Change in hours for part-time employees

DATE:             August 19, 2019
TO:                  Administrators, Part-Time PSRP and Casual Staff
FROM:            Rose Buschhaus, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
SUBJECT:      Part-Time Hours 


This email is to notify you that effective Sunday, Sept. 1, all hourly part-time employees will be limited to 25 hours each week. This is a change from 29 hours each week. This does not apply to Student Help, Work Study employees or Part-Time Faculty.  

  • This applies to staff who work year-round, as well as staff who work for a portion of the calendar year.
  • This applies to all staff working in more than one (1) part-time position.

All impacted staff have been communicated with by their supervisor and human resources. We understand this may cause concerns for impacted staff as well as the support of all business operations. Please contact your Human Resources Business Partner for questions and support.


Rose Buschhaus

Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Published August 19, 2019.