President Daniels announces data security enhancement to Workday

DATE:            April 24, 2019
TO:                 Administrative Staff, Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, PSRP
FROM:           Jack Daniels, III, Ph.D.
RE:                 Madison College Security Enhancements

Madison College is committed to securing your valuable information. On May 2, 2019, we will require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for off-campus Workday access. After implementation, Workday will ask you to trust the devices you use frequently. 

We also ask that you reset your password after setting up Multifactor Authentication using the Self Service Password Reset Portal. 

We encourage all employees to get a head start and to register for Multi-Factor Authentication starting April 24, 2019. 

MFA for Workday helps:

  • Ensure that additional security is in place to guard your data
  • Protect your valuable data from being accessed by others
  • Provide secure access Workday when not on campus
  • Protect you in the event of password theft

Adding a Trusted Device in Workday:

  • Allows you to identify atypical sign-on from new devices
  • Sends you a notification to your work email when new sign-on occur to Workday

Password Reset:

  • Ensure compliance with the Madison College Password Policy here.
  • Ensure your network account is not compromised.
  • After May 2, 2019, you may be required to change your password.


  • Configure MFA for remote access here
  • Reset your network password here
  • MFA setup FAQ here

If you have any setup questions, please reach out to the Staff Help Desk for assistance at 608-246-6666 or by e-mail to HelpDesk@madisoncollege.edu

Please take a few moments now, so you are ready when you need Workday later.

Thank you for helping make your data and our College more secure.



Published April 24, 2019. Updated April 29, 2019.