Convocation changes announced

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

Changes are happening to Convocation. We will continue to post articles in Matters to keep you informed of different elements as we get closer to Aug. 27-28.


Convocation will become College Community Days.


We will host several events through the year in addition to the welcome back event on Aug. 27-28. Stay tuned.


We will serve bagels and pastries in addition to coffee and tea before the opening session on Aug. 27. We want you to be able to reconnect with each other while enjoying some good food.

Breakout sessions

We are reducing the number of breakout sessions and developing them in relation to our theme for the year. If you have an idea for a workshop, please consider offering on a different date, outside of College Community Days.

School and department meetings

These will occur on the second day, Aug. 28, to allow for all-college events on Aug. 27. We will not print times and locations of these meetings. Please be sure to document where and when your meetings scheduled.

Turina’s presentation

This is moving to the afternoon of the first day and we encourage all employees to come. By moving it to the first day, we hope more people from the regional campuses can attend in person.

Items remaining the same

• Volunteer opportunities: We are looking for 200 people to head into our community to lend a helping hand. Please consider if you and your team can be part of the fun. Registration coming soon.

• Opening session in the Mitby Theater: Come to be inspired and energized for the new school year.

• Opportunities to celebrate our college community.

• SharePoint site: We will be updating our site soon so you have access to information anytime.

Wishing you a great rest of your summer, 

The College Community Days Team

Amy Russell                                     
Anne McIntyre
Ann Mac Laughlin-Berres                  
Bernie Hoes
Brianna Stapleton Welch                   
Caitlyn Clark
Chelsey Bowers                                  
Corey Helser
Jodi Jensen-Schuelke                           
Kim Brudny
Kris Glodoski Wolf                               
Kristin Polywacz
Mark Lausch                                         
Renee Alfano




Published July 31, 2019. Updated August 23, 2019.