advising & Registration 2.0 Video

Want a paper printout of the registration process? Here is a new handout for students.

Feel free to contact Lori Sebranek with any questions. 

Published October 30, 2017. Updated November 8, 2017.

Chef Mangano to present at Chef Series

Chef Francesco Mangano will present "Farm to Table, Italian Style" at the next Center for Entrepreneurship Chef Series on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the Truax demonstration kitchen. 

A native of Bologna, Italy, chef Francesco Mangano came to America in 1999 after meeting his future wife on a train while she was vacationing in the Northern part of the country. Following her to the Midwest, he enrolled at Madison Area Technical College as a curious culinary student following his passion for traditional and authentic Italian cuisine.

While studying in the program, and later as an alumnus, Mangano co-led seven trips back to his cherished homeland with Madison College students. Mangano also traveled back to Italy in 2003 and earned a master’s degree in Wine Tourism and Promotion, before returning to Madison and opening his traditional “Osteria” in 2006. Through these many experiences, including his James Beard Foundation nomination and his hugely successful restaurant, Osteria Papavero, Mangano has maintained the same curiosity and sense of humor that he brought to Madison College in 1999. 

Today, Mangano is a leader in educating and enriching the Madison community about Farm-to-Table dining, Italian style.

Published October 30, 2017. Updated November 6, 2017.

Letter from Dr. Daniels regarding Focus on Focus, Title III

Improving Student Success at Madison College

Greetings colleagues,

As we reach the mid-point of the Fall Semester, I want to update you on two major efforts to improve our students’ success that have involved dozens of faculty, staff, and administrators.

Focus on Focus: At the August Convocation, we discussed that 71% of our students are successful in our gateway courses – the foundation to our technical and liberal arts transfer programs. We heard from faculty and our Student Senate president that students do not know how to “do” college when they come to Madison College. The effect of this is that 3 in 10 students are not successful in our gateway classes.

We also know that not all students experience success in the same way:

Madison College Overall Student Course Success — 71%

There are also differences in success by age, with students less than 22 years old successful at 69%, and gender, with men successful at 66%. Both less than the College-wide 71% course success rate.

Classroom Practices: The Focus on Focus steering team is working with faculty from across the College to create materials and workshops to support all of our faculty with incorporating the six practices discussed at the August Convocation into classes beginning with the Spring 2018 semester.

6 Classroom Engagement Practices

Welcome letter

Assignments & assessment early

Know students by name

Brief conversation with students

Use common syllabus elements

Basic Blackboard usage

Title III:
The U.S. Dept. of Education awarded a $3 million, 5-year, Title III grant to Madison College to improve advising services to students and increase college degree completion or transfer.

Emily Sanders, Director of Grants and Special Projects will provide strategic leadership and budget management for this project. Emily will ensure that the Title III work aligns across its four component areas and with Focus on Focus.

Amber Buschmann will serve as the Title III Project Manager. Amber will oversee the day-to-day management of the project activities, coordinate the process improvement project teams, and provide operational leadership. 

Your role: The success of the Focus on Focus and Title III efforts will require the commitment and the dedication of each of you – our faculty, staff, and administrators – to all of our students. In the coming months and at the January 2018 Convocation, you will be learning more about your role in these efforts.

Good luck with the remainder of the semester and thank you for all you do to engage our students in the classroom, libraries, advising offices, dining areas, and hallways. Your engagement makes a positive difference in our students’ lives. 

Published October 20, 2017.

Bookstore reminds faculty of textbook adoption, affordability

The Bookstore and the Student Affairs Council are working together on the issue of textbook affordability. Many students are struggling financially and yet the cost of textbooks continues to rise. Please consider the cost burden on students when adopting books.

Spring 2018 textbook adoptions are due to the Bookstore by Wednesday, Nov. 1. If you have not yet received your teaching assignment, for example, part-time faculty, then we ask that you submit your adoption as soon as possible after your classes are confirmed. Your timely textbook adoptions help to better serve our students’ needs.

