Assembly focuses on modern intranet, budget, council reports

The College Assembly met on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

A question was raised about how the Assembly meeting agenda is developed. It will be addressed at a future meeting of the Assembly.

Co-Chairs’ Report

The College Assembly is planning a Forum May 9. Purpose and format are yet to be determined.

Student Senate Report

Steven Ansorge reported that a ballot for new Senate members will be distributed the first week of April. The Senate showed interest in a new City of Madison library branch proposed for Reindahl Park. Some Senate members attended the Wisconsin Student Senate Legislative Seminar. The President’s Cabinet visited with the Student Senate recently.

Educational Spotlights

Modern Intranet

John McIntyre presented a progress report on the two-year initiative to develop a new intranet platform for Madison College employees. The SharePoint Services team is working on this with the Madison College Intranet site advisory team.

The “Modern Intranet” will include:

  1. Content – Published information, policies, curriculum, syllabi and more
  2. Communication – Includes department news and conversation
  3. Collaboration – Cross functional department and employee initiatives
  4. Culture – Efforts to drive and support cultural changes
  5. Activity – Requests, form submissions, etc.

McIntyre said the team will provide training support and migrate the content before they launch the site by the end of 2019. He asked that employees direct questions, suggestions and feedback to SharePointServices@madisoncollege.edu. For status information, colleagues can visit the project site, The Madison College Modern Intranet Project.

Budget Update

Sylvia Ramirez, Finance Council co-chair, gave an update on the 2019-2021 Madison College Budget.

The preliminary budget will be submitted at the next District Board meeting. In May, a public hearing will be held for stakeholder input.

Council Report Outs

Each Council reported on recent activity. Highlights include:

Academic Council: Addressing the Timely Digital Access issue by exploring data needs and gathering interests from students, faculty and stakeholders.

Diversity and Community Relations Council: Addressing language such as personal pronouns and demographic data based on binary gender expression.

Facilities Council: Developing a Sustainability Policy for the college focused on energy conservation.

IT Council: Addressing the Academic Software Management Policy. Finishing that this year and then moving on to an IT Strategic Plan.

Student Affairs Council: Addressing Mental Health and Wellbeing and college use of text messaging for student communication.

Next Meeting

The Assembly will meet again on Wednesday, April 10 from 2-4 p.m. in Truax Room E3850.

Published March 20, 2019.