Shared governance elections: Lend your voice

This spring, Madison College will hold shared governance elections. Your help is needed to find employees to fill College Assembly and Council roles. You can nominate yourself or another person from your own employee group. Or simply cast your vote for others throughout the election process. Your voice matters.

Beginning the week of March 28, a call will go out for seven new at-large College Assembly members via an email from IRE. Each will represent one of these employee groups: Part-time Faculty, Full-time Faculty, PSRP/ESP, Eastern region, Northern region, Deans/Associate Deans and the Leadership Council.

For the Assembly, any employee can nominate up to three colleagues, including themselves. Initial nominations are due April 1. Nominees must meet these three criteria:

  • Must be in the same employee group as the person nominating.
  • Have worked a minimum of one year or two semesters at Madison College.
  • Completed at least three hours of IBPS training by the time their term begins.

During the week of April 11 through 15, employees will be asked to vote on the nominees in their group only. For example, PSRP/ESP employees will cast votes for the PSRP/ESP representative only at this time.

The final two nominees for each employee group will then be featured on both the shared governance Blackboard site and webpage. This will help voters understand more about them so they can cast their vote with confidence.

The final election of College Assembly candidates will be held April 25 through 29. At this stage, employees can vote in every category. The final results will be announced May 4.

Employees are also invited to apply for council positions. This self-nomination process requires those interested in serving on a council to complete a simple application. There are two rounds of appointments to the Councils.

First, leadership from Full-time Faculty, PSRP/ESP and Part-time Faculty Unions, along with leadership of students and Administrators, will appoint an Initial Member to each council. Initial Members will be appointed on May 6.

Next, the Initial Members and the current co-chair of each Council (Cabinet member) will appoint the remaining members from all the council applications received. This “council selection” will take place on May 11 during the second half of the College Assembly meeting.

Employees wishing to be considered for council membership should review the descriptions of the councils and potential member expertise. As they complete the 2016 Shared Governance Council Membership Application form, they will be asked to rank the council or councils they are most interested in serving, from most to least. Applications are due April 22, 2016 by 4 p.m.

Every effort will be made to accommodate everyone’s interest in participating. If an employee is not appointed to a council, they may have an opportunity to serve an important role on a task force or other work team. 

New members of the Councils will be announced on May 13. A transition period will begin at this time and last through August. New duties and positions will take effect in full on September 1.

Getting involved with shared governance at Madison College is one way employees can have a direct impact on the evolution of our college community. Contact the Shared Governance for answers on the election process or anything related to our shared governance process.

Published March 28, 2016. Updated October 1, 2018.

Dr. Daniels on College Assembly election process

As you know, Madison College has embraced a new organizational model of shared governance that draws upon the expertise and practical experience of faculty, staff, students and administrators. The shared governance system is designed to make our best collective decisions while emphasizing shared responsibility for college-wide policies, strategies and priorities.

I am pleased to announce that the election process to seat the seven at-large members of Madison College’s College Assembly will begin at noon Monday, March 28, 2016.

Similarly, there will be a concurrent selection process to repopulate the seven councils that report to the College Assembly. If you are unable to serve on the Assembly, please consider applying for council membership. 

The at-large members will represent the interests of the PSRP/ESP, Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, Leadership Council, Deans and Associate Deans, and the regional campuses in the eastern  (Fort Atkinson and Watertown) and northern (Portage and Reedsburg) regions.

The election occurs in four phases:

  • March 28 – April 1, 2016 – Call for nominees
  • April 11-15, 2016 – Initial voting on nominees
  • April 19-22, 2016 – “Know your Candidates” information sharing
  • April 25-29, 2016 – Final election of College Assembly At-Large Members

The call for nominees is a process open only to members of the at-large represented employee groups. The initial voting is also limited only to those being represented. Once the final nominees are determined, all employees may vote for one nominee from each at-large group. The election system is designed to honor the representative role of the at-large members in the initial nomination and voting process. The final election is open to all groups to emphasize that everyone in the College has an interest in who serves on the College Assembly.

Final results will be announced May 4, 2016, and the new members will begin a transition period, which will continue through August. The new term will begin Sept. 1, 2016.

