Provost informs faculty of textbook adoption

Greetings faculty,

As the spring semester marches quickly to Graduation, I hope you are all doing well. As you likely know, this is the time of the semester that the textbook adoption notice is sent out from the Provost’s office. As I did in the fall, instead of simply sending what went out in the past, I wanted to connect the meaningful work being done by the Student Affairs Council (SAC) and the Bookstore team in developing and leading strategies to lower the cost of textbooks for our students. The information below was collaboratively prepared by the SAC and the Bookstore team. That good work is continuing, but this adoption reminder is a perfect time to generate some actions around the ideas generated so far. 

As faculty, you play a critical role in impacting our higher education access mission by helping lower the burden of textbook costs in whatever way is most meaningful to your course, program or department. I appreciate your consideration of these ideas, the importance of uniform and timely adoption as you think about what materials are the most relevant and valuable for your department/program team, course team and ultimately for students.

Special thanks to the Student Affairs Council, led by co-chairs Kevin Foley and Nadia Rahman. Also, special thanks to the Bookstore team, led by Mike Panten and Scott Heiman. As always, if you have ideas, interests, concerns or questions, please let the SAC team or Bookstore team know. This is another spotlight example of how we are all working together to advance our mission and make our student’s lives better.


Dr. Turina Bakken

Published March 20, 2017. Updated April 6, 2017.