Dr. Daniels reminds employees to take the PACE survey

DATE:              April 17, 2018
TO:                  Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, PSRP and Administrative Staff
FROM:             Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III, President
RE:                   PACE Survey Reminder

Thank you to those who have completed Madison College’s 2018 Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE) survey and associated sub-scale on diversity. If you have not yet completed the survey, I ask that you do so before day’s end Wednesday, April 25.

Responses from the PACE survey inform priorities for change related to establishing and maintaining a positive campus climate. The survey is a tool to promote open and constructive dialogue among all Madison College employees related to four key areas as identified in the instrument: institutional structure, supervisory relationships, teamwork and student focus.

By synthesizing the input of each and every employee, we are better positioned to shape decisions that influence how we serve our students and communities, foster a culture of inclusion and collaboration and ensure that Madison College continues its tradition of educational excellence among the nation’s community colleges.

The survey has been emailed to you from nilie_team@ncsu.edu with the subject line “PACE Survey-Madison Area Technical College. It will take 15 or 20 minutes to complete.

Please be assured that your responses are private and confidential. As an extra measure of anonymity, the PACE survey is being administered by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness (NILIE), an independent agency. No one at Madison College will ever have access to individual responses.

After the results have been compiled, NILIE will share information and a summary of the responses of the 2018 survey with the college, a comparison of responses to prior PACE surveys conducted here and an assessment of Madison College in relation to other institutions that have administered the PACE survey. This year, NILIE will also provide the summarized data specifically for survey respondents from each vice president’s area. The VPs will use this information to develop action plans that address priority issues in their respective area of oversight.


If you have any questions about this year’s PACE survey, please contact Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

Thank you for your participation. Your opinion matters!

Published April 18, 2018.