IBPS offers information, training opportunity

Wondering who the folks are at Madison College who facilitate and offer training for Interest-Based Problem Solving? Are you familiar with the benefits of Shared Governance for the college and the students we serve? Would you like to get involved? Here is an opportunity to find out.

IBPS and the Office of Organizational Excellence will host a full day of sharing, lunch and learning Friday, April 19, starting at 9 a.m., in Room 309 in the Health Building. This event is an opportunity to learn about facilitation, training and professional development opportunities. Find out more about some of the trainings and projects that IBPS and the Office of Organizational Excellence have been facilitating during the past year, along with upcoming 2019 events, enjoy lunch (provided) and participate in an afternoon of training.

Everyone is welcome. Anyone interested in learning more about the IBPS Fellows, training, Shared Governance support and facilitation services offered by the Office of IBPS is welcome to attend. The group is working to expand its talented pool of IBPS facilitators and trainers, so those who attend can learn about upcoming opportunities to work with the team. 

Those who have been involved with IBPS training and facilitation are encouraged to attend. This is an opportunity to reflect on some of the great work being done and to share experiences among those who have found great success in applying IBPS as a tool to influence positive change and others who want to learn more about best practices in facilitation, negotiation and arriving at a solution everyone can agree upon. Additionally, attendees will learn about training and facilitation service to college opportunities.

The event will include lunch and refreshments.

Accomodations can be made for anyone able to make if for just part of the day. Please contact the Office of IBPS and RSVP for this special event by registering for this session through Madison College Learn.

For more information about IBPS training and facilitation services, please contact M. Jill List, Office of Interest-Based Problem Solving, at 608.243.4700 or mjlist1@madisoncollege.edu.

Published March 18, 2019. Updated March 20, 2019.