Timely adoption helps reduce the high cost of textbooks for students.

  • Buyback: Timely textbook adoptions help to ensure a title’s inclusion in our end-of-term buyback period. The quantities we are able to buyback from our students, as well as the value we are able to pay for them, are directly affected by the timely adoptions.
  • Rentals: Offering this popular option to our students also requires timely adoptions. Many factors need to be considered before we decide which books make the best rental candidates, and a big factor is how many adoptions we receive.
  • Used Books: Used book vendors operate as first-come, first-served. The sooner we can get orders placed for used textbooks, the better chance we have of securing used copies for students.

Timely adoption helps to keep things running smoothly at the Bookstore.

  • Enrollment dates: Continuing student registration begins Nov. 1. Once registration opens, we receive inquiries from students about what books and materials will be used for their classes. The sooner we can have this information, the more helpful we will be to the student body.
  • HEOA: When textbook adoptions are submitted to the Bookstore, the text information is shared with Madison College’s website and posted to the course schedule. This information is then readily available for students, and insures the college and the bookstore are in compliance with HEOA regulations with regard to the textbook provision.
  • Returns: We are also clearing our shelves of fall term books. Knowing what is being reused helps to determine what gets sent back to publishers and what is kept on the shelves for spring.

Please use the Online Textbook Adoption System by visiting the following links:

Paper adoptions are still accepted, just fill out a blank form. Please send the completed form through interdepartmental mail or email.

Questions? Please contact Administrative Specialist Mike Panten.

Published October 18, 2017. Updated December 6, 2017.

Think you have the cutest pet?

Do you have a pet you want to brag about and show off to your classmates or colleagues? Please share! It’s all for a good cause. Last year, the Cutest Pet contest raised $475 for the Combined Charitable Campaign and we hope to double that number this year.

Beginning Oct. 16, enter your furry, web-footed, slippery or feathered pal for the Cutest Pet contest to raise proceeds for the Combined Charitable Campaign. Deadline for submissions will be until 5 p.m. on Oct. 27, with voting to follow.

How to enter:

Submit a photo of your pet, past or present, via email. Got more than one? Submit as many pictures as you’d like. Entry fee is $5 per pet by cash or check made payable to E.C.C. Send all entry fees via internal mail to Chelsey Bowers at Truax Campus. No online payments are available.

When submitting photos, please follow some guidelines for fairness:

  • Only one pet per picture/submission per $5 entry fee
  • No digital enhancements or costumes. We want to see your pet only
  • No humans in the picture

How to vote:

Vote as many times as you want between Oct. 30 and Nov. 10. Each vote costs $1. Photos will be uploaded as they are submitted and can be found on our internal SharePoint page. Posters that list all pets will also be available at designated voting locations, including regional campuses.

Published October 16, 2017. Updated December 6, 2017.

Madison College receives $3 million Department of Education grant

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a $3 million research grant to Madison Area Technical College to improve advising services to students and increase college degree completion or transfer. The college is among 10 institutions receiving the Title III grants.

Currently, a little more than half of Madison College students are retained from their first fall semester to the next fall semester, which is minimally better than the national rate of slightly less than 50 percent. Many students do not take advantage of advising and career services offered by the college. As a result, they don’t know which courses will best help them meet their goals.

“We want to connect with students earlier to help them identify their career path and make sure their courses are aligned for efficient progression to graduation,” said Jack E. Daniels, III, president of Madison College.

The five-year Pathways to Success grant will help the college implement strategies to address advising needs of all students, including those who lack basic skills. Proposed methods include online tools, connected data systems and increased training for faculty advisors. Successful approaches will be shared with other higher education institutions.

Plans include a unified portal to assist students in planning their educational and career path, and linking them to advising and other services to support their progress toward their goal. The college will also increase the number of well-trained faculty advisors and create a series of short videos and other online resources that address common topics at various points in a student’s progress to graduation.

Published October 11, 2017.

Open Enrollment begins Nov. 1

Open Enrollment for health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and flexible spending accounts (FSA) is Nov. 1-15. During the last week of October, eligible employees will receive a printed enrollment packet at their home address.

