Make a difference in the community by today

TO:              All Faculty and Staffz
FROM:        Jack E. Daniels, III, President
DATE:         November 29, 2018
RE:             Charitable Campaign

Dear colleagues, 

December is a time of reflection for many of us. As one year ends and opens the door to another, you may wonder what more you can do to make a difference in our world, our community and within our college.

The Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign offers some easy answers to those questions. With a click here, a checkmark there or by making a simple purchase, you can contribute to organizations that provide resources to our neighbors in need. Some of those neighbors are our own students or fellow employees. 

I realize you probably receive donation requests from all directions at this time of year. But I hope you will give extra consideration to our own college campaign. Here are some of the ways you can have a real impact, right here at Madison College:

  • Complete the paper pledge form that was sent to your employee mailbox, and donate to the charity or charities of your choice, or pledge online at epledge.UWDC.org/madisoncollege. The deadline to submit the pledge form is Wednesday, Dec. 19, by the end of the business day.
  • Bid on items such as paintings, premium parking spots, books, apparel, gift cards and more through our online auction, which will run from noon on Dec. 10 through noon on Dec. 18. This year’s auction will also include a unique opportunity to lease Bucky Bot or Bucky Grow for one year! Look for announcements in Matters.
  • Add a small donation to CCC when purchasing items at the cafeteria, campus Starbucks or the bookstore.

The year 2019 will usher in an exciting new day for Madison College and the residents of Madison’s south side, as we prepare to open the Madison College-Goodman South Campus. Donations are not only welcome, but are still being matched! 

I hope you take the opportunity to double your financial impact for our south side neighbors who have been underserved for far too long by donating to the South Campus Match (#500 on your pledge forms).  

 Join me in showing our community that Madison College truly cares.

Warm holiday wishes, 

Jack E. Daniels, III

Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign

Published November 30, 2018. Updated December 19, 2018.