Keith Cornille addresses Student Development and Success realignments

As we put the finishing touches on yet another semester, I thank you for your continued hard work and extra efforts in helping students succeed. As the semester comes to an end, I wanted to share a preview of some strategic transitions in Student Development and Success intended to further the college priorities related to inclusion and equity, as well as furthering our commitment to access and success for all in our district. 

As Turina shared in her communication last week, we have worked in collaboration to thoughtfully consider succession planning over the next five to seven years, as well as to contemplate changes that are aimed at creating new organizational synergies and value, supporting innovation, leveraging existing talent, and finding ways to grow strategically, both in enrollment and revenue, in times of constrained resources. We must remember that as we continue to work together through horizontal integration with the expectation that no matter where a unit "lives” on an organizational chart, we need to work collaboratively to diminish silos in order to advance our strategies for the success of students. Even though there is some additional work that needs to be completed related to these and other changes that may follow, in the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share what is known at this point.

As I shared recently, there are a number of strategic realignments in the regions that will be taking place with the recently announced retirements of Jennifer Bakke, Doug Holton and Cindy Bowen effective July 1. I believe that I speak for all of us when I say we wish them well on the next phase of their lives and thank them for their continued support of students and the college. Jim Falco will be taking on the leadership role for the regional campuses. Jim and the leadership team are working on the alignment of duties that will provide direction and leadership for the delivery of academic offerings and student services that best meet the needs of our outlying markets.

Effective Saturday, July 1, the following realignment of programs, services and work assignments will take place: 

  • Also retiring this July will be James Merritt, director of Testing Services. We thank Jim for his commitment to students and the college during the past six years. Jim will be spending more time on his farm in southern Illinois, as well as time with his wife and grandson who will arrive this summer. As a result of Jim’s departure in July, Scott Ritter, manager of Disability Resource Services, will be taking on the additional responsibility for oversight of Testing Services. 
  • Several programs and services will be realigned under the leadership and oversight of Lucía Nuñez, vice president for Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement. The Scholars of Promise program and Recruiting Services will move from Student Development and Success. The redesign allows for the alignment of program and services intended to foster inclusion and the access portion of our mission that makes the idea of going to college and completion of a degree a reality for all in our district. 
  • Dean Carlotta Calmese will be reporting to the Executive Vice President and utilizing her talents to assist with South Madison outreach, assisting with the further development of the Inclusion, Equity and Diversity efforts and community, continuing to provide direction and further development of the mentoring programs, as well as special assignments.
  • Retention Services will remain in Student Development with staff reporting to Janine Wilson, Director of TRiO. Career and Employment Services will remain with Gretchen Rixie in Student Development. Both of these areas will report to Geraldo VilaCruz.
  • Career and College Transitions unit, including Gateway to College, will be part of the School of Academic Advancement. The move will allow the college consistency in all of our high school completion programs, as well as dual credit and youth options programs. The change will focus cultivation of further opportunities for advancing k-12 partnerships at the college.
  • Within Enrollment Services, there will be realignment of some leadership duties across the administrative staff in the enrollment center. Later this summer, with the renovation of the previous Career and Employment Center in the Gateway, all payment functions will be transferred to the Office of Student Financial Support Services under Keyimani Alford and a new, one-stop student center will be created. All Enrollment and Student Financial Support Services will report to Lori Sebranek.
  • Marty Crabbs and his team will focus on planning and business analysis for the division with direct reporting responsibilities to the Executive President/CSSO.

Other organizational realignments will be shared as they are completed. There is exciting momentum at Madison College. Thank you all for your part in it, as well as your continued support of students and their success.

Keith Cornille, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President and Chief Student Services Officer (CSSO)

Published May 15, 2017. Updated May 17, 2017.