Workday security feature available after April 30

Workday will soon deliver the new Trusted Devices functionality. The feature allows Workday users to easily identify atypical sign-on behavior from unknown browsers and devices. This will help protect users’ personal information from hackers.              

After Tuesday, April 30, when signing into Workday, all users can complete a new step that allows Workday to remember trusted devices. Users will receive an email notification of sign ons from untrusted devices and browsers. 

The Trusted Devices feature benefits users by providing an extra layer of security, helping to ensure proper account access. This does not change the Single Sign On or the Multi-Factor authentication sign in method, whether a device is trusted or not.

If Workday is used from the same computer every day, users will only have to click “remember this device” once. Once clicked, the trust is valid for 180 days on a rolling basis, based on successful user sign on. If a user does not sign on from a trusted device in 180 days, that device’s trust will expire and the user will need to click “remember this device” during the next sign in. If a user needs “incognito” or “private” windows, the user will be asked to trust the device more often.

If a user discovers unrecognizable account activity, the Madison College Help Desk must be contacted at 604.246.6666 to re-secure the account. 


Published April 15, 2019. Updated April 22, 2019.