Limited tickets remain for March 11 'Body is not an Apology' presentation

Dear Colleagues and Students:

Sonya Renee Taylor is an internationally renowned author, humanitarian and poet who has won multiple poetry slams in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Sweden and the Netherlands. In equal measure, she is an educator, social justice advocate and founder of “The Body is not an Apology” movement.

Sponsored by the Madison College Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement, Taylor will bring her message about global, radical, unapologetic self-love to the Mitby Theater from 7-9 p.m. Monday, March 11. This “self-love,” Taylor says, translates to human love and action toward a more just, equitable and compassionate world. It strives to reduce body terrorism – lynching, slavery, internment camps, rape and other extreme attrocities against people who have been marginalized – by empowering individuals to accept who they are and claim their space in conversations in which they have been noticeably silent.

Taylor is a plus-sized African-American Woman who identifies as queer. Though many themes will be woven throughout the fabric of her presentation, her overarching message is one to which we can all relate: "Our society tells us fatness is not beautiful. Blackness is not beautiful. So even while reclaiming size diversity as beautiful, the presence of Blackness complicates the narrative. It is this unwillingness to wade through the murky waters of race that make Black and Brown women invisible even in the places where we say we are trying to make people seen." It’s a provocative message that transcends race, gender identity, socio-economic status and demographics.

Tickets to the event are free and will be available until all seats are filled. To reserve yours, click here. We hope you’ll join us for a presentation that promises to motivate, inspire and challenge you to look at yourself pridefully – with no apologies.



Lucía Nuñez
Vice President
Office of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement


Published February 27, 2019. Updated March 1, 2019.