An Election Committee comprised of current members of the College Assembly will provide oversight of the election process. The Election Committee consists of Ann Camillo, Keith Cornille, Jimmy DeGidio, Marie Dusio, Michael Kent, Annie Neuberger, and Terry Webb. I thank each of them for their willingness to serve on this important committee.

I encourage everyone to be an active participant in this process. Our College Assembly makes important decisions that set the tone for transparent, inclusive and effective communication among all constituencies at Madison College. We are implementing our vision that “We are all in this together.”

Published March 25, 2016. Updated March 20, 2018.

Construction update: Mailboxes soon to be installed

What’s New?

The new Shipping and Receiving area is just about complete and ready for occupancy. Mailboxes will be installed very soon and the loading dock equipment is up and running. The masons will finish exterior work on the building addition. Wall framing will continue in the new addition and we will start framing at the exterior canopy next week. The flooring contractor will start installing floor tile in the renovated north bathroom.

The Past Weeks

  • Structural steel and metal decking has been installed between the existing Admin building and the new addition
  • Fireproofing has continued in the new addition.
  • The interior block walls have been completed in the north bathroom.

Coming Up in the Weeks Ahead

  • The roofer is working on the last big section of mechanically fastened roof on the addition.
  • The work remodeling the new Trio area will continue.
  • Our flooring contractor will be starting the floor tile at the new north bathrooms.
  • Wall framing will continue to be installed in the new building addition.
  • The framing at the exterior canopy on the addition will start to be installed.

Did you know?
Although many consider cold-formed steel stud framing to be a “new” construction product, it actually has been used in North America for over 100 year. Use of cold-formed steel members for construction of buildings started in both the United States and England in the 1850’s.

Questions? Contact Mark Premo, construction manager, at (608) 442-7341.

Published March 23, 2016. Updated April 6, 2016.

Reminder from Dr. Daniels: Higher Learning Commission peer review visit

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back from spring break. As we enter the final stretch of the semester, I wanted to remind you that the Higher Learning Commission peer review team will be visiting Madison College as part of our re-accreditation review next Monday, March 28, and Tuesday, March 29.

As part of its review work, the site review team will host a general drop-in session and a series of open forum sessions on the following subjects related to the Higher Learning Commission’s five Core Criterion for accreditation.

1. Drop-in Session: Opportunity to meet the peer review team

Administration Building, Room 122/130
Monday, March 28 – 4:15 to 5:15 p.m.

2. Open Forum - Criterion 2 – Integrity: Ethical and responsible conduct

Room C2426, Truax Main Building
Tuesday, March 29 – 9 to 10 a.m.

3. Open Forum - Criterion 4 – Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and improvement

Room C2428, Truax Main Building
Tuesday, March 29 – 9 to 10 a.m.

4. Open Forum – Criterion 1 – Mission; Criterion 3 – Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support; and Criterion 5 – Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Administration Building, Room 122/130
Tuesday, March 29 – 1 to 2 p.m.

5. Open Forum -  Category 2  – Distinctive Objectives; Category 3  – Students’ and Stakeholders’ Needs; Category 6 – Supporting Operations; and Category 9 – Collaborations

Administration Building, Room 122/130
Tuesday, March 29 – 2:15 to 3:15 p.m.


Dr. Jack E. Daniels III

Published March 21, 2016. Updated March 26, 2018.

45 Madison College students receive scholarships from Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation recently awarded $200,000 in scholarships to 200 construction and industrial trade apprentices attending 15 Wisconsin Technical College System colleges. 45 apprentices at Madison College were among the students chosen to be supported by the Tools of the Trade $1,000 Apprentice Scholarship.

Scott Vest, a second-year ironworker apprentice, is a father of two and the sole income earner after his wife lost her job. “Receiving the scholarship means a lot,” Vest says. “Anything that’s bettering my family is bettering me.”

