FTF/PSRP receives 2.44% wage increase

The college is pleased to report that collective bargaining agreements have been reached with the Full-Time Faculty and Paraprofessional School Related Personnel (PSRP) Union (Local 243). Local 243 members have voted on the tentative agreements and approved them. The Madison College District Board approved the implementation of the pay increases Monday, July 8.

The collective bargaining agreement provides a 2.44% negotiated increase to the base wage effective Monday, July 1, for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

For PSRP salaried employees, the increase will be reflected in the gross pay beginning with the payslip dated Monday, July 15. For PSRP hourly employees, the increase will be reflected in the gross pay beginning with the payslip dated Friday, July 19. For Full-Time Faculty employees, the increase will be reflected in the gross pay beginning with the payslip dated Friday, August 30.

The collective bargaining agreement will expire on June 30, 2020.

Published July 10, 2019. Updated July 12, 2019.

Shared Governance seeks new representative

Shared Governance is currently seeking a PSRP Representative to join the College Assembly. As a PSRP representative, you will have the opportunity to participate in the process of recommending policies, strategies and priorities to our college president. A familiarity with Interest Based Problem Solving is recommended.

The term of service will be July 2019 – April 2020. We meet one afternoon a month, on the second Wednesday, from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. during the summer and 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. during the fall and spring. If you are interested, please submit your application to sharedgovernance@madisoncollege.edu.


Published June 28, 2019. Updated July 3, 2019.

Dean named for School of Health Education

I am pleased to introduce Dr. Kendricks Hooker as the new Dean for the School of Health Education (SoHE). He has been serving as interim dean since November first and prior served as associate dean in the School of Arts and Sciences. 

Prior to joining Madison College, Kendricks served as the Chair of the Biomedical Sciences and Pre-Health Studies programs at Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis, TN. He concurrently held the position of Professor of Biology and taught Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Pathophysiology. In other roles, Kendricks served as a Biology instructor at Mid-South Community College in West Memphis, AR; Director of Upward Bound Math and Sciences at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, MS; and research technician at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Kendricks holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University, a Masters of Business Administration from Bethel University, a master's and bachelor's of Science in Biology from Jackson State University, and an associate of arts degree in Biology from Coahoma Community College.  Kendricks is an educational enthusiast that thrives on preparing and motivating faculty, staff and students for success. 

Kendricks loves spending time with his family and is the proud father of one daughter, Keendra Hooker, of Memphis, Tenn.  In his spare time, Kendricks loves to travel, cook, watch sports and is an avid runner.

Special thanks to all who participated in the search process, the other finalist candidates and Dr. Denise Reimer who led the search process. 

Please join me in welcoming Kendricks to our leadership team in this role. With Kendricks, Sandy Docter, Lisa Marie Greenwood, Ernise Watson and the outstanding staff and faculty, SoHE is set to fly higher than ever before. 


Turina Bakken, Ph.D.

Published June 21, 2019. Updated August 2, 2019.

Shared Governance welcomes new members

Due to various job changes in the college, Shared Governance is welcoming new members. The members of Shared Governance thank the following former members for their service in building a culture of inclusion, shared responsibility and collegiality. Those individuals are listed below:

  • Beth Eggemeir, co-chair of the Student Affairs Council, who is moving to Student Affairs Council support
  • Jim Falco, co-chair of the Professional Development Council
  • Kevin Foley, co-chair of the Student Affairs Council
  • Lisa Hollman, PSRP Representative to the College Assembly

Shared governance welcomes the following new members:

  • Rosemary Buschhaus, co-chair of the Professional Development Council
  • Dr. Howard Spearman, co-chair of the Student Affairs Council
  • Chris Henker-Purves, new PSRP Representative to the College Assembly

The Student Affairs Council will soon elect their other co-chair. That announcement will follow.   

Published June 14, 2019. Updated June 19, 2019.

College Assembly discusses agenda process

The College Assembly met at the Watertown Campus Wednesday, June 12, for a brief business meeting and a two-hour working session to develop action statements in response to ideas from the recent Town Hall meeting.

