Recap of Assembly meeting—April 26, 2017

The College Assembly gathered on April 26, 2017. Sixteen visitors attended in support of policies presented that day.

The meeting began with Assembly Co-chairs Keith Cornille and Laura Osinski presenting the nominees and recipients of the Terry S. Webb Leadership Award. Nominees included Penny Johnson, Marcus Mick, Susan Weber, Chris Page and Sandra Schwert.

Student recipients were Alex Hipler and Eric Simle, Student Senate members who are both active in shared governance. Mike Kent and Ann Camillo received staff awards.

Mike Stark, co-chair of the Facilities Planning and Investment Council (FPIC), presented an educational spotlight on the work of the Transportation Committee, the body ultimately responsible for implementing the Transportation Policy.

The Transportation Policy was thumbed by the Assembly in Aug. 2016. The committee was formed in Oct. 2016, with their charter approved by President Daniels in December. The committee’s work has included surveying the college community on transportation-related topics and reviewing the transportation plans of other colleges.

Student Senate presidents Alex Hipler (outgoing) and Tina Marshalek (incoming) reported on plans to update the District Board regarding Senate achievements and goals. Several Senate members received leadership awards at the 2017 Leadership Banquet. The Senate will discuss textbook affordability at their next meeting. They added that the recruitment of students to serve councils and committees may be delayed due to graduation and summer.

FPIC gave a second presentation of their Facilities Master Plan Policy. First, Mike Stark addressed how the new version considered and addressed interests shared at the last Assembly meeting. For example, wording now indicates that the policy adheres to the Diversity and Community Relations Council’s diversity statement.

Interests related to demonstrating fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability were also considered. Stark said that because the policy is at heart an open-ended 10-year vision, the council didn’t want to limit possible future ideas. The college doesn’t have an official statement on environmental sustainability so the policy will refer to text “promoting strategies for environmental sustainability” as it has in the Transportation Policy.

After a lengthy discussion, the Assembly thumbed the policy.

The Student Affairs Council gave an initial presentation on their Textbook Adoption Policy. Co-chairs Kevin Foley and Nadia Rahman reminded those present that there is currently no existing policy on textbook adoption (course text selection by instructors). They also reported an inconsistent use of alternative materials and textbooks.

Key elements of the policy include:

  • Instituting a three-year adoption cycle, except for programs where technology moves at a more rapid pace, thus requiring more frequently updated materials
  • Development of departmental teams responsible for overseeing their program’s textbook adoptions
  • Adherence to designated textbooks by faculty assigned to a course after the adoption deadline
  • Allowing faculty to use a textbook outside the approval process only in exceptional circumstances

The Student Affairs Council demonstrated that they have done extensive research on best practices at other colleges and on what students want. The Council plans to present their Policy for thumbing in the near future.

Part-time Faculty representative Mike Kent requested the Assembly concede that the issue of part-time course assignment is at an impasse. Discussion ensued due to the fact that the issue was considered by the Contract Alternative Committee (CAC) but never formally introduced as a Shared Governance issue. Further conversation was tabled for a future meeting.

The College Assembly will meet again on Wednesday, May 10 at 2:30 p.m. Proposed topics for the meeting include an initial presentation of the IT Council’s Technology Investment Policy and review of the Diversity and Community Relations Council’s latest issue statements. 

Published May 10, 2017.