Madison College award recipients and their respective trade programs include: Derek Anderson, Painting and Decorating; Michael Arnold, Telecomm Voice/Data/Video Installer; Wesley Barlow, Steamfitting; Scott Berry, Steamfitting; Kimberly Beyer, Ironworker; Jon Bollig, Steamfitting; Ryan Bradley, Electrician; Ana K. Candela, Ironworker; Matt Collins, Sheet Metal; Martinez Ellis, Sheet Metal; John Gilbert, Electrician; Steven J. Goggin, HVAC; Gareth D. Hall, Steamfitting; Mike Henry, Painting and Decorating; Tyler Hodgson, Electrician; Jake Hoffman, Electrician; Sam Jones, HVAC; Zach Lafler, Sheet Metal; James LaPinske, Electrician; Andrew Ledin, Ironworker; John Lengyel, Electrician; Brian Lenski, Electrician; Austin Longfield, Plumbing; Nicholas J. Majorowicz, Plumbing; Travis S. Marty, Electrician; Alex Meeker, Sheet Metal; Nerissa Metcalf, Electrician; Todd Michael Noble, Sheet Metal; Larry Olson III, Electrician; Ross Padlin, Electrician; Phillip Pedracine, Sheet Metal; Lucas Peltonen, Electrician; David Ruff, Electrical and Instrumentation; Travis Rupert, Sheet Metal; Jessie Sanders, Electrician; Tyler D. Schafer, Sheet Metal; Andrew Schwartz, Electrician; David Silbernagel, Ironworker; Tyler J. Smith, Electrician; Andrew L. Soppe, Steamfitting; Scott Vest, Ironworker; Jason Walbrandt, Plumbing; Jeffrey Walty, Sheet Metal; Kyle Woerpel, Electrician; and Ryan Wunsch, Electrician.

To learn more about Great Lakes philanthropy, visit their website.

Questions? Contact Amy Kerwin, vice president of community investments, at (608) 246-1785.

Published March 21, 2016.

Board Appointment Committee fills three vacancies on District Board

Madison College’s Board Appointment Committee met on Monday evening, March 7, to fill three vacancies on the District Board effective July 1, 2016. 

Current Board members Joseph Hasler (Employer member) and Shawn Pfaff (Employee member) were reappointed for three-year terms that expire June 30, 2019. 

  • Mr. Hasler resides in Reedsburg and is a partner with LaRowe Gerlach Taggart LLP lawfirm in Reedsburg.
  • Mr. Pfaff resides in Fitchburg and is the owner of Pfaff Public Affairs.

One new member was appointed in the Additional Member category and will join the Board in July (replacing Carolyn Stoner who did not reapply). 

  • Marcia Whittington resides in Waunakee and is the Chief Development Officer for Agrace Hospice Care.

These appointments are contingent upon approval by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board at its meeting on Tuesday, May 10.  Madison College’s Board Appointment Committee is comprised of the 12 county board chairs within the Madison College district. 

This committee meets annually to fill three vacancies on the District Board.

Published March 9, 2016. Updated March 23, 2016.

Emergency Grants available for students

Each year, many of our students are forced to stop attending class due to unforeseen circumstances that occur mid-semester and create financial barriers to their class completion.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Corporation’s Dash grant, financial support is available to assist them. We just need your help in making students aware of this grant program.

Students may receive an emergency grant to cover unforeseen expenses that could otherwise keep them from continuing in school. Eligible students receive a one-time $500 grant that does not have to be repaid.

To be eligible for a Dash grant, a student must be eligible to receive a federal Pell Grant and must show proof of financial burden. Expenses are paid within 48 hours of application approval. Please let your students know that these funds are available between now and May 31.

Encourage your students to visit the Emergency Funding website if they are coping with a financial emergency. This website contains additional information about the program and the application form.

Published March 9, 2016.

Security Awareness Training begins now

Dear Colleagues,

Madison College is starting a required information security awareness training to protect our College, our work and our data from cyber-attacks.

In 2015, more than 178 million Americans records were exposed in cyber-attacks and it is unlikely those numbers will improve in 2016. Cyber-attacks against colleges and universities, including ours, are also on the rise. Furthermore, statistics indicate that 95% of security incidents involve human error.  Effectively protecting Madison College against today’s cyber threats requires all employees to participate in security awareness training.  I am fully supportive of this initiative and encourage you to complete the training.