Co-chair Laura Osinski introduced new members and thanked those who are leaving the Assembly at this time. Jim Falco, associate vice president of regional campuses, welcomed those present and introduced the Watertown Campus.

The co-chairs introduced a new process for submitting future agenda items. Ann Camillo, Shared Governance administrator, will send out a message requesting submissions for the next agenda. Submissions should indicate if the item is for education, discussion or action.

These will be distributed in advance for comments. Co-chairs will consider requests and feedback before setting the agenda for the next Assembly meeting. When the formal agenda is sent, it will include a second page containing a list of unmet requested Educational Spotlights and reactions received on items not included in the agenda.

After some discussion of this new process, Jill List, senior project and process analyst, led those present through a consensus workshop. With the help of IBPS facilitators, six work groups crafted action statements from input gathered at the Town Hall meeting.

The six workgroups focused on improving shared governance in the areas of:

  • Elections and membership
  • Shared Governance vision, purpose, clarity and culture
  • IBPS and facilitation
  • Communication methods, responsibility and organization
  • Shared Governance structure
  • Accountability and consensus

Participants gave brief reactions to the activity at the close of the meeting.

The next College Assembly meeting will be July 10 at the Fort Atkinson Campus.

Published June 14, 2019.

CIO issues phishing campaign warning

DATE:              June 3, 2019
TO:                  All Students, Faculty and Staff
FROM:             Shawn Belling, Chief Information Officer
RE:                   Recent E-Mail Phishing Campaigns

Like most institutions of higher learning, Madison College faces ongoing phishing campaigns. Our Technology Services Security Team has implemented sophisticated tools that prevent most of these from ever appearing in students’ email accounts. Over the last two weeks, we have seen an increase in phishing campaigns, and have made some additional behind-the-scenes changes to respond. 

On Monday June 3, we have seen new phishing campaigns offering pet sitting or dog sitting jobs come through. These are not legitimate jobs – these are phishing attempts, so please do not respond to them. The Technology Services Security Team is evaluating additional measures to implement as soon as possible to counter these and future phishing scams targeting our students.

Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk (608-246-6666, helpdesk@madisoncollege.edu ) if you have questions or need further assistance with a phishing problem.


Published June 5, 2019.

Madison College transitions to LinkedIn Learning

Madison College is transitioning from Lynda.com to Linkedin Learning Tuesday, May 21.   

Already have a Madison College Lynda.com account?

The upgrade from Lynda to LinkedIn will include:

  • The same high-quality on-demand, expert-led instructional videos as Lynda.com.
  • The carry-over of employees’ Lynda.com learning history, account info and certifications to LinkedIn Learning.
  • A new and improved user-friendly interface.

Employees who currently have a Lynda.com account, should have already received the first of several communications regarding this change.

New to Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning?

Madison College wants to help employees build professional skills with LinkedIn Learning, an online learning resource that can complement classroom learning and provide access to the following:

  • Free, unlimited access to more than 7,000 courses
  • Videos that help employees gain new business, creative and technology skills to advance their careers.
  • Student and Professional topics such as software, business, communication, leadership, design, workplace skills and more.
  • Flexible, convenient courses employees can access based on their schedule. Courses can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device, on or off campus. 
  • Sharable multimedia collections (playlists)
  • Personalized course recommendations
  • Helpful resources that reinforce new knowledge with quizzes, exercise files and coding practice windows.

LinkedIn Learning and the employee LinkedIn.com Profile

Employees can choose whether or not to link their LinkedIn Learning account to their LinkedIn profile when the LinkedIn Learning account is activated.  

More Information

More information about the transition is found on the Library site or by contacting library staff for assistance. 



Published May 20, 2019.

Vice president announces changes to Truax parking

Madison College Employees,

Parking is frustrating, limited, and presents a challenge for our entire campus community. In the fall of 2019, we are looking to make several changes in processes and facilities to streamline the parking situation throughout the Truax campus. After considering feedback and guidance this past year through shared governance, Public Safety advisory teams, and the 10-year Facilities Master Plan process, the following initiatives will be implemented as part of a multi-year, multi-faceted approach to improving the parking experience on campus:


  • New parking and parking renovations:
    • We are replacing the tennis courts on Straubel St. with 220 new parking spaces this summer.
    • The existing Straubel St. parking will be resurfaced, restriped, and new lighting installed.
    • We are coordinating with the City of Madison to repair and resurface Straubel St. itself.
    • We are evaluating additional locations for adding parking on campus.


