Realignment of Regional Campuses leadership structure announced

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to share with you some upcoming staffing and leadership changes that will be taking effect over the next several months at the regional campuses.  

First, Jennifer Bakke made the decision to retire from the college effective June 30, 2017. I know this was not an easy decision for Jennifer, though is one that she knows is right for her and her family at this time. I want to thank Jennifer for her eleven years of service to the college and for all of her efforts and hard work over the past three years in moving the Fort and Watertown campuses forward as the Dean of the East Region. 

Also, Doug Holton has decided to move to the next phase of his life and will also be retiring from the college after eight years in various leadership roles, including three as the Associate Dean for the East Region.

Last summer, the decision was made to move the regional and metro campuses under the responsibility of the Executive Vice President/CSSO. At that time I indicated that I would take some time to work with the Regional Deans to better understand the regional campuses and determine how we might strengthen our structure to meet the needs of the campuses. During the past nine months, I have heard from many faculty and staff with thoughts on how we might move the campuses to greatness. Major themes include a greater need for strategic direction and the ability to help determine the “course portfolio” to ensure that the academic offerings are meeting the needs of the respective communities and students that we serve. There is also a need for more marketing/community outreach to further the viability of the campuses.  

Given the input from individuals and recent news of Jennifer and Doug’s decisions to retire, it was determined that now is the time to make several changes to the leadership structure of the regional campuses, effective July 1, 2017.

Regional Dean/Leadership

The first realignment of leadership is the change from two Dean positions with oversight of the North and East regions respectively, to one leadership position with responsibility for leadership of all regional campuses. Jim Falco will be filling this role providing leadership and direction in fulfilling the community and academic mission of the campuses. This change is being made to provide consistency of vision and direction across the regional campuses. Jim will work closely with faculty and staff in achieving this objective and will continue to provide direction to the leadership teams at each of the campuses. Jim will be working with the full-time faculty at the regional campuses, and will continue to foster community outreach as well as taking on a more active role in fundraising efforts in order to support scholarship and program needs in the regions.

Associate Dean Positions

After considerable consideration, the decision has been made to eliminate the two Associate Dean positions. The responsibility for the oversight of part-time instruction and course offerings will be addressed through the realignment of duties of the campus Managers and other administrative roles. One of the Associate Dean positions will be realigned to provide direction and development of a strategic academic (credit and non-credit) course portfolio. This position, Regional Director for Academic and Fiscal Strategy Planning, will be filled by Scott Beard, who will work closely with Jim, regional campus faculty, and School Deans to ensure that our academic offerings address the various educational and economic needs for the various campuses/communities. This position will be housed in the North Region and will provide backup to Jim in his absence.

Campus Managers

The Campus Managers will continue to ensure that the campuses are meeting the needs of students by providing support, guidance and leadership to the faculty and staff. The positions will also be taking on a greater role in community outreach in their particular communities as well as some other additional duties, which will be determined and developed in a collaborative manner with Jim and Jennifer. There are no changes in the personnel of the campus Managers as we are confident that Linda, Cindy, Glenn and Linda will continue to provide the leadership of the campuses as they have in the past.

Director, Economic Development, Outreach and Marketing

The final realignment of the leadership team will be the creation of a new position with responsibility for strategic planning of community outreach and marketing for the regional campuses. The position will provide strategic direction for our outreach efforts to local communities and businesses for degree credit and non-degree course offerings and to help us build a shared vision for the campuses among all of our internal stakeholders. This position will be housed in the East Region.

It is my belief that these realignments of leadership responsibilities will provide the vision and direction to grow enrollments, while also providing programs and services that enrich the campuses and communities that we serve. The plan represents near completion of the realignment of staff, though it should be noted that minor adjustments and additional re-engineering of some duties may be necessary to realize further efficiencies.

Keith Cornille, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President/Chief Student Services Officer (CSSO)

Published April 19, 2017.