Energy sustainability is a priority at Madison College

The Shared Governance Facilities Planning and Investment Council conducted an Energy Conservation Survey during the Spring semester and received over 1,000 responses. A 91% of students and 96% of employees stated saving energy is important.

The Facilities Council is capitalizing on this enthusiasm by collecting ideas from students and employees on how to improve the college’s energy sustainability efforts.  

The survey also revealed employees and students are taking energy saving actions on their own, in and outside the college. Likewise, the council learned that improving communications about energy initiatives is needed. Over half of respondents said the college doesn’t do enough to inform stakeholders.

Students and employees reported their willingness to do more if asked. These results are consistent across all campuses. The Facilities Planning and Investment Council is developing recommendations for action, based on this input. Contact the Facilities Planning and Investment Council with questions.

Published August 7, 2019.