South Campus taking shape

Construction is progressing on the Goodman South Campus on the corner of Badger Road and Park Street and will be completed for the Fall 2019 academic year.

Projects currently underway on the 75,000-square-foot campus include:

  • Site concrete work is 95% complete.
  • Metal panel work continues on the exterior. The installers are back on site today.
  • Terrazzo flooring is on-going in the cafe atrium. It is scheduled to be complete by Saturday, July 20.
  • Resilient flooring is on-going on first and second floors.
  • Ceiling work continues on first and second floor. The linear ceilings are on hold while they await delivery of the added light fixtures in CB#19.
  • Casework is nearly complete in the classrooms.
  • Cafe server y casework is being installed.
  • Concrete sidewalks and steps on Badger Road side are nearly complete.
  • Gravel base is being installed for the paver base.
  • City street improvements are on-going now along Badger Road.
  • Fire alarm inspection is now scheduled to be on Thursday, August 8.
  • The custom painted acoustic panels for the ceiling of the café won't be available until late August. Mike Stark postponed this work until Christmas break and will monitor the area once classes begin. They may not be needed if the noise and reverberation levels are low enough.

When completed, the campus will feature a brightly lit Café Servery and seating area, a library, a Student Achievement Center, flexible classrooms, a practical nursing lab, a chemistry lab and main service counter. The South Courtyard Entrance will feature a landscaped seating area, bicycle parking and vehicle parking.

For a complete list of programs that will be offered at the campus visit the Goodman South Campus page.

College transfer Arts and Sciences classes will also be taught there.

A live webcam is recording the construction.

Camera: https://app.truelook.com/?u=mm1526503625

Visit the college SharePoint site for more information including PDFs and updates.

Contact Mike Stark with any questions.

Published May 22, 2019. Updated July 19, 2019.