College Assembly hears updates on program chair pilot, Facilities Master Plan

The College Assembly met on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019.
Cat Larsen shared that the Student Senate is looking for new members and reminded the Assembly the Senate meets weekly and that everyone is welcome.

Spotlight: Enrollment and Recruiting

Lori Sebranek, VP of admissions, and Cary Heyer, director of Communications and Strategic Marketing, shared a look at enrollment trends. They posed the question, “How can we use the resources we have to meet prospective students where they are?”

Our enrollment and marketing teams have analyzed how the college’s strategic, academic and facilities plans address enrollment. Sebranek reported that national studies show 61 percent of college students enroll in the first college they touch.

Recruitment, enrollment, marketing and admissions outreach teams are devising new ways to corral new inquiries toward starting at Madison College. In 2020, they plan to introduce a new application, a streamlined admissions process and more progressive targeted communications.

Program chair pilot program

AVPs Shawna Carter and Bryan Woodhouse, and Dean Erin Kohl presented an update on the program chair model. The pilot began with a directive from President Daniels.

The Schools of Business and Applied Arts and Human and Protective Services have implemented the pilot program so far. The pilot has evolved, with program chairs supporting part-time faculty and incorporating learned best practices.

Carter reported that having program chairs has helped push decision making to an appropriate level. Deans and associate deans still oversee supervisory relationships. 

Being a program chair is viewed as professional development. The goal is to eventually tailor opportunities to each individual chair. The team is developing a job profile that will incorporate appropriate compensation and contracts. 

Concerns were raised over additional work for faculty and little to no consideration of PSRP staff for the roles. Kohl reminded the group the model is still in pilot form.

Facilities Master Plan update

Members of the Facilities Council reported on the 10-year Facilities Master Plan and “what happens next.” 

The council reached out to all stakeholder groups at the college to create a program-driven framework that addresses long-term facility needs.

General themes of the plan include:

  • Offering more online courses to reduce space needs
  • Providing more services and classes at regional campuses
  • Creating more active learning classrooms
  • Using existing space more efficiently

Action items

The first action item came from the part-time faculty union. They want the College Assembly to create a task force to establish mandatory minimum criteria for the course assignment process before fall 2019 courses are assigned. 

The issue is part of the operational guidelines discussed in the Professional Workload Policy, which was approved in fall 2018. As such, the policy was thumbed down in College Assembly and ultimately overridden by President Daniels. 

Many questions were raised and the action item was thumbed down. 

The Institutional Effectiveness Council asked for thumbs on the concept of their issue, “How can Madison College promote, sustain, and develop an evidence-based culture?” 

The Assembly thumbed requested edits to the Professional Development Council’s issue statements regarding opportunities for employee professional and career development.

Next meeting

The Assembly will meet again on Wednesday, March 13 from 2-4 p.m. in Truax Room E3850.

Published February 25, 2019.