College marketing campaign takes new direction

Madison College is preparing to launch a new marketing campaign. Ads across several media platforms will highlight our students and how Madison College plays a role in their future.

The look and feel of the new campaign began with the Goodman South Campus promotion. Those materials featured student and alumni stories. The new campaign will speak directly to various demographics searching for higher education options.

The new materials will feature keywords gleaned from a series of student focus groups in which students chose words that meant something to them. The slogan will follow a specific format “Your future. Your college.”

The Communications and Strategic Marketing department, led by Interim Director Kristin Uttech, is creating a series of videos, online streaming ads, plus social media, digital and print ads. Each will feature current Madison College students. Campaign materials will be trackable to determine response and return on investment.

The first phase of the campaign will feature Niamh (Journalism), Meghan (Web and Digital Media Design) and Deepshikha, Spencer and Mai (Liberal Arts Transfer). These students represent the diverse student body of Madison College.

Marketing will feature more students across these marketing platforms in the coming weeks.

Beginning this week, the MadisonCollege.edu homepage will also reflect the campaign with a few slight changes and overall simplification. Visitors will also see the cookie tracking notice beginning this week.



Published September 27, 2019. Updated October 2, 2019.