You will receive emails from the “Madison College Securing the Human Administrator” at “noreply@securingthehuman.org” with a link to access your training account. Additional information about this effort is outlined below.

Security Awareness Program

Over the next nine months, staff are asked to watch a series of cyber-security training videos. The videos, 12 in all, can be watched at one time or chunked into three sections of four videos. This option requires an estimated time commitment of approximately 15 minutes per section. Videos are ADA compliant and are followed by a short two question quiz.

  • Section One: March 1 – May 31 (11:56 minutes)
  • Section Two: June 1 – Aug. 31 (11:10 minutes)
  • Section Three: Sept. 1 – Nov. 30 (12:01 minutes)

Rice Krispie Treat, cookie or healthy alternative!

To support this initiative, all staff who complete Section One videos before June 1 are eligible to receive either a Rice Krispy Treat, a large cookie or a piece of fruit! Once you’ve completed Section One videos, you will receive an email notice of completion. For those of you working at the Truax location, present either a print or digital copy of the completion email to cafeteria staff. Other campus locations will be notified when treats are available at your location.

Please send questions or comments regarding security awareness training to the Madison College IT Security team.

Jack E. Daniels, III, Ph.D.

Published March 9, 2016. Updated June 10, 2016.

Student Satisfaction Survey extended to March 12

The Student Satisfaction Inventory completion date has been extended to Saturday, March 12. Please continue to encourage students to participate in this survey that helps Madison College gain insight to student satisfaction and drive future initiatives. Students who complete the survey are entered into a drawing to win prizes such as a $500 Madison College scholarship, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and gift certificates.

This anonymous survey, administered by Ruffalo Noel Levitz, is conducted every two years and completed by students online, outside of class time. The survey will take students approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

After sending the second email invitation out, there was a surge in activity. IRE now has a 10.3% response rate (-2.2% from last administration about the same timeframe). This surge came with the help of faculty and staff.

As an important member of the Madison College community, it is critical that faculty and staff help get the word out to students. To increase the response rate and hear from as many students as possible, faculty and staff are asked to:

  • Make announcements during class about the survey and its importance to making college improvements
  • Post an announcement and reminder on your Blackboard sites
  • Mention that students who complete the survey will be entered to win prizes

All degree credit students received an email inviting them to participate.

Results from the survey, compiled and reported by an outside firm, provide important insights into areas of student satisfaction and provide key direction for initiatives related to retention, strategic planning, overall student services and more. Additionally, our results will be benchmarked against other two-year institutions nationwide. The college has made improvements based on past surveys. 

For more information, please see the FAQ sheet. 


If you know of a student in need of accommodations to participate in the survey, contact Jennie May, in Institutional Research and Effectiveness, at (608) 243-4042.

Published March 7, 2016. Updated March 11, 2016.

Construction update: Mailroom completed with finishes

What's new?

The construction crew put the last couple finishing touches in the Mailroom and that space has been turned over for furniture installation. The shipping and receiving area is just about complete as they finish painting and cleaning up. The new mechanically fastened roof continues to be installed across the addition. Inside the building is busy as well, with MEP rough-ins, fireproofing, interior CMU and installation of door frames ongoing.

The past weeks

  • Structural steel has been completed at the front canopy of the addition.
  • Steel studs were installed at the east end of the building addition near the Lounge and Meeting Rooms.
  • The Mailroom has been completed with finishes and turned over to Madison College for equipment move-in and furniture.
  • MEPF rough-ins continue to be on-going in the old cafeteria and the addition as well.

Coming up

  • The last of the structural steel will be erected at the front of the Administration Building.
  • Masons will be starting the stone at the southwest entrance of the Culinary addition.
  • Fireproofing will continue in the new addition space moving east to west.

Did you know?

The new Culinary addition utilizes many structural concrete block or CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) walls. Concrete block units were invented in the 1830s but widespread manufacture of concrete blocks began in the early 1900s.

Questions? Contact Mark Premo, construction manager, at (608) 442-7341.

Published March 7, 2016. Updated March 28, 2016.