College Assembly discusses shared governance

The College Assembly last met on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Highlights from the Student Senate report included:

  • The Senate vice president nomination process was about to close, and would result in four new Senate V.P.s.
  • The Senate is testing new carpool apps to make life easier for commuting students.
  • Cat Larsen will join Senate president Steven Ansorge at College Assembly.

Most of the meeting involved discussions about shared governance processes, starting with issue prioritization. Assembly Co-chairs Laura Osinski and Mark Thomas outlined a revised process that included aspects that have worked well, and would involve feedback from Student Senate and President Daniels on the front end.

The purpose of this earlier loop-out would be to “reach consensus early on for the program of work that is student-focused and of highest priority for the College Assembly and councils to take on in the current term.” It is understood that amendments may be necessary if conditions at the college change. 

One member stated that Assembly has reached impasse every time they have tried to choose issues for the councils to tackle. 

Concerns regarding a perceived lack of fairness to an individual employee group were discussed at length. The conversation will continue at the July meeting.

The next process up for discussion pertained to back-filling open College Assembly seats. There is currently nothing in the Assembly by-laws about how to fill a vacancy that occurs right after an election.

The Assembly decided that the open seats will be filled by the next-highest vote-getters in the recent election. 

After a brief talk regarding Assembly meeting ground rules, the members made suggestions for educational spotlights. Educational spotlights provide learning opportunities for Assembly members regarding the college environment and culture. A list of those spotlight ideas will be discussed and ranked according to interest at the next meeting.

The College Assembly will meet again on Wednesday, July 11 from 1-3 p.m. Topics will include continuation of the issue prioritization discussion, selection of educational spotlights and a revisit of IBPS rules.

Published June 29, 2018. Updated July 11, 2018.