January 24 Assembly recap available

Student Senate: 

The Student Senate reported that they’re recruiting new members. They’re also lobbying for more paid internships, more transfer credits and increased funding for need-based assistance for students.

Human Resources: 

Human Resources shared an update on their Overtime Policy. A discrepancy had been found in the prior version of the policy. It was not clear that overtime only applies when an employee has worked more than 40 hours. Overtime will not apply if reported hours include paid time off such as sick leave or observed holidays. Dr. Daniels requested a correction of the policy to ensure it is in compliance with the law. The update will be included in the next Employee Handbook.

Human Resources also updated the Assembly regarding time off for union activities. The policy had been known as Union Time Off Policy and will now be referred to as the Release Time for Represented Activities Policy. The policy states that employees who conduct union-related business during Madison College work hours will be paid by the union and not by the college.

Finally, Human Resources presented an amended Civic Responsibility Leave of Absence Policy which allows an employee to enter into an elected office for one term of not more than four years and be guaranteed employment upon their return.

The Assembly will meet again Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Published February 9, 2018. Updated February 14, 2018.