View the Sept. 27 Assembly Recap

The College Assembly gathered Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Co-chair Keith Cornille announced that the role of the co-chair is changing. The co-chairs will run the meetings and will utilize IBPS facilitation only on topics as needed.

Lori Sebranek, registrar, presented an Educational Spotlight on enrollment status for the college. Madison College’s current applicant to enrolled rate is approximately 55 percent. As of Sept. 11, 2017-18 enrollment for degree credit FTE was 4,408 with a target of 8,800.

New enrollment initiatives for Spring ‘18 include:

  • Targeted enrollment windows by cumulative credits
  • Enhance messaging to build awareness; potential pilot of our Blackboard Connect texting Solution
  • Enhanced Advising/Registration - registration lab in person experience
  • Outreach/engagement plan for pre-petition buckets
  • Faculty engagement and training plan – tie in to Focus on Focus
  • Online A/R for second semester students (A&S/BAA)
  • Percent complete messaging/timeline
  • How to register – published material
  • Financial messaging
  • Admin/Staff awareness enrollment messaging/update 

Action Items

The Employee Relations and Professional Development Council presented changes to the Outsourcing Policy and Layoff Policy for first readings. These policies apply to PSRP and administrative employees. 

Questions were raised about previous language indicating no employee would be terminated in the event of outsourcing. Jeff Reeves, co-chair of the ERPD Council, stated that the college is not able to guarantee that. Members of the Assembly also questioned the use of the word “reasonable” to describe efforts to find a suitable vacant position rather than laying off and employee.

Similar questions were raised about use of “reasonable” in the Layoff Policy. Reeves pointed out that layoffs are ultimately decided by the college president. Laura Osinski, College Assembly co-chair, requested complete Interest Analysis Sheets for both proposed policies. Second reading for these policies will occur at the next Assembly meeting.

Members of the Academic Council presented the Course Feedback Policy for second reading. The revised version included specifying “anonymous” feedback and use of the word “term” rather than “semester”. Discussion involved how the feedback will be carried out for short-term courses and all agreed instructors will decide what is appropriate in those cases. The Assembly thumbed the policy 

The Finance Council presented the Annual Budget Calendar and the following issue statement: How can we improve the education/input/participation of all stakeholders in the annual budget process? This was a first reading for the statement.

Student Senate report

Student Senate President Tina Marshalek informed the Assembly of recent Senate activities. The Student Hunger Survey is underway and continues until Oct. 9. So far 700 individuals have responded. In response to misinformation and fear related to the President Trump’s action regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Senate sponsored a livestream presentation. The Cabinet will meet with the Senate to learn more about recent activities.

Next meeting

The College Assembly will meet again Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in room C2402. Planned agenda items include: Updates on South Campus Initiative, Budget and Facilities 3 Year Plan, as well as second readings for the Layoff and Outsourcing Policies.

Published October 6, 2017.