  • New employee parking designations:
    • Effective August 26, 2019, anyone with an employee parking permit may park in the courtyards north of the main building, parking lots east of the main building, and all current parking north of the building across the stream (see highlighted areas on map below).
    • This means there will be no separate designated “Administrator” parking; any parking areas designated for Employees Only will be first-come, first-served.
    • Employee parking permits can be obtained from the Public Safety service window on the first floor or the main building.
    • The Foundation Center will continue to have physical permits only for employees who work there


  • Visitor Lot: During the referendum, around 2010, the College created a separate, gated Visitor Lot by the Health/IT building. Over time, employees began using this lot, to the point where now there is often not parking for actual visitors. Effective August 26, 2019, only visitors will be permitted access to this lot.


  • All other parking will be General Parking, and will not require a permit.
    • In addition to Employee Only parking, employees may park in any General Parking lot.
    • Students and visitors may also park in any General Parking lot, without a permit.


  • Enforcement is also important for the safety, fairness, and convenience of all commuters:
    • Parking outside of designated parking stalls will result in citations being issued. Without exception, this includes parking along curbs, striped yellow areas, and any areas outside of parking stalls will result in ticketing.
    • Unpaid citations will be submitted to the Traffic Violator Reporting Program (TVRP) administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; continued unpaid citations may lead to vehicle registration being suspended.
    • Although it is very rarely used, the College does have a towing policy. If a vehicle has more than five (5) tickets assessed against the registration in a single semester, or the vehicle is egregiously parked such that is endangering the safety or mobility of others, the College may tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

If there are any questions about parking at Madison College please visit: https://madisoncollege.edu/parking or call the Public Safety office at (608) 246-6932.





Published May 17, 2019.

Workday Recruiting is now available

Workday Recruiting has been integrated into the college’s current Workday system and is now available to all staff. This system greatly streamlines the job application process at Madison College and offers efficiencies in the hiring process.

To support the transition, updated jobs aids are available on the Workday Training and Resources web page. Watch for additional drop-in training sessions which will be available during the next few months. 

Employees should continue to work with their HR Business Partner regarding any questions or assistance needed during this transition.     

Published May 15, 2019.

Associate vice president shares college immunization policy

DATE:            May 9, 2019
TO:               All Employees
FROM:           Rosemary Buschhaus, Associate Vice President, Human Resources Department
SUBJECT:       Immunizations/Vaccinations


As you may be aware from recent news reports, there are a number of confirmed measles cases in the first three months of 2019. In 2000, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared that measles was eliminated in the U.S., although it is now re-appearing in different parts of the country.

Madison College does not require students or employees to be immunized (vaccinated) against measles in order to study or work at the college. A number of academic programs at the college do require that students be vaccinated in accordance with the contractual agreements the programs have with various clinical locations. These vaccination requirements oftentimes include MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), TB (tuberculosis) and an annual flu shot.

We wanted to make you aware that Madison College, in collaboration with Group Health Cooperative (GHC), offers various health-related services including vaccinations at the GHC Clinic at the Truax Campus. Located on the first floor of the Health Education & Information Technology building, the GHC Clinic is open five days a week and serves students, employees with GHC insurance and WPS Statewide, and the community at large.

Information for students choosing to access immunization services at the GHC Health Clinic at the Truax Campus can be found at: Student Health - Immunizations. Employees with GHC or WPS Statewide may also choose to access immunization services at the GHC Health Clinic at Truax or through their health care provider.

For more information about the Group Health Cooperative Clinic at Madison College, the Center for Health & Well-Being, or the current measles outbreak, please contact Mark Lausch, Associate Vice President, Institutional Learning & Effectiveness, at 608.243.4508 or mlausch@madisoncollege.edu.

Best wishes to you as we complete the end of the Spring Semester and prepare for commencement later this month.


Published May 10, 2019.