College Assembly discusses agenda process

The College Assembly met at the Watertown Campus Wednesday, June 12, for a brief business meeting and a two-hour working session to develop action statements in response to ideas from the recent Town Hall meeting.

Co-chair Laura Osinski introduced new members and thanked those who are leaving the Assembly at this time. Jim Falco, associate vice president of regional campuses, welcomed those present and introduced the Watertown Campus.

The co-chairs introduced a new process for submitting future agenda items. Ann Camillo, Shared Governance administrator, will send out a message requesting submissions for the next agenda. Submissions should indicate if the item is for education, discussion or action.

These will be distributed in advance for comments. Co-chairs will consider requests and feedback before setting the agenda for the next Assembly meeting. When the formal agenda is sent, it will include a second page containing a list of unmet requested Educational Spotlights and reactions received on items not included in the agenda.

After some discussion of this new process, Jill List, senior project and process analyst, led those present through a consensus workshop. With the help of IBPS facilitators, six work groups crafted action statements from input gathered at the Town Hall meeting.

The six workgroups focused on improving shared governance in the areas of:

  • Elections and membership
  • Shared Governance vision, purpose, clarity and culture
  • IBPS and facilitation
  • Communication methods, responsibility and organization
  • Shared Governance structure
  • Accountability and consensus

Participants gave brief reactions to the activity at the close of the meeting.

The next College Assembly meeting will be July 10 at the Fort Atkinson Campus.

Published June 14, 2019.