Provost announces upcoming strategic leadership shifts

As we collectively wrap up another great semester at Madison College, I wanted to share a preview of some exciting strategic transitions in the academic arena. These changes and more in progress are aimed at creating new organizational synergies and value, supporting innovation, leveraging and growing existing talent, and finding ways to grow enrollment and revenue in times of constrained resources. These changes, and those that will follow shortly from Dr. Keith Cornille, executive vice president and chief student services officer, are ultimately aimed at strengthening the student experience and ensuring access and success for all of our students.

While detail work remains, in the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share what is known at this point. More to follow. I would also like to thank Dr. Daniels for his support, Kristin Gebhardt, associate vice president of Human Resources, and the HR team for their collaborative support.

Arts and Sciences and STEM

As of July 1, 2017, Dr. Kevin Mirus will transition full time to a senior leadership position in our new STEM Center. Kevin will continue to work with talented faculty leaders, including Bethany Sansing-Helton, Dr. Tom Tubon, Ann Thompson, Jennifer Jackowski and more, as well as units across the college to develop and deliver new value for students, the college and the community relative to high demand STEM fields. Currently, the Associate Dean position in Arts and Sciences is posted and the goal will be to hire two Associate Deans from the pool.

School of Health Education (SoHE) and School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ASET)

Dr. Antonio Re and Kay Grotelueschen, Associate Deans in SoHE, have notified the college of their retirement effective June 30, 2017. We wish Antonio and Kay the best and thank them for their contributions to our college. As of May 8, 2017, Sandra Docter, Associate Dean in ASET will transition to SoHE as Associate Dean. Currently, the process is underway to name an Interim Associate Dean of Nursing. Leadership continuity plans for ASET are in development, but include Lucas White being named Interim Associate Dean.  

Program shifts

As industries continue to emerge and converge, program realignment within our Schools is an ongoing process aimed at creating new opportunities for program growth and collaboration. To that end, as of July 1, Information Technology programs will shift into ASET and Veterinary Technician will follow Sandy Docter to SoHE.

Business and Applied Arts (BAA) and new focus on strategic partnerships and innovation

As of July 1, Bryan Woodhouse, current Dean of BAA, will assume a senior leadership position focusing on strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition to supporting leaders in workforce and economic development, entrepreneurship, and professional and continuing education, he will lead special projects aimed at cultivating new revenue and new product lines for the college. Dr. Erin Kohl will be named Interim Dean of BAA. Options for leadership backfill and continuity are currently in development and plans will be shared when complete. 

Strategic realignment in the regionals

In addition, Keith Cornille shared an earlier communication about the strategic realignment in the regionals. As Jennifer Bakke and Doug Holton transition to retirement, I want to echo Keith’s sentiments wishing them both well and thanking them for their many contributions to Madison College. The academic leadership team looks forward to working alongside Jim Falco and the entire regional team to strategically plan for and deliver academic offerings and services that best meet the needs of our outlying markets. 

Again, details and other organizational realignments will be shared as they are completed. There is exciting momentum at Madison College….thank you all for your part in it. Please share this update as you see fit.


Turina R. Bakken, Ph.D.



Published May 5, 2017.