View the June 14 College Assembly recap

June 14 College Assembly recap

The College Assembly met on Wednesday, June 14.

Student Senate report

Tina Marshalek, Student Senate president, reported that the Senate:

  • Sent a letter to the College Assembly supporting the Technology Investment Policy
  • Tina and Senator Ansorge sent a letter to the College Assembly highlighting proposed best solutions in response to the impasse on the course assignment process
  • Academic Council loop out to discuss the course feedback policy
  • Conducted a brainstorming session on first steps to address student hunger and homelessness
  • Will elect vice presidents soon
  • Plans to meet with Employee Relations and Professional Development Council (ERPD) and Teresita Torrence from Retention and Advising soon
  • Will hold an IBPS workshop next week

Employee Pathways

Kristin Gebhardt, Employee Relations and Professional Development Council (ERPD) co-chair, presented the following Employee Pathways issue statements for second reading:

1. Professional Development 
“How can Madison College provide professional development opportunities that support Employee Pathways?”

2. Position Design 
“In what ways can Madison College design positions with the goal being to optimize employee talent, offer flexibility and capitalize on innovations to support Employee Pathways?”

3. Hiring Practices 
“How can Madison College modify its hiring practices to support Employee Pathways?”

4. Talent Management and Tracking 
“What system can Madison College use to identify and communicate the talents and skills of its employees?” 

Gebhardt said there will be subcommittees of ERPD working on these issues. Amy Wiersma, vice president of PSRP/ESP Local 243, asked to help choose PSRP members for the committees. The Assembly thumbed the issue statements.

Time Off Donation Policy and Procedure Discussion

The ERPD Council also presented changes to the Time off Donation Policy and Procedure for information. The policy was thumbed by the Assembly many months ago, but the council felt there was need to clarify and define “immediate family” and “catastrophic event,” in the policy.

During the discussion, suggestions were made for further clarification and Gebhardt said further wording changes will be made.

Laura Osinski, Assembly co-chair, said this situation could be a test case for future policies that need additional clarifications after they are thumbed by the Assembly. She will help ensure that the Assembly proceeds with caution in future policy processes to assure that they are clear before being approved.

First Reading for Transfer and Promotion Policy

Rose Buschhaus, member of the Diversity Council and member of sub group, presented the Transfer and Promotion Policy revisions for a first reading. Assembly members had received documents showing the previous and proposed language. Changes are being made in the Position Posting, Selection Process and Trial Period sections of the policy. The Council will ask for thumbs on the revisions at the next meeting of the Assembly.

Next meeting

The Assembly will meet on July 12, at 2:30 p.m. at the Truax Campus, Room C2402. The agenda will include an Educational Spotlight on College Contingency, a second reading and thumbing of the Technology Investment Policy, thumbing of the Institutional Effectiveness Council issue statement and a possible discussion of how the academic calendar is built.

Published June 16, 2017. Updated June 19, 2017.