Employees reminded to review FERPA policies

It is important to understand the rights and responsibilities employees of the college have to ensure the privacy and safety of students and their academic records. Please take a moment to review the information below. Any questions or concerns regarding compliance with FERPA may be directed to the Enrollment Services.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  is a federal law designed to protect the confidentiality of students’ educational records.

Information that must be handled in a secure and confidential way includes:

  • Student information displayed on a computer screen.
  • The students’ schedules.
  • The class rosters.
  • The class assignments.
  • The grades, grade rosters and transcripts of students.  
  • The performance of degree audits.
  • Any printed material with the student’s identification or other personally identifiable information.

It is our policy at Madison College that staff do not release grades and or test scores over the phone, because the caller’s identity cannot be verified. Discussions about specific students in public areas by college personnel should not occur.

The college may release directory information. Madison College has identified the following as directory information:

• The student’s name.
• The student’s major field of study.  
• The degrees and awards received.
• Student participation in officially recognized activities and sports.
• The weight and height for members of athletic teams.
• The dates of attendance such as term start and end dates, but not specific dates
• The student’s enrollment status, full or part time.
• The student’s Madison College email address.

If you receive a request to disclose student information, please contact the Enrollment Services.

All students have the ability to enact or revoke a FERPA hold on their account via their myMadisonCollege Student Center on the full site only. Once the student logs into their Student Center the navigation is as follows:

  • Personal Information>Privacy Settings>Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions

If students prefer, they still have the option of enacting or revoking a FERPA hold by appearing in person with photo ID and the Request to Withhold Student Information form. For additional information regarding FERPA, visit the FERPA web page. 

If a student has made this request, they will be identified with a FERPA indicator on:

  • Class rosters via Faculty Center.
  • Student Center via Advisor Center and Student Services Center.
  • In Blackboard, the student will be listed as a Buckley Student.

All Madison College employees requesting access to student records and or to the Student Administration System must undergo training prior to accessing student information. Along with the rights to access comes the responsibility to maintain the privacy rights of students. If you have not completed your online FERPA training, it is important that you do so by signing on to Blackboard, going to FERPA Training, and completing the tutorial and quiz. This process will take about 15 minutes.

Thank you for your attention to and cooperation with this important policy protecting the confidentiality of student information.

Any questions about FERPA can be directed to Lori Sebranek, Registrar, at:


Published September 4, 2018. Updated September 5, 2018.