PDFs and online docs require ADA compliance

Due to federal Americans with Disabilities Act regulations (ADA), all documents linked on madisoncollege.edu need to be made accessible to all users. Documents include PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and more.

Since August, Web Strategy Group and the web team have brought all madisoncollege.edu pages into compliance. Now the work is focused on documents linked within the website such as PDFs.

Before January 19, 2018, web authors will contact content owners and business units about documents linked to madisoncollege.edu. These documents will be assessed to determine if needed for users and if they meet current web standards.

Faculty and staff are asked to cooperate with web authors throughout the assessment period. This project has deadlines assigned by the federal government.

Web authors received training and instruction to assess documents to determine if they should be:

  • Removed from the site entirely
  • Added as Drupal content on a web page (not an attached document)
  • Corrected to make accessible to all users

Documents deemed necessary to keep on the site must be made compliant by March 30, 2018. A special team will assist in making documents compliant to meet this deadline. After the March 30 deadline, any documents found out of compliance will not be published on the site. 

Future online training in creating accessible documents will be made available to all faculty and staff at Madison College. Details about online training will appear in a future article in Matters.

Contact Web Strategy Group if you have any questions about this project or concerns about your documents. 

Published January 4, 2018. Updated January 8, 2018.