All eligible employees must log into Workday during Open Enrollment on Nov. 1-15 to either elect or waive coverage. On Wednesday, Nov. 1, eligible employees will receive a Workday Inbox item titled “Open Enrollment Change.”

Full-time employees are eligible for:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts (medical and dependent care) 

Part-time PSRP are eligible for:

  • Vision insurance
  • Dependent care flexible spending account

On the Insurance Benefits web page, you will find links to:

  • Videos explaining this year’s changes
  • Rate sheet for 2018
  • Network and provider options in each plan

How to enroll, waive coverage, or switch plans:

  • Eligible employees must log into Workday between Nov. 1-15, 2017
  • Complete the “Open Enrollment Change” task in Workday
  • No printing required 

When will the rates and coverage change?

  • Our new plan year runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018
  • Payroll deductions for health insurance will change in December 2017 (one month in advance)

Questions about Workday access?

Contact the Help Desk at 608-246-6666.

Questions about benefit plans?

Contact HR at 608-246-6900.

Published October 6, 2017. Updated October 18, 2017.

View the Sept. 27 Assembly Recap

The College Assembly gathered Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Co-chair Keith Cornille announced that the role of the co-chair is changing. The co-chairs will run the meetings and will utilize IBPS facilitation only on topics as needed.

Lori Sebranek, registrar, presented an Educational Spotlight on enrollment status for the college. Madison College’s current applicant to enrolled rate is approximately 55 percent. As of Sept. 11, 2017-18 enrollment for degree credit FTE was 4,408 with a target of 8,800.

New enrollment initiatives for Spring ‘18 include:

  • Targeted enrollment windows by cumulative credits
  • Enhance messaging to build awareness; potential pilot of our Blackboard Connect texting Solution
  • Enhanced Advising/Registration - registration lab in person experience
  • Outreach/engagement plan for pre-petition buckets
  • Faculty engagement and training plan – tie in to Focus on Focus
  • Online A/R for second semester students (A&S/BAA)
  • Percent complete messaging/timeline
  • How to register – published material
  • Financial messaging
  • Admin/Staff awareness enrollment messaging/update 

Action Items

The Employee Relations and Professional Development Council presented changes to the Outsourcing Policy and Layoff Policy for first readings. These policies apply to PSRP and administrative employees. 

Questions were raised about previous language indicating no employee would be terminated in the event of outsourcing. Jeff Reeves, co-chair of the ERPD Council, stated that the college is not able to guarantee that. Members of the Assembly also questioned the use of the word “reasonable” to describe efforts to find a suitable vacant position rather than laying off and employee.

Similar questions were raised about use of “reasonable” in the Layoff Policy. Reeves pointed out that layoffs are ultimately decided by the college president. Laura Osinski, College Assembly co-chair, requested complete Interest Analysis Sheets for both proposed policies. Second reading for these policies will occur at the next Assembly meeting.

Members of the Academic Council presented the Course Feedback Policy for second reading. The revised version included specifying “anonymous” feedback and use of the word “term” rather than “semester”. Discussion involved how the feedback will be carried out for short-term courses and all agreed instructors will decide what is appropriate in those cases. The Assembly thumbed the policy 

The Finance Council presented the Annual Budget Calendar and the following issue statement: How can we improve the education/input/participation of all stakeholders in the annual budget process? This was a first reading for the statement.

Student Senate report

Student Senate President Tina Marshalek informed the Assembly of recent Senate activities. The Student Hunger Survey is underway and continues until Oct. 9. So far 700 individuals have responded. In response to misinformation and fear related to the President Trump’s action regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Senate sponsored a livestream presentation. The Cabinet will meet with the Senate to learn more about recent activities.

Next meeting

The College Assembly will meet again Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in room C2402. Planned agenda items include: Updates on South Campus Initiative, Budget and Facilities 3 Year Plan, as well as second readings for the Layoff and Outsourcing Policies.

Published October 6, 2017.