Training protects college from cyber attacks

TO:                 All Employees
FROM:            Jack E. Daniels, III, President

DATE:             October 3, 2018
RE:                  Madison College Annual Security Awareness Training

Madison College needs your help to protect our college, our work and our data from cyber-attacks.

We continue to see successful phishing attacks, compromised machines and other security events. Generally, these events start with a user giving away their credentials (your username/password), clicking a “bad” link or downloading malware. The consequences of users having their credentials comprised include malware, ransomware, access to personal health, financial, or social security information. Madison College sees targeted attacks at employee direct deposit, other personally identifiable information and email.

Effectively protecting Madison College against today’s cyber threats requires ALL employees to participate in security awareness training. I am fully supportive of this initiative and encourage you to complete the training. The training is available on Blackboard under the course titled “Information Security Awareness (Other)." A link to Blackboard is available on the Madison College website. Navigate to the Faculty/Staff page link near the upper-right hand corner of our public website and click on the Blackboard link under the All Employee Systems heading.

Security Awareness Program

You are our shield against today’s cyber-attacks. Over the next months, staff are ask to watch twelve cyber-security training modules. All of the awareness modules are ADA compliant. The required modules can be completed at one time (45min) or individually as your schedule allows. We would like all employees to complete the training before January 1, 2019. Our security awareness training includes several other modules that maybe helpful for individuals to improve their cyber hygiene. Please feel free to review any or all recommended training modules at any time.

Rice Krispy Treat, Cookie, or Healthy Alternative!

To support this initiative, all staff who complete the security awareness training on or before November 30, 2018 are eligible to receive a Rice Krispy treat, a large cookie, or a piece of fruit! Just present a copy of your completion certificate to Truax cafeteria staff (available under “My Achievements” section of the course). Other campus locations will be notified when treats are available at your location.

Please send questions or comments to the Madison College IT Security team at: ITSecurity@madisoncollege.edu.

This message is part of the 2018 Madison College security awareness training program. If you have questions about the program or the validity of this email, please contact the Madison College Help Desk at (608) 246-6666. Madison College is committed to meeting the needs of our students by facilitating innovative, educational and business driven solutions through information and technology leadership, service and support. 



Published October 